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My Rat Terrier Dog Does Not Want To Eat His Dog Food Any More Now He Wants To Eat Human Food. What

Is my dog a toy fox terrier or a rat terrier?

RAT because I have one her name is Carder and she looks just like that only black and white

+++++++++++++ Hummmm maybe you can contact a local animal shelter or talk to a police officer and see if that would be considered breaking the law. I know if it was the ASPCA or SPCA they would do an investigation on it. But sorry I am not really sure about reporting it. I would though call them up and ask them as much information you can get about where your dog came from.
:/ Dont feel like sh$t. I feel better to educate now then too late. maybe in the long run you can warn others about this and not do it. All you can do now is give that puppy a good long life :D

To Angel: The reason people and I are saying she is supporting them is because by purchasing puppies from stores is only making the demand for more puppies to be made in puppy mills if you actually knew what went on during a puppy mill you would understand. So sorry but your the jerk :D

Here is a photo of mine to compare with yours (btw. yours is cute though)

What is the healthiest dog food to give to my rat terrier?

Try one of this in PUPPY variety, not adult, since you said she will be sick if she eats adult.

Here are some of the best dog foods:

Taste Of The Wild
Solid Gold
Blue Buffalo
Nature's Variety

Stay away from these brands:

Ol' Roy
Purina ONE
Purina Pro Plan
Purina Dog Chow
Science Diet
Royal Canin
Store Brands
Kibbles 'n Bits
Mighty Dog

If you are on a VERY super tight budget, these are good foods:

Chicken Soup For The Pet Lover's Soul

***Vets will try to tell you to feed Purina, Iams, and Science Diet. But don't feed them, they aren't good for your dog. Vets tell you those lies because they are PAID to do so!!!! It's sad, isn't it?***

Here is a website that rates dog food. Go to it and enter the food of your choice. You will want a 4, 5, or 6 star rating. If the food of your choice has a 1, 2, or 3 rating that means it is crappy food. The higher rating the better, the lower rating the worse.

Also, another great thing to feed is the raw diet. Raw is completely safe and healthy. It's what I feed to my dog. Here are two great links about raw feeding, the healthiest thing for your dog.

Well, good luck with your dog. I hope you find a healthy food that works good for him. Good luck!!! :)

Why wont my Rat Terrier eat regular dog-food?

Bindi went the first two years of her life being a skeleton. She would not eat. Numerous vet checks, different vets, different vet clinics, she was always found healthy. She just would not eat. I'm a firm believer in you eat what I feed you when I feed to you, but when you go a month and your dog isn't eating more than what she needs to not die, and she looks like crap and the vet tell you she's healthy, you try a different food.

This repeated itself for 2 years until I put her on prey model raw. Now she's healthier than she's ever been. She's gained 10.5 much needed pounds, she eats with gusto at every meal, her previously brown teeth are white again.

My dogs diet consists of
Beef liver
Pork liver
Chicken liver etc.

That's all stuff dogs were designed to eat, they weren't designed to eat cooked cereal everyday. They weren't designed to really eat anything cooked.

Why does my dog try to bury her water?

My little Rat Terrier always tries to bury her water. If there are any towels or clothes (or even shoes) nearby she will move it next to the water dish then use her nose to bury the item into the water. She has been doing this since I can remember, I got her as a puppy. I have one other dog but my Rat is the alpha dog. I'm just not sure why she does this. She has free reign of the house so she isn't cooped up in one spot for very long. She does it for her food too, but she is food aggressive so she eats alone and when she is done it gets picked up. Does anyone know what she is trying to do?

Why does my dog only eat his food one piece at a time (on the floor not in the bowl) instead of eating his bowl of food at once?

Funny you should ask! My husband and his wife had three Bichon Frise. When Hebert (pronounced A-bear) was a pup, Jay was worried that he wasn't eating enough, and would praise him for eating his food. But the people weren't always near the food bowl, so Hebert learned to grab three or four pieces and go to where the people are to eat it, and get his praise. He would trot up to you, spit out the food, then one by one eat them.When they all came here to live, Hebert still did his trick, teaching my dogs.Now, Hebert is gone, but his odd OCD behavior is alive and well in a giant poodle and a rat terrier.

How do i get my rat terrier to calm down?

Terriers are hard work but the suggestions below for hitting and using torture collars are disgusting and stupid. If I had the chance I'd put a shock collar on every dog owner who ever used one.

A great way to stop them jumping is to just turn your back and make a disapproving noise (tone is everything) every time they do it. They are very determined and stubborn so don't be lazy or expect too much too soon. Your dog will want to make you happy so if he's not doing what you want it's because he doesn't understand.

Think about involving him in fly ball or agility, a tired dog is a happy dog.

How do I get my dog to eat dog food after feeding him table scraps for 2 years?

Not many details, so I’m going to assume some things.You learned that table food is bad for your dog, and you’re trying to do the right thing by converting him/her to commercial dog food.Your dog won’t eat the commercial food. Read on.My dachshund is the most finicky eater I’ve ever seen. When we first got her, she wanted to eat at the same time her humans do, and she wanted human food, because she hated the commercial stuff.Does that sort of describe your dog??We tried making her eat commercial food. She went three full days without eating. We caved in, but she did not get human food.We wound up cooking special meals for her. You could call it human food, but it’s minus all the things that are harmful to dogs like onions,raisins, garlic, human junk food, and any form of sweets.If she did not like the meal we fixed, she went hungry until the next day. If she was sick or recuperating from an illness, we’d stick with meals we knew she liked.Over time her appetite has changed.Recently just by accident I discovered that she likes the brand”Chicken Soup For the Soul” dog food. Both the dry and the canned. Especially the one that contains turkey, peas, sweet potatoes, and duck.So now we feed her that with the occasional treat of a home-cooked meal.Yes, she is a finicky eater, but she’s also the best dog I have ever owned. Her good qualities cancel out the bad.