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My Scooty Pep Moped Is Not Working Without Battery

Phone symbol on Baja Scooter?

that is a cell phone indicator. the idea is it lights up / flashes when you receive a call while riding. i am not sure if it has to be "paired" or synced with the phone somehow, or if it's supposed to work with any nearby cell phone. if your owners manual doesn't mention it (i rode a Baja for a short time and the manual made no mention of it) i think it's supposed to work automatically

or, it may be an instrument panel also used for other scooters with the feature, but yours doesn't have it. whatever the case if it doesn't work or never works it's usually one of those features that work intermittently at best anyway, and some find it quite annoying. should you really be distracted by a flashing phone indicator on your bike when riding? also if your phone uses digital data signals it may flash for any reason even if not receiving a call or text

is your phone off but someone with a cell is in the car next to you with their window open? FLASH lol

however, most of the time these features don't work right, or at all. or they just stop working after a short time. it sounds good when selling a scooter, especially a low cost one. makes it sound high tech. sales person says "oh and do those higher priced scooters have THIS! this is the wave of the FUTURE." and the customer is so impressed!

but yeah, its a cell phone indicator. a novelty at best, but if it doesn't work i wouldn't worry too much about it :)

Can we drive a bike without battery? Is there any problem?

Yes, you can ride a bike without a battery without any problem as long as your vehicle has a kick-start as well to start. There is of course an option to push-start your bike if you're up for it every time. I used my Pulsar for a year without a battery without any significant problems. The only problem is that if all electricals that are wired to the battery won't work. Many modern motorcycles have the headlamps wired through the battery. I think these will not run if there is no battery. If they are not wired through the battery, they will be very dim when the engine is idling but brighten when you start riding.If your bike has a digital speedometer, the trip-meter will reset every time you switch off the bike. After a few months, the odometer on my bike also reset. The horn will not work properly either. When you're revving the bike it will work, but when you're idling or riding very slowly it will not work.Indicators may or may not work properly as well, depending on the make and model of your vehicle. Thanks for the A2A.

Today, my scooter's engine didn't go off even though I turned off the key and the engine was making some weird noise. What is the reason behind this?

This is bit of a strange issue that we often don't encounter on motorized transport. As a matter of fact, the issue lies in the faulty electrical circuit connecting the battery and the spark plug. A petrol engine is killed (read turned off) by shutting down the spark plug. The spark plug is shut down by turning off the ignition key. When the ignition key is faulty, then there is a possibility for a direct link between the battery and the spark plug which will keep the engine alive despite turning off the ignition key. The faulty condition may be a result of an electrical failure or an electro-mechanical failure which can be fixed by servicing the ignition switch. If it's found to be broken, you might replace it with a new one.

How often should I change my engine oil in scooter?

This question is fairly common in the minds of automobile owners, whether it be 4 wheeler or 2 wheeler, diesel engines or petrol, two stroke or 4 stroke.I would like to suggest  1 thing unequivocally: Stick to the schedule prescribed by your manufacturer. It is never harmful to change and it always helps in maintaining an engine in good condition. It removes harmful material eroded from cylinder which would otherwise be harmful to the engine. If you fail to change the engine oil in regular interval, lubrication in the engine won't be proper and it will degrade your engine life.I personally recommend to change the engine oil after 3000 km of run in case you use the mineral type engine oil. You could on more if you use synthetic oils.If you don't use the scooter often then also you should change engine oil in 1 year even if you have run for 100 km!

Scooty starts but on acceleration it doesn't moves, what may be the the problem?

The only thing which comes as a curse in these scooties is less life in comparison to bikes. These give hell lotta practicality, easy ride, perfect A to B commute, but considering your issue i believe these below could be the reasons why your lill queen refuse to move fast:Power drop can be because of fuel supply disturbance. Do check the pipes and fuel pump in you scooty. Any obstacle in free flow of fuel can lead to cause fall in power.Do check your carburettor. Sometimes sediments can cause mall functioning which is not so good. A carburettor basically consists of an open pipe, a "throat" or "barrel" through which the air passes into the inlet manifold of the engine. The pipe is in the form of a venturi — it narrows in section and then widens again, causing the airflow to increase in speed in the narrowest part. Inside the venturi is a throttle slide — this valve controls the flow of air through the carburetor throat, thereby regulating engine power and speed.I suggest also inpect the drive belt of your scooty. Thats only movable part which gives power to the rear wheel. Any wear and tear beyond acceptable limits can make the machine lethargic.Air filter blockage is something which happens within and you donot know. Courtesy: no warning lights of signs in a scooty. Get it checked and replace. If its ruined by dust then air will hardly pass to the ingine and combustion process slows down resulting in drop of mileage, speed and fun.Check the gap of sparkplug. The ideal measurement can be reffered through manual book. Appropriate gap is very necessary for the ignition to come in play. Hindrance in such scenarious results a lethargic output.Since most of the scooties are based on CVT(Continuous Variable Transmission) and donot have physical gear or clutch levers. Chances of clutch plate wear and tear increases. Do get your clutch plate replaced if is not in goodbcondition.Do check the wheels and the movement on axel. The movement should be free and smooth. Get it cleaned and lubricate the essential part. This may help.

Which scooter is best for a daily commute of 30km?

Every scooter has it's niche client which it serves better.if you had written detail about whether you will ride single or use by other family members I could have advised better.So I am giving you option by category-Teens-Pleasure or Scooty pepMale single-Activa 125 or Grazia or Access coz guys like fast scooters & bikes.Female single-Activa 5G or Pleasure or TVS we go or Scooty pep depending upon height & comfort in riding slightly heavy scooters.Couple with or without kids-Activa 5G or Grazia.Pleasure may do just fine for couple but with kids & shopping bag on footboard it will cramped & under powered only if both are heavy set.Retired person-Scooty pep or Pleasure or We go as they usually have knee problem & should avoid heavier scooters.Scooty pep is perfect.I am not suggesting any battery scooters as I don't think they have sorted out knitty gritty yet.Nor mechanic know much about them nor service centres support is wide spread.Morever battery life is still unknown.i still remember pink auto owners ruing the day they decided to buy battery autos.On incentive from State govt they bought at subsidized rate but facing constant problem & imagine your source of bread & butter giving problem to these female entrepreneurs !!!Yes they are the future of transport but I don't think people will get hassle year experience right now.I have also excluded Hero Maestro scooters because after taking feedback from local mechanics they were found to be trouble makers later on.They recommended Activa unanimously.

Why is it advised to kick start a motor bike for first use of a day and not auto start?

I have been using a super splendour from 2007, and i rarely kick start it. If you are using a bike for daily commute and maintains it properly, you need not have to worry about the battery draining issues.If you are not using it daily, its better to use kick start. Hero bikes have the easiest and quick start mechanism in my opinion.Talking about royal enfields, many people advise me to kick start on the first use and keep it idle for some time. One of the reason was that the self start tend to make complaints quite early if we insist on self start on the first use. And the battery draining issues are also applicable here.Since i am aware of the maintainence costs of Royal enfields, i haven't self started it till date for my first use. How much busy i am, the first thing in morning is kick start and keep it idle till i finish my tea.NB: The RE's new Himalayan which is about to be launched doesn't come with kick start...

On cold days, why do two-wheelers, like the Honda Activa, need to be kick-started instead of automatically starting?

Electric starter requires battery power to provide spark to get your engine fired up.Batteries normally drain faster in low temperatures. Hence to start your bike with electric start, more battery power will be required and as battery is already low due to lower temperatures in winter, bike will not start and may damage your battery.So kick start your bike on a cold day and once battery charges up you may again start using electric start.Hope this helps.Sorry for poor editing and language.Cheers !!