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My Scorpio Man Has Cheated On Me.

I cheated on my scorpio man?

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On the contrary to most beliefs, if he really loved you he will not forget about the incident and will probably sting you (maybe not too hard but his loyalty to you is pretty much gone now).

If he didn't really care he'll just let go of the incident.

So yeah, if he did love you he will take appropriate measures.

Coolest thing about Scorpios are that you rarely know their true intentions. But the funny thing is that the scorpios themselves may not know their own true feelings. But that being said, scorpios enjoy stinging others especially if they feel like they've been attacked.

And they will sting you.

Broke up with Scorpio man. He cheated on me.but he told me many times that he loves me a lot.?

3 yrs of relationship. The relationship was wonderful and amazing in starting. We had very emotional sex. once he was crying and told me that he loves me a lot. Every thing was fine. But suddenly i don't know what happened he cheated on me.We broke up more than 5 times and again we got to gather. He always used to tell me that he cant stay with out me.

Again this time i broke up with him. Almost 2 weeks he dint call me. once he called but i dint receive his call.I m missing him like anything.I love him a lot. Will he come back to me again. i really love him (Libra girl). He has told me most of the time that i have satisfied him in everything. He also told he will get marry to me.

Please tell me what should i do should i wait for him or move on.

My Scorpio Cheated!!!What Should I do?

Sorry, I know you said that you didn't want to hear it but I've dated two Scorpio's and they were both alike - liars. [not saying all are like that though! I KNOW THAT LOL] But from my own personal experience, I've dated one when I was 15, [I'm 20 now] & another one a year later. But the second one was older than me and worst than the one who was my age at the time lol. Reguardless, if anyone cheats, why would you want to be with them? You're young, and that is understandable but if he did it once, he'll do it again - sorry. But I've been in your shoes before and with a Scorpio but once I realized he wasn't going to change, I moved on and it wasn't hard at all... because he was a loser lol. Anyways, good luck! *OH and once again I know that not all Scorpio's are fake a$$ liars, okay lol... just not my cup of tea... not yet anyways! lol... [Dating a Virgo for two years now] just do what you feel is right and if you really do think you "love" him, then forgive him - that's all you... & if you can live with knowing he did do that and with his best friend, go for it... because only you know what's right here. Because you never know what could come of it, ya know... but no matter what he says you should always know that you shouldn't of have that happen to you to begin with.

At a board game? In a relationship with someone else? In a relationship with you?Seriously, there is no way to answer this question without more information and even then to assume that everyone born within a certain time period that happens once every 12 months will react the same is nothing short of foolish.Astrology is fun for entertainment and though there are some amazing things that can be predicted about someone’s personality based on years and years of refining a personality typing mechanism, you would be much more likely to find a reasonable answer if you studied the Enneagram and asked what a 3 with a 4 wing might do if you were unfaithful to them.

How to tell when a Scorpio male is cheating?

actually that is not true! I have a scorpio family member who has been cheating on her husband for years now! she only married him for money, but that doesn't make it right. she wakes up to him every night after partying with her boyfriend every night. he is married as well.

the sad part is they both believe that their marriages have improved from them cheating with each other! that is sick sad and wrong, but it is the truth.

scorpio can be the sneakiest and most underhanded sign in the zodiac. if they want to work around something and make sure they get what they want without getting caught, then guess what? they will do it.

you say he is very depressed and moody lately. I think if he were cheating he would be in a better mood than usual and not a worse one, but that is my opinion.

to be honest with you I know a handful of scorpios right now who are extremely depressed and moody. one is fighting right now with her sister and has been fighting with her family members every day for the past week now. she is only in high school.

the other is in her mid 30s and is very depressed about everything in her life as well. she seems to be having some kind of mid life regrets and it is bothering her deeply.

another one is upset that she hasn't seen her grandchildren in a while and has some kind of heat rash from her AC being broken. maybe right now is just a bad time for scorpio.

in any case the best thing for you would be to talk to him. help him to let go of his stress his woes and his grudges. see what you can do to help then give him his space once he tells you what is the matter. pamper him a little for a few days and see if it helps any. it should. it helped 2 out of my 3 closest scorpios to feel better.

There are a lot of there are a lot of factors that could go into this question.First of all is the Scorpio male or female?Second, what is the context of the conversation that they are having with you?Without knowing these answers, I can only guess, but ,the two reasons I can think of would be, to figure out why. In their mind they will be questioning what they did wrong, where did it go wrong? What can I do in the future to make sure it doesn't happen again in another relationship?Number 2 , would be together information for revenge. Not all Scorpios are vindictive and vengeful, but a lot are. So, if they are being very sweet and caring and understanding, then you realize you're starting to fall for them all over again, as soon as you confess that, they will rip the rug right out from under you and say, Yeah it could have been absolutely wonderful, unfortunately I know your character and level of trustworthiness and loyalty.. which is non-existent. They will say this to you in a monotone flat voice while looking you right in the eye. The one thing Scorpios never forgive is betrayal.I am a Scorpio, I have several friends that are Scorpios as well. I wouldn't necessarily do this, but I've seen several of them do something very similar to it.Good luck.

How do I get my Scorpio Man to forgive me?

I'm dating a Scorpio man and our relationship has been nothing but amazing! Recently a rumor started at the bar I cheated on him and the guy that started it face to face told my man he f***** me. I never cheated on my boyfriend I love him with all my heart but I did hang out with this guy and two other ppl and lied about it. I came clean and admitted the lying and told him I knew I should have never lied but I was scared. Also on top of it last week I just found out I'm pregnant and it was supposed to be a happy time so I hid the truth till the last moment. He doesn't know if he believes I didn't cheat since I did lie and also doesn't understand why this guy would make up something and tell him "man to man". I had to remind him that this guy hits on me all the time and was pretty upset when I **** him done the night hanging out also is know for being a compulsive liar. So not only does my boyfriend think I betrayed him and cheated with this scum bag but he doesn't know if the baby is his. Breaks my heart. He asked for space because he is hurt/angry and doesn't know what to do so I am giving it to him but how long should I give him? How do I get him to forgive me for lying and prove I didn't cheat? The scum bag that started all this **** promised he'd come clean but I'm not holding my breath. All I want is the be with my Scorpio man and raise our baby together and gain his forgiveness for lying. Any suggestions?

When they stop texting you or calling you. And you are the one who is making the effort. These are only preliminary signs that theym might be cheating. Scorpions think that they are very loyal, but they are sometimes bound by the sexual desires which makes them have multiple sex partners. They demand loyalty from their partner, and they are really jealous of the people whom you interact with. So when you tell them that someone hit on you , and you see that they are really cool about it… It's a sign that they are not taking the relationship seriously.Hope this helped youYamini

Anyone ever heard of cheating scorpio?

There are some kinds of cheaters that you just can't stop from cheating on you, they get a thrill out of it. So there is no point in wasting your time on these sorts of people. Others cheat because they are lacking something in a relationship like, not enough sex, too much sex, not enough emotional support, nagging, physical appearance of their partner. There are also factors that make a person more likely to cheat for example if they are good looking. So what you can do is like the answer above says to be the person that your partner desires but don't do things you are not comfortable with. If your partner makes you do that then they are not worth it. If you are married then put 110% into the marriage, make time for each other and be happy together, don't be boring, spice things up. The biggest one is to communicate and get to know how the other feels. Signs that a guy is cheating is if he gets overly obsessive of his appearance all of a sudden, hides things from you, lies to you, puts you down about who you feel/dress/act/etc, spends more time on himself or in other places rather than at home or with you.