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My Sister Thinks She Is The Boss. Help

I hate my sister she thinks she's better than me?

My sister is being mean to me and to everyone and acts like she'e my boss, the boss of everyone, she's 2 years older than me but a little too imature for her age. She enters the bathroom while I'm taking showers and starts annoying me, she tells me to get out because I'm not supposed to live in this house!!! Sometimes she enters my room and says that she's not gonna leave until I die :| She steals my stuff, she uses my stuff, she thinks she is better than me, of course, she thinks she's better than everything, she thinks she's the smartest, the prettiest, the most popular girl in the country and tells me that I am a waste of semen. She tells everyone awful stuff about me and started being more annoying and mean since she has this boyfriend that I don't like at all 'cause he has changed her into someone I slightly don't know anymore. She was bad and annoying before too, but now she is worse, the worst ! She begs my parents to take her boyfriend on every vacation and they accept, I can't take it anymore 'cause I feel like I will have to live with an enemy for the rest of my life ( her boyfriend that hates me because I sometimes hear her talking on the phone with him and saying " I hope my sister will die soon, she makes my life seem a nightmare " but I've been trying to ignore her as much as I could and never did anything that could have hurt her! )

I feel like I ain't got intimacy anymore, I can't be alone for one minute, I can't say a word without her to argue or make idiotic comments. She tells me that I am dressing horribly, that I look like a dead body, that my hair is awful, that I am stupid, retarded, an idiot, etc.

Why is she doing that? What am I supposed to do?

My older sister thinks she's better than me?

My older sister thinks she is perfect and better than me. She always bosses me around and thinks she knows everything. She always wants me to do everything her way. She also tries to change everything I do-like my clothes, attitude, and things I like (example: I like to play with American Girl dolls even though I'm 13, but my sister always says that I need to grow out of it and be more cool like her). If I stand up to her, she always threatens to get me in trouble unless I do whatever she says or says I'll always be a loser unless I follow her "suggestions" (she probably means commands). I try to tell my parents, but they say she is just trying to help me become a better person. She is not helping me, she is trying to take over my life! I honestly don't know what to do at this point!

Why does my sister kristin thinks shes the boss of me when im the boss of her?

Well:) my father's policy in such situations (among us siblings) is very interesting....hope u find it applicable & useful


My twin sister thinks she is better than me?

My twin Abby thinks she can boss me around and she thinks she's better than me. She's a cheerleader at school and all the guys like her and she is popular also she's really pretty. I like chemistry and I have a "lab" in my basement. I spend most of my time there. I don't really have friends and I'm not popular, and I'm super awkward. She makes fun of me everyday for it and tells me to do things like she's my mother. She acts like she's better than me and talks about ne to her friends and they spread rumors. We always get into fights! It's really her fault because she has this attitude that I cannot stand!! She ignores me most of the time and is always on the phone texting boys and her friends. And when I call her name a couple of times ( because she's freaking deaf ) she screams WHAT JENNA??! Like I am bugging her.. She makes me want to run away and never come back. She does worse things that I'm not gonna say. What should I do? Should I run away? Should I shun her? Help?

Help my sister is getting on my last nerve?

I am 16 and my sister is 8. She is annoying me SO much lately. It has not gotten me that angry until recently though. Well all the time me and my family will go somewhere I will order a meal and she will say Oh I will have that too or she wants... everything I get she has the same. My mom is like she loves you blah blah blah. Also she has to go everywhere I go. For instance I will go to visit the dog next door because I don't have a dog because she is allergic and this dog is like my dog. Recently she has been like mom can I go with her ... can I go with her can I go with her. She also wants to go everywhere my friends and I go which really gets on my nerves. My mom says sure dear. I just want to do my own thing and I do not want her always tagging along with me! Imitation is the highest form of flattery..... more like the highest form of annoyance! Also I will ask her to stop doing annoying this and either she does not stop, she yells noooo, or she just says you not the boss of me.

My little sister thinks she can boss me around? She's really mean to me?

I'm 16, she's 12. She has this bratty attitude & she acts like she runs the place. Like if you've ever seen those cliché movies with the mean popular girl, that's how she acts. It didn't really bother me until she started calling me fat. All the time she tells me I'm fat... I'm in a normal weight range for my age, I could drop about 10 pounds or so but I'm not fat. I'm already insecure enough about my body & now she has to remind me that I don't have a perfect body?? she's really skinny & I have nothing to get her back with, plus I don't feel the need to, that's below me. It really hurts my feelings & it's embarassing that my 12 year old sister can say stuff like that & get away with it. My mom was right there & she didn't even say anything !!! I'm just so fed up with her attitude & her getting away with emotionally abusing me 24/7.

Why don't my sister quit trying to boss me around?

Actually you cna do what you want heres why, 1 your the boy and alpha male in the house after your dad.

2) you dont need to listen to your sister it doesnt matter, cause she cant hit you, if she does you can tell your mom and dad and she will get screwed

2) if she hits you, you can hit her back and you wont get in trouble cause your younger and the only male, your parents will agree in your favor

3) Your parents love you more than your sisters because you are the only boy child, women love the boy child more than the men, so your mom loves you like crazy and your dad loves you like crazy to cause you will have to follow in his steps

4) Since your a guy, even if your sister hits you it wont hurt you that much and you could easily knock her out.

5) This is all, don't take any nonsense from your older sisters, be a man, do what i did. And you will be in command