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My Sisters Poodle Attacks My Bichon

Help! My puppy bites my little sister?

This is normal puppy behavior if we like it or not (pretty much all puppies do this, mine did!). But some tips are when ever she bites her say "no" (Don't yell) and give her a safe chew toy and if she starts chewing on it say "good girl' and pet her. Remember this is a puppy and it still needs a lot of training!!! She is just trying to play with your sister because when dogs play they play bite. Remember have patience!

If this does not help after awhile maybe take her to some training classes but remember that is normal puppy behaivor!

What kinds of dogs would be good for my sister with asthma and awful allergies?

My little sister has asthma and is allergic to dogs and cats (dogs more than cats though). She's so allergic that the allergy doctor recomended we give up our 17 year old cat but obviously we couldn't do that. Sadly she died last year and since me and my sister have been longing for a pet and have been looking into dogs to get. So, my question is what sort of dogs would be best for my sis.

Also here's some additional info about our house ect.:
we live on a 1/3 acre with about half of that as the backyard
we'd be able to have any type of activity level
one of my parents is always home so it could be inside most of the time or out
our climate is between 30 and 100 degrees (oklahoma)

Why did my dog attack my sister?

Your dog does not respect people. He had no reason to respect her as she has not done anything to gain his trust but your dog obviously has a bit of a problem. He needs to surrender to any human. A bite and hold is a dog bite, not a correction. You shouldn't handle this yourself. You'll need to get a professional in there that really knows their stuff. Many things will have to change about how your dog relates to your family. I don't see where you have any other option because the next person he bites may not be family and your failing to train your dog right may cost him his life. Please get the education ASAP. You CAN and MUST train it out. I bet most of the dog savvy people frequenting this board can walk right up and ASK for high value foods from their dogs and they surrender willingly. My 4 do.

I have a question about adopting a dog, a hypoallergenic poodle mix??

I went to a rescue shelter to see a Lhasapoo but it was rather small and was only going to grow to about 10 pounds, what other poodle mixes are going to be about 20-30 pounds, bigger then a Lhasapoo, but smaller then a labradoodle or a goldendoodle, i would prefer a gold and black color, do you know what dog would meet these requirements? maybe a standard schnauzer and standard poodle mix? thank you for your help

Why do dogs seem to dislike certain people at first sight for no obvious reason?

I had a female Pit Bull named Sentia. Sentia liked every human she met her entire life, except ONE. My friend/roommate invited a guy she was dating to the house one day. Sentia went with me to answer the door. I could tell by her body language that she was put off by him. I didn’t see anything particularly alarming about his posture, gaze, etc and I turned to the side to let him in. As he stepped toward the door, Sentia moved in front of me and gave just a little growl. I said “Wow, NO” and held her collar to bring her to my side to let him in. He stepped toward the door again and she lunged forward (with my hand in her collar, ouch!) and very clearly threatened to attack him. At that point I said “look man, I don’t know you but I know my dog and if she says you can’t come in, I’m not comfortable bringing you in.” My roommate was very upset with me. She dated him for a few months and he turned out to be very abusive with morbid jealousy issues. At one point he was threatening to burn down my house because she broke up with him. As far as I’m concerned, Sentia knew something that I didn’t!