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My Stepdad Has Upset Me Very Much What Do I Do

I Hate My Stepdad so much !!?

Ok so basically a few years ago my sister Chloe died from cancer(brain tumour). i was so upset i couldnt go to school for like 3 months, and my mum was single and chloe was the person who held everything together, knew mums likes and dislikes whereas i wasnt as close to her being the younger sibling and all, (chloe was 15 when she passed away and this was in 2011 her birthday is on january 28th so she would be 18 this tuesday coming im 14 now btw) so in 2012 around october time she met a man called Phil at a friends birthday party and my mum explained it as love at first sight, my mums the manager at our nearby barclays branch and gets quite a lot of money a year i wouldnt call her rich but we live in a sizeable house so anyway a few months ago i think in like july last year he moved in with us, he seemed ok i guess but of course he doesnt match up to our dad. so when phil moved in with us he had no job, he still has no job he just stays at home and i HATE HIM !, wanna know why i hate him okay well so when its the weekend he just stays at home and doesnt go out and what gets right on my nerves is that he doesnt even have the decency to thank my mum for the dinner she gives him and she works 10 hour shifts from 8 till 6 and he cant even go out and get a job, and he hogs the tv all the time and he never washes hardly only when mum gets home he acts like he went out and got a job and he threatens me not to tell her and sometimes he fakes having an injury so mum can wait on him hand and foot. i hate him so much. he always buys things out of my mums money and i have a feeling hes cheating on her going out late sometimes when mums in bed and coming home tired in the morning, also i think hes trying to take half of everything because he said the otherday that we should all be equal and asked her for the account numbers because it should be a family accounti hate him so much. AND GUESS WHAT ELSE.. he said we cant visit Chloes grave on tuesday because hes visiting his old friend sheila in alabama so we have to get a flight there, my mum doesnt even say anything, because shes afraid hes gonna beat her again which he does in secret sometimes, what should i do ? i hate him so much and i miss my sister being there she would know what to do :(.

I hate my step dad. What should I do?

Short answer: There's nothing you can do.Long answer: Dealing with parents can be extremely hard. Personally, I lost my father two years ago and my mom almost instantly (two months later) met another man online. My father died in April, my mother met my stepdad in late May, and he lived with us by September. My mother abandoned me for two months with my brother to go stay with my stepdad in Arizona, while I was still grieving. Basically, I have a lot of anger and resentment left over from this. Either way, my new soon-to-be stepdad isn't the best person, to say the least. He treats me much differently (worse) than he treats his own daughter, and says very cruel things to win an argument. He constantly blames me for things I haven't done and my mom believes him, and it's extremely frustrating. Because I broke my phone last month, and currently am unable to pay for my own (my mother is also unable to pay for a nice phone for me), my stepdad pays for it, which is kind, but he uses it as leverage against me. Anything I say wrong turns into me losing my phone for however long he’d like. Usually a few hours. He once gave me a list of things to do in order to get my phone back, so I completed the list and he still wouldn't give it back because he “"doesn't make deals with children.”Our relationship is awful, and he thinks that I like him more than I would admit. I don't, and likely never will.I’m explaining all of this to easily answer your question. No matter how much you hate someone, there is likely no quick, rational solution besides waiting it out. Unless your mother decides to leave him, you'll always be stuck with him. Just try to cope for now.


live with my mom whom im very close to and my adopted dad. i have a real dad that i talk to sometimes but he moved to virginia and my mom had full custody when i was thats why my stepdad adopted me.

hes very mean to me somtimes. dont get me wrong he says he loves me and stuff but then some days hes very mean. today my mom tried to get me up but i didnt get up so he comes in and screams at me to get out of bed or he'll push me out of bed in a very mean voice and didnt talk to me the rest of the day. then he was talking to my mom about how he doesnt want to go on vacation with us(my two friends and my aunt) bc its not going to be fun and that she cateers to me too much. so i feel like my dad tries to get my mom to hate me somtimes.

what can i do for him to not hate me? ive been upset bc of it. i flipped out on my bf who i really liked and who was sweet..could this be why? could this be why i have boy troubles. how can i fix this?

My stepdad is my Mum is making out like it's weird that I'm upset about it....what do you think?

Well, I can't say that's it's wrong, per se... as in ethically, morally, or legally. But it certainly is weird. Does your mother kinow you had a relationship with him? If not, she's in for a rude awakening. If so, methinks she's got a screw loose because this whole scenario is one that will alienate you from her. In my estimation, she made a poor choice.

As for you, there's only a couple of things you can do. Stay away from them. Or, when you are around them, treat him as a 'guy', not as a 'dad'. After all, 'step-dad' is just a label. He's not in any way blood-related, so, just treat him like the schmuck he was and, it appears, he always will be.

Is my step dad allowed to hit me?

No, he does not have the right to hit you. You should tell your mom and show her the bruise.

It is not your responsibility to inform him of your plans if your mom already knows. She should have told him of your plans.

If your mom doesn't do anything about this, you should tell an adult you trust. What your stepfather did was abuse. He hit you several times and even left a mark.

Is it wrong to have my step dad as my best man in my wedding

My "step dad" just a word to me, is only 9 years older than me and is my best friend. We hang out together, hunt, fish, and lots of other stuff but not as father son but as buds. I love my real dad very much and asked him to wear a matching tux as the wedding party and the father of the bride. My "step dad" really didn't raise me, I was about 16 when he entered my life. Things between us have always been like best friends or brothers ever since. I just found out that my dad is hurt by this and very upset. Am I wrong in wanting my best friend who also happends to be my "step dad" to be my best man? Is it wrong to have the fathers of the bride and groom were tux's that match the wedding party or should they be different? Please help what do I do ??????

I dont know what to do, my step dad showed me his penis...?

I am a 16 year old girl and i am very upset about what my step father did to me today!!
I stayed home from school today and it was just me and jarrod (my step dad) at the house. i went down in to his room and grabed nail clippers and jarrod was in the bath room, he yelled from inside asking if i had any shaving cream and i said no and then he came out of the bath room and had his penis hanging out, i accted like i did not see it and went up stairts. a coulple hours later i went downs stairs and asked for help on my homework, i was sitting on the bed with him and we where talking he said he did not know how to do it so i got up to leave and out came his penis.... he looked at me this time and i just walked out! I called my boyfriend and told him and he told me to tell my mom but i can not do it i can not hurt her... so i told my older sister, and she told me that he does the same stuff to her a while back ... and we both started crying i dont know what to do... am i over exanderating?? please help should i tell my mom or no