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My Support Brace Broke On My 55 Gallon Plastic Frame. Is This Something To Worry About

Tank support beam broke?!!?

You can lower the water level until the bowing of the glass is normal, comparing it to your other tanks which you have. If the oscar and filter, and heater would all be OK at that water level, that's all you need to do for now. You can buy replacement plastic frames if you know the manufacturer or the exact dimensions.

One temporary/permanent fix is to buy a piece of black plastic PVC pipe about 1" diameter. Cut a notch wide enough for the tank frame near the ends of a length of the pipe that is a little longer than the broken support beam (cross brace). It works but is ugly. I've seen this done with other materials, wood, iron gas pipe with elbows screwed on the ends, and a notched sheet of acrylic. They all look like temporary fixes, but some people may use them indefinitely.

A better looking replacement is glass if it's a glass aquarium. It should be about 3" wide and quarter inch to half inch thick. Use aquarium sealant to glue it in place. Note that the plastic frame allows a slight bow in the glass which you will have to replicate while letting the glue cure. The notched plastic pipe can hold it at the proper bow, or you can make a wood brace inside to wedge it open just right.

The excess bowing can cause glass to fail. It can also cause the aquarium sealant to let go. The slight twist to the sealant can cause it to pop free. The replacement frame is the best way to go, restoring the tank to original specs. Glass cross bracing is the next best, creating near original looks and function.

[Homework Question] A room is 6 m long, 5 m wide and 3 m high . The four walls and ceiling are to be painted. If the windows and door is 14 square meters, what area is to be painted?

Given A room with 6 m= long 5m= wide3 m= high And window and door =14 square metersSo the panted area= area of cuboid-areas of the floor- area of windows and doors =2(6*5+6*3+5*3)-6*5-14= 82m^{2}Math Homework Help

Can i fix a bowing 60 gallon fish tank?

Tanks of 55g and up have braces at the top middle of the tank to prevent this from happening. Yours may be broken or loose and not holding both sides of the tank. It is just a matter of time before it bows enough to cause pressure on the corner sealant enough to cause a leak or even worse, a complete failure of the seam and a collapse of the tank.

Lower the water level in the tank enough to take the pressure off and see if you can find why the brace is not holding the sides together. It may be as simple as super gluing the brace back together. You can also super glue a piece of lexan or some other strong plastic to each side of the tank just above the water line. You will have to measure it perfectly so it doesn't help push the sides apart, but it can be done.


One square meter is equal to how many cubic meters?

Although square meter is a 2 dimensional unit for area while cubic meter is a 3 dimensional unit for volume, we do have 1 cubic meter = 1 meter x 1 square meter.So, there is your "conversion factor", "1 meter".You can probably see that this is just arbitrary nonsense.If you have a 1 square meter piece of board, the volume depends on the thickness.1 cm thick, 0.01 cubic meters.2 cm thick, 0.02 cubic meters.To answer the original question, there is no direct conversion without more information on the thickness or depth.

How long can unopened milk be left out of the fridge?

As others have said, it depends on the temperature of the place. I have had refrigerators break, twice. The firs time, it was during the winter, and we just left the milk in a box outside over night. It was nice and cold in the morning - in Los Angeles, mind you. The next time the fridge died, it was during the summer, but I could still buy a quart of milk and leave it on the counter over night and have milk for my coffee, and milk for cereal for my child in the morning. I learned over that summer experience that anything past morning, and the milk would go bad, so probably about 12 hours is about the most at room temperature, at least for US milk.