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My Thick Hair Feels Like There Is Too Much Humidity In It And Its Hard To Brush Thru

Is it bad to wet your hair without washing it?

Water if its clean and not overly chlorinated will do no harm to your hair.Standing under the shower with water running through your hair will take off dust and soluble salt secretions. It will not take out what got trapped by oily secretions from the sebaceous glands. It will also remove dead skin and dandruff to a limited extent.It is recommended to shampoo your hair occasionally. Excessive usage of chemical products can actually damage your hair and scalp.In conclusion: No harm in regularly standing under the showerand getting your hair wet. Don't forget to shampoo at least once a week.I don't think the likes of Proctor & Gamble and Unilever will like my advice. They'd rather you shampoo twice a day or it will affect their health (financial health that is ).

Is it OK if i will brush my permed hair?

I had permed my hair last monday and today is the 5th day. I permed my hair in order to volumize my straight hair and I honestly dont like the result. I want my straight hair back but if u will rebond this, it might damage my hair. so maybe combing is another option in order to straighten my hair. is that possible?

How can I fix my bleach damaged hair that feels like straw?

The repair will take a while. So patience is key through the entire thing. First, you got to cut of the frayed edges. Thats a lost deal. Think of it as revamping your look. Once the completely fried edges are gone, you can work on fixing the rest. Its important to give your hair room to breathe. But whats irrecoverable should be chopped off. Cut off the completely damaged parts and then follow these steps for the remaining hair to revive it again. Don't shampoo your hair right after it has been bleached. Leave it be for a at least a week. Instead wash your hair with conditioner for that one week. Even after that, choose shampoos that don't have silicone dimethicone; that stuff makes it worse. Don't wash your hair often (stick to dry shampoos as much as possible). But conditioning is key. Extra virgin olive oil should be your new best friend. Massage it thoroughly into your roots and the rest of the hair and leave on for a couple of hours. Then wash it off with warm water. Use a conditioner that is high on the moisturizing factor. After the wash, use any hair serum with argan oil (if available) to help increase moisture content. (Coconut oil works too instead of olive oil but olive oil is usually better). After the wash, let hair air dry. Do not blow dry; it will just get worse. Stay away from blow drying, straightening, curling or any other heat styling instruments. Your hair needs to recover and heat doesn't help. Also don't comb your hair when its wet and use a wide toothed comb. Finally, once a week, do a deep conditioning natural treatment for your hair. You can use various natural hair masks like:Avocado+coconut oil+honeyOlive oil+honeyBanana+honey+yoghurtHoney+Eggs+Apple cider vinegarMayonnaise (hassle free and easy to use)Coconut oil+Almond oil+Olive oil+Honey+Eggs (this one has got everything)The quantity of each mask would depend on the length of your hair. So check about home remedies for damaged hair online to find out the quantities.The last ingredient is obviously time. Bleach damage cannot be repaired overnight but following these treatments methodically and loyally for a few weeks (perhaps even months based on the level of damage) will ensure that it eventually gets back to its healthy state. Hope this was helpful :). Thanks for requesting an answer!

Why does my hair unstraighten itself?

it depends on the humidity in the air..if there is lots of humidity then your hair will do that.

try a shine serum and some hairspray. once you put in hairspray brush it through so its not hard

How do you bring life back to dry, damaged, curly hair?

The answer to all this problem is "moisture moisture moisture". Curly hair is naturally dry hair so you have to keep feeding them with moisture regularly. Here are few things you can follow to keep it healthy and manageable.Keep your  hair well moisturized using good products that are silicone and sulfate free. Sulfates are detergents you find in shampoos and are a bit harsh for curly hair. It strips hair off of its natural oil and leaves it very dry. Silicone creates a film on hair and is hard to remove from hair. Heavy use of silicone products leads to build up on hair which do not let the moisture penetrate the hair. Due to this your hair gets dry over a period of time and loses its curl shape as well. Do not use any hair serum as these contains heavy silicone in more concentration. Use deep conditioning treatments at least once in a week. Choose products that has humectants in it for deep conditioning. Humectants absorb water and penetrate hair and retain moisture inside the hair.  Here are some homemade recipes that you can follow All natural home-made hair masks - Right RingletsUse cold pressed coconut oil to moisturize your hair and try to keep it overnight. Do not use heat on hair. Heat damages your hair cuticles and when cuticles are damaged then it becomes hard for hair to retain moisture as your inner layer is exposed and loses moisture fast.Protect your hair in the sun, wear cap or scarves. Do not use comb on dry hair as it might lead to breakage. Always detangle your hair in the shower after applying a rinse off conditioner. After wash, apply small amount of oil or whipped shea butter on hair after applying a leave-in conditioner. It helps to coat hair and prevent it to lose moisture very fast. It surely gives a moisturized curls.  Here is the whipped shea butter recipe Homemade natural shea butter moisturizer for hair and skin - Right Ringlets.Do not use styling products like hair sprays that contain drying alcohol like alcohol denat, SD alcohol etc. These short chain alcohol makes your hair dry. You can read more on which alcohols to avoid here The prime offenders of hair care - Right RingletsFor more tips on curly hair care you can visit my blog Right Ringlets - Your Indian naturally curly & wavy hair resource.

Why does my hair feel rough and dry after a hair dye, will this go away?

This could be for one of two reasons:You didn't remove all the dye in your previous wash. This has lead to the dye drying up and becoming hard and stiff, giving your hair the same feel. If this is the case, it should fix itself after a second wash - just make sure to wash thoroughly, shampooing twice if possible.Your hair has been damaged by the dye. Unfortunately, this won't go away after one wash. You'll need to treat your hair until it regains its health. Some ways you can achieve this:Healthy diet/sleep routine - gives your body the nutrients it needs to grow healthier hair and produce oils that make existing hair healthier/smoother. This includes drinking lots of water, which is vital for pretty much everything our body does, hair growth included.Stop playing with it - the more you play with your hair, the dirtier it will get from the oils on your fingers, which will require you to wash it more often, which will end up in drier hair. It's a never ending cycle, so it's best to just not start it by leaving it alone. Braiding is good for keeping it out of the way, but don't braid it too tight or it may cause breakage.Coconut oil - you've probably heard this one, but that's because it works. You can use it before you dye your hair to reduce the damage caused by the dye, and it also helps the colour to hold on better. Otherwise, using it around once a week the day before you shower (leaving it on overnight) keeps your hair super soft, smooth, and promotes healthy growth.Good luck with your hair!