My Wedding Colors Clash With My Preferred Venue

How do I choose the best wedding venue and wedding planner in India?

If you are planning for a wedding party. There are various important decisions which need to be taken like shopping for jewelers, bridal and groom’s attire, caterers, and also the most essential being selecting a wedding banquet hall for that special day.1. Pricing - Most people, since organizing the wedding for the first time are not aware of these things are often taken for a ride. Please get all these details on paper from the manager while you negotiate. We have heard of cases where the managers don’t even honor their word. And last but not the least, do as much bargaining as possible. Even the five stars don’t have any fixed prices when it comes to Banquet Booking.2. The first thing to think about when auditioning a banquet hall is its entire capacity. The number of guests can it perfectly accommodate?3. The location is definitely the excellent point, because it is decisive of if your invited guests would find it. If it’s a destination wedding, you have to be sure that a suitable vehicle is available to the guests to arrive at the venue.4. Are you looking for a common traditional wedding, big wedding, color theme or some other theme based wedding? This decision will lead you to select a banquet hall, which fits to your criteria.5. Many banquet halls provide basic facilities for their customers. These usually include chairs and tables, and primary decorations. Based on the nature of your event, you should also confirm that the banquet hall you select can provide audio/visual equipment, charging stations, and free Wi-Fi.6. Be sure that you have a set budget kept aside in the banquet hall.7. Providing your guests the convenience of parking their cars with no trouble,protection plus proximity to the place is one of the most essential aspects that people cannot ceremony away from the busy city life, destination weddings have become quite the trend. But to follow the trend, you need to know which wedding venues in India are upbeat and worth getting married at.Let's take a quick look at the Best 6 Indian Wedding Venues. We promise, we’ll make the list fun, easy & Romantic!Great weddings doesn’t always come from spending a whole lot of money. Sometimes it isabout choosing the right theme, at the right place, with the right people. Now that the list has ended, you can scout for the best wedding planner in the destination and turn your dream wedding into reality.

How can I choose a wedding venue?

Choosing your wedding venue is one of the most exciting parts of planning a wedding but it can also be one of the most intimidating parts. Your venue is a big portion of your budget and really sets the momentum of wedding day.Before you set foot inside a wedding venue, what are some things you need to think about?LocationTraditionally, weddings were held in a bride’s hometown. Today? Those rules are out the door. Maybe you want to consider your hometowns, the town you live in together, the town you met in, your favorite destination… it can be anywhere!Things to consider before you commit to a city:How many people live in the city you are considering and how many will have to travel?If you have a big group that will have to travel are you OK with a larger percentage of declines?Will you have to travel for planning meetings? Do you have a flexible work schedule to allot for that?If you are looking at your hometown, how involved will your parents want to be and are you OK with that?If you are looking at a city where your family doesn’t live, are you OK with your parents missing out on planning meetings and decisions?Venue TypeFirst, you need to think about your ceremony. Do you want it in a traditional place of worship or on-site at the same location as your reception?Once you’ve made that decision you can start looking into your reception space. Consider the types of venues you are interested in – do you love the traditional look of a hotel ballroom or do you favor the industrial look of a blank space? What about location – do you want to be in the center of the city close to hotels and restaurants? Or do you prefer to be outside the city so you have access to green space?SeasonOf course you will need to pick a date when you find your perfect venue so have an idea of the season you want to get married in. Does a winter wonderland wedding sound like a dream to you? Or is a cozy fall wedding what you’ve been dreaming of? It’s best not to have an exact date in mind when you start the venue search so you have flexibility in finding the right venue for you. Instead have a list of dates that definitely won’t work in your preferred season for the two of you and any of your guest “VIPs.”The SpecificsOf course, no venue discussion is complete without first discussing your guest list and budget so make sure you have had those conversations before you start contacting amazing vetted vendors.

What is the suitable men's footwear for a wedding reception?

Depends on your dress, the color of it and the formality of it.I) If you're wearing a suit(with a shirt) you may follow this for considering the color of your shoes 1. Black tuxedo: black Oxford(captoe)2. Charcoal suit: black Oxford/black brouges 3. Navy suit: black Oxford/ black brouges/tan brouges/ oxblood shoes/ brown loafers( not moccasins, not boat shoes)4. Lighter shade of blue:brown loafers/ brown brouges/ brown derby/ brown or grey suede or leather chukkas5. Tan suit: tan brouges6. Brown suit: brown spectatorsIf you're gonna wear colors like olive, burgundy go for a brown brouges or brown suede chukkasII) if you're wearing the suit/ blazer with a tee go for a grey chukkas or a neat white pair of sneakers.Wearing something ethnic? Go for juttis in black or brown or of the contrast color.Don't wear socks with these please, neither with juttis nor with the sneakers.The trick here is to wear no-show socks( called loafers socks in India)And please don't wear white socks with any of these outfit, there are better ways to kill your style, wear the socks of the color of your trousers in the same or a lil darker shade.Bonus tips:1. Match the color of your belt with your shoes.2. There are better colors out there for a suit than black or white like... yeah any, any other color will do.3. Keep your white socks for gym only.4. Google some good articles regarding men's fashion.5. Message me anytime if you're in any confusion regarding men's style.Note: pls forgive any mistakes.

Where is the best place for a destination wedding?

Rajasthan has been considered the most preferred Destination Wedding Venue in India.As per my suggestion, Rajasthan Royal Weddings provides the best destination wedding services in Rajasthan. It is a venture by Zennia - a leading Hotel Chain in Rajasthan hence, they have a wide range of choices for destinations. Whether you are planning a romantic destination wedding in Camp resort or full flash wedding in the palace, they can arrange it for you.Following are some of the popular venues for your Destination Wedding -1.) Hotel Swaroop Vilas, Udaipur2.) Ambiance Hotel3.) The Royal Retreat, Udaipur4.) Fateh Niwas, Udaipur5.) Thar Oasis Resort, Jodhpur6.) Chunda Palace7.) Bhairavgarh, Udaipur8.) Pushkar Fort Resort9.) Marugarh ResortIf you are searching for the best destination wedding in Jodhpur, THAR OASIS RESORT AND CAMP is the excellent choice to host Destination Weddings which are Extravagant, Lavish, Luxurious, Fun, and Unique, and all this will offer well within your budget. They assure you to get the best of it. These locations are well renowned for their heritage, arts & crafts, locations best suited for photography, colors, and palaces. The feeling of Royalty is always in the Air of Rajasthan..Humble Appeal : If you like this answer, kindly upvote!Please Follow for more helpful Answers!