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My Wife Often Makes Fun Of Me In Front Of My Son Who Is Now 17 Years Old.

Is it okay to walk around half dressed or nude in front of your 15 year old son?

I have 2 friends who have teenaged sons, who feel there is nothing wrong with walking around the house in their panties and bra, or a short tee shirt and panties in front of their sons. One of them actually goes nude in front of her 17 year old. They both feel that being nude is normal and that their sons will soon see nude women, so what is the big deal, they don't see a problem.

The worse part is that both of these young men have expressed to me that they do not like to see their mothers that way. They are both embarrassed and uncomfortable by the situation. I have spoken to both friends about how their sons feel, and I got different responses. One said that she doesnt think its a big deal, that I am making it more serious than it is. The other said "so what, I am the mother and I can do whatever I want. If he doesn't like seeing me, he shouldn't look. "

I just want to know if I am the crazy one. My 3 sons (grown now) have never seen me undressed, (unless by accident).

My 17 year old son doesn't listen to me anymore. Why?

He is almost a man (according to the law anyway)..He wants to spread his wings and so what he wants. You have done your job and given him life let HIM put it to the test and make his own choices. If he falls flat on his face...Good!! He will learn and YOU will support him...BUT only from a distance. This is how YOU let go and let GROW. Good luck.

Is this normal behavior for a mother to be nude in front of her teen son?

The clue to me is that you say she STILL walks around nude in front of him. I take from this, that it is something she has always done. If so that is why he's used to it and it is not a big deal.

Curiously though, you say it makes him uncomfortable. Why would it do that if he has grown up with her doing this. Are you sure it isn't you who feels uncomfortable and not him? He may only feel uncomfortable because he senses that you are.

You may not be a Naturist or nudist family in the sense of visiting Naturist beaches, clubs or swims, etc., but there are plenty of families where parents do not hide their naked bodies from their children, yet would not call themselves Naturists, so you are far from being alone. It has been shown many times over that such a relaxed attitude to family nudity is of great benefit to your children all the way through to adulthood. It teaches body-confidence rather than body-shame and this reinforces overall confidence. It also teaches a sensible and mature attitude to nudity and removes embarrassment allowing any problems to be discussed within the family and with the family doctor if necessary. This is important because people have been know to die from curable conditions, simply because they were too embarrassed to tell anyone!

To me this is far more 'normal' than society's obsession with clothes...

Should I let my 15 year old daughter smoke weed?

Sir, or ma’am, first I want to say, it is totally 100% up to you whether YOU are OKAY with her smoking weed. But now I’m going to tell you, you have 100% no control over if she does or doesn’t.I’m 16 y/o now, and started smoking at 14. I’m a bright child, get straight A’s, have a good home life, and am not a bad child.I didn’t ask my mother if I could smoke weed, I knew there was no reason cuz the answer would be no. But I did it anyways. I didn’t do it to run away from my problems, or escape reality, I did it because I wanted to experience weed for myself at least once. but I wanted to do it with friends, and people who would be fun to do it with.Smoking weed does have it’s side-effects, but nothing bad. yeah, once in a while if you smoke too much, you might get paranoid, but I’ll tell you know, too much weed can also make her feel sick to her stomach and make her stop herself before she gets that high. Smoking weed can be so helpful to a person, no matter what age. I have trouble concentrating, anxiety,social anxiety, and insomnia. When I smoke weed in small amounts, I sleep better, and can communicate better, concentrate so much more, especially with school.And who is she smoking with? More than likely friends that care about her. She wouldn’t do it alone unless she was at home or out back in the yard. As long as she is with friends, nothing bad will happen. I’ll tell you now, all stoners look out for other stoners, especially first time smokers! as it’s said, “A stoner never lets a stoner get stoned.” meaning they never let a friend get harmed. they’ll keep her fed, and give her a place to sleep if she is sleep, take her out to do fun things while she is high, and watch her to make sure she doesn’t do stupid shit.In my opinion, let her smoke. At least then, you know she is doing it, and she will be honest with you about it. Smoke with her, so you know what it is like, so you know how she feels. For all you know, you might end up liking the way you feel high, or maybe even realize it helps you in some way.Just remember, you can’t stop her, she is 15. you can only talk to her, and understand.P.S if she is smoking after you said no, and you find out, yelling atop your lungs won’t help at all. I should know. it will make the situation worse. just sit her down and talk to her like a normal person.

How should I respond to friends who unnecessarily make fun of me? I really can't ignore them, as they are either my friends or fall in a friend circle. I sometimes try to fight back but I fail at their level of making fun.

There is a good chance they are doing it because they are insecure.  If you want it to stop, use operant conditioning - basically, train them to stop.  Here is how.1) figure out something you can say in retort that lets them know a) their comment didn't bother you and b) that it was pretty stupid.This can be - "thank you very much for that information" (in a deadpan voice) or "that was a mean thing to say" in a matter of fact tone of voice. I know someone who simply says the word "respect." and leaves it at that. As long as it is calm, not rude and lets them know what they just said wasn't ok with you, but that it didn't rile you up either.2) Practice saying this so that you can deliver the line/retort in as calm and matter of fact way as possible. You aren't mad at them, it just isn't something they should continue doing or saying.3) practice making eye contact when you deliver the line. If you are incapable of making eye contact, look above their head or at their ear.4) Whenever they say something mean or stupid, say your line, the same line. EVERYTIME! No exceptions. They will most likely be confused at first and then they will try to make fun of you for actually responding in a way they don't like. This is their attempt to get you to go back to the old way of responding, which they clearly liked. Don't go back. Continue as if you are a broken record and repeat until they stop. It is the consistency of your response that will get them to stop. If you sometimes do this and sometimes don't you will be variably reinforcing them and that will cause them to get worse and escalate their behavior. (The dynamic you are triggering by doing this btw is called an extinction burst).5) Whenever they behave respectfully and nice, smile, talk and engage with them and basically positively reinforce their good behavior.Hope this helps. If you want to learn more check out

My daughter wants to date a 17 year old guy and shes 14?

Ok so me and my daughter have always been close we tell each other our stuff. One year ago, my husband's friend moved next door. He had a 17 year old son and a 4 year old daughter.and a wife. We both of our familys has always been close.My daughter and their son never actually talked that much. But I always sensed she had an interest in him. Until this year both of them came and walk together to school and from school (my husband told him to take care of her). He's a great young man, and is very respectful and responsible. Now this month I would wait outside my house and when both of them came from school they would always come laughing or talking.Throughout these months I could see my daughter more happy and outgoing. I talked to my daughter and she told me she really liked him. (she has never had a boyfriend) Then he came to me this week asking me if he has permission to be my daughter's boyfriend. I don't know if I should let them be girlfriend and boyfriend. I know hes a good guy, through out the summer he would give me a ride every now and then to work.Hes very mature and so is my daughter.
But Im not sure about the ages. My daughter will be 15 in 2 months and he will be 18 in 3 months?
I don't what I should do??

Do you burp & fart in front of your spouse?

burp yes, fart, try not too.
2 years