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My Wife Suddenly Doesn

Why is my wife suddenly unable to orgasm?

I really hope you haven't been doing exactly the same thing for years. If so, your wife is probably bored stupid by the same old, same old nature of sex. Try something different. Oral sex, vibrators, different positions. The mechanics of intercourse means it is almost impossible for a woman to have an orgasm from intercourse alone. The clitoris is situated 2 inches above the vagina. Just penetration does not usually give enough stimulation to the clitoris to achieve an orgasm.

Female superior positions are generally a much better way of achieving orgasm during intercourse, as the woman can use the man's pubic bone to apply direct stimulation to the clitoris.

I doubt your wife has a problem coming to orgasm when she masturbates alone. Just remember, the organ most responsible for the female orgasm is the brain. If she is just not into it for any reason, it won't happen. It is up to you to find the reason. Maybe she is just sick and tired of you trying so hard. It can be annoying you know. Unlike men, women can sometimes be quite happy not having an orgasm and having a man trying desperately to give her one can just become tedious.

EDIT: Vaginas can't be sensitive. They have no nerve endings. So a vibrator is not going to do anything. It isn't for using inside anyway, but for stimulating her clitoris. On the lowest setting is usually the best way to start, because the clitoris generally doesn't like too fast, too soon. I still think her problem is psychological. She is trying too hard. Stop trying to reach orgasm, and just enjoy the lovemaking. She really needs to give masturbation a whirl and see if it makes a difference. I have no idea how masturbation could possibly be uncomfortable - unless she means she feels mentally uncomfortable with it.

My wife suddenly shaves her p...y?

Yesterday I asked a question having doubts about my wife and I was surprised by some comments. I said I had my doubts about my wife's infidilily when she was overseas and spend time with a distant cousin for a couple of weeks on holiday. When she returned from the holiday she had shaved her p..y which she never have done before and never done afterwards. Next week she is going overseas again visiting family where her cousin also lives and a couple of days ago I noticed she has shaved again. From the comments yesterday when a woman shaves her p...y she is going to be up to no good. From woman point of view could this be right.

My wife likes sleeping alone suddenly...?

It's not about how many times you asked her, it's HOW you ask her. Try to be firm, but don't make her feel cornered. Be calm and look her into her eyes. Also pick the right moment, a time when the vibe seems relaxed. You two really need to work on your communication. It could be anything. Another guy maybe? Or she's not in love with you anymore? It could also be that she's troubled, emotionally, physically or something to do with her health. Also very typical; maybe you hurt her and you didn't even realize it and you need to the impossible task of reading her mind and do some serious apologizing.

In other words, it could be a million things. The only way to work it out is through communication. If one thing doesn't work, try something else. Don't keep attempting the same approach.

Why would my wife suddenly get upset with me?

I don’t understand why is everyone blaming you.She doesn’t only seem immature, but also selfish as hell. I mean, you were tired..and instead of giving you a massage or something to sleep, she was texting her friend and then got mad for whatever reason that happened in what - 15 minutes?Many times I wait a whole day for my husband to get home so I can tell him stuff and when he does, he is so tired I simply remain silent. One time I found out my parents were divorcing and I was devastated, but until I went to brush my teeth, he’d already fall asleep..I couldn’t get upset, I just gave him a kiss and slept next to him. I told him about my parents 3 days later when he was finally more relaxed.Do I get angry? No. I understand how stressing a man’s job can be, and I know he loves me and whatever he does is without a bad intention.You asked her what’s up and she chose to be a drama queen. I would let it go, if she wants to come by herself and talk, then she’s welcome, but you shouldn’t beg her to talk - you’re not in kindergarten.

Why is my Wife suddenly acting like she hates me? Has lost her sense of humor, always complains 24/7?

For the first 3 years of our marriage, she was awesome. We used to clown around all the time. Actually, it was her sense of humor that really attracted me. She really made me laugh so hard. She was like this even before marriage, we were friends in college for 2 years before we even started dating.. Well, around a year ago. Suddenly she never laughs anymore. Shes extremely serious. When I joke around, she doesn't laugh.. Also, she is complaining 24/7. I don't get whats happened to her, it's like shes a different person. It's not depression.. It's like she hates me. It's only with me. When her friends are around, or her sibblings, she goes back to normal mode. It's so crazy, last month I tried to get her to attend some marriage therapy sessions with me on my dollar, and she refused to go. Whats up with her?? Below I will list some of the things that have changed.. Please comment..

- Never keeps her word anymore, acts like she doesn't care when she doesn't follow threw.
- Never returns my phone calls? Or hardly answers the phone when I call her. Gets hyper defensive when I confront her about not returning my calls.
- Takes everyone else side against me. Literally, in front of me, will defend people she doesn't even know against me.
- Hardly ever wants sex anymore. We used to get it on freak nasty regularly, now it's about once a month, if I'm lucky.
- Has become Condescending to me in front of others.. She never used to do this.
- Complains, complains, complains, about any and everything. Cursed me out for accidently flushing a que-tip down the toilet?
- Very Detacted Emotionally.

My wife suddenly stopped having sex with me?

Been married 20 years, sex was fine until one day last year. She suddenly stopped wanting sex with me, she is not having an affair but she has in the past. I miss the intimacy and and of course the sex itself , she wont tell me why, when I try to talk to her she gets mad and goes to sleep or leaves the room in anger. She claims we have sex more than I think but it has been over a month and even then she was not interested. She will sometimes flash her breast at me and tease me in other ways but if I react to her teases with any knid of sexual advances she gets upset. I asked her to stop teasing me if she does not intend on going through with the deed and she gets mad. It is very frustrating, she is georgeous and very sexy so that makes it even worse! I have always been faithful to her but I am starting to have thoughts of other women. I know if I cheated on her it would kill me and her. Whats a guy to do!
How do I get her to at least explain why she has no interest in me?

What does it mean if your wife suddenly started using a passcode?

There can be many reasons - but one might be that she realized that you do not trust her, and have been going through her private documents and conversations.  If you have not been doing that, you would not have noticed that she has suddenly locked her accounts from you.Why are you checking up on her?For me, someone surreptitiously reading what I’m doing would be a  huge betrayal of trust.  I have nothing to hide, and yet being “checked up on” to make sure I’m being “good” would hurt. A lot.So… she has passcoded her stuff - and you can either ask her why (which acknowledges you were reading her private stuff) or you can just pretend it doesn’t exist and move on.Your choice.

Does anyone find it strange that my ex-wife suddenly wants to start having family meals? I have custody of the kids. Does anyone think this is strange? I feel it's her trying to tip-toe back in.

This is true, but kids generally need both parents. If she just wants to keep the relationship alive, there can be little harm, providing she is not violent or abusive in some fashion. She is not suing for custody so dealing with it like this, is not a bad idea. t

I don't know my wife anymore. She is suddenly bubbly with me. Why?

I think you should be happy your wife is bubbly. I would consider it a very good thing. Maybe she has changed her outlook on llife, or maybe she's under the effect of the antidepressants. My guess is that the whole experience with cancer has made her a better person. Being so close to death makes us reevaluate what it means to be alive, and very often, the person that emerges is far kinder, more gentle and more loving than the person before. I almost died once and I know now, many years later, that it was probably the best thing that ever happened to me.

Perhaps that which doesn't kill us doesn't necessarily make us stronger, but it does make us better people. You should be very grateful your wife pulled through because you now get to enjoy the company of a woman you wish you could have married.

Good luck and my best wishes. As for the thought about cheating, dismiss it as fast as you can. Take your blessing for what it is, and believe me, you are in for a world of love :)