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My Wife Wants To Start Couponing

How to start couponing?!?

Honestly I always tell them I love their products and tell everyone I know how awesome they are. I also suggest that I'd like to try their new whatever or that times have been hard so I've had to switch to insert bargain brand and that I dislike the bargain brand. I have had the best luck with P&G but lots of places respond well to compliments.

I want to start extreme couponing?

Im 16 and i would like to start extreme couponing. I would like to help my mom out with groceries and stuff like that but mostly i want to get clothes. How can i start?

My wife wants me to start smoking?


she's doing it for social reasons, do you really want to damage your body because your 45 year old wife (no comment) is intimidating you to smoke. no disrespect, but it is a pretty ignorant question.

if you love her that much to also start smoking, then go ahead tobbaco is on 1 level but marijuana is on another so contemplate what you're doing

Why did my wife start smoking?

I think this is the oddest thing. When I met my wife, she had never smoked, I did, because I was a stupid kid. She would very occasionally have a cigarette with me while we were out at the clubs. Then I quit, and she did, too because she wasn't buying her own. Couple years later we get married, neither of us smoke. Couple of kids and 5 years later, she meets some new friends who are "closet" smokers. She occasionally smokes with them, fine. This somehow evolves into her sitting out on our deck every single night and smoking between 2 and 5 cigarettes. Every night. This is the time when we were usually able to talk, kids in bed, etc. I don't go out there with her because I can't stand it. I even tried to smoke with her for awhile, at least we would be on the same level, but I couldn't stand it. I hate it when she comes to bed smelling like smoke. I feel cheated, because I married a non-smoker! And, of course, it's all my fault because I "got her started." She doesn't smoke during the day. What should I do?

Where is a good place for me to start couponing?

I want to start couponing so I can save more money for my kids but I m not sure where to start. I have a Sunday paper but it barely has any in there. I want to get some off line but some of the websites look like jokes or want me to pay. Does anyone that coupons have any advice??

How do I start a coupon business?

The easiest way to start a coupon business is to create supply - you will need to partner with a handful of local vendors and pitch them that you can bring them business if they are willing to pass a discount onto consumersThen you will need to build demand for such deals by building an email database of local consumers and market them these offers - absorbing a % of these discounts to cover your costsThese models work best with volume and when they process the payment - taking an additional clipThis answer is relatively simplistic as their are much more complex strategies to build the supply and demand sides of the model

Advice on starting a coupon business?

I think the first step is to ask yourself how your coupon business is going to differ from all the other coupon businesses that are out there.  What problem does it solve for people that is not already being solved?  If you know that already then go out and talk to some business owners, explain to them what you are thinking of building and ask them for feedback on the idea.  If they like it what do they like about it specifically. If they do not like it then what specifically do they not like about it.  Once you have done that go out and talk to some people that you use coupons, and ask them for their feedback.  At this stage you should know whether you have a good idea, an idea that needs tweaking to be good, or simply a bad idea. If you still think you have a good idea after the above process then I would go back to the business owners (or whomever the people are that are going to be your revenue source) and ask them if they will buy your service if you build it.  If a reasonable amount of people say yes then you can start putting a business plan together and worry about raising money (which will be a lot easier if you already have clients lined up).  Here are some resources that may help:How to Test a New Business Idea in 3 StepsHow to Raise Money For A New Business10 Steps To A Great Business PlanGood luck!Best Regards,Dave

Is couponing worth the effort?

Yes! We have the newspaper service for just the weekend so we can get coupons. Before we go shopping we cut the best coupons we know we will use. It’s not worth it if you buy something with a coupon but end up throwing it away. It usually takes about 10-15 mins worth of work to get them sorted and cut. This ends up saving us $15-$25 every time we go grocery shopping. That’s a return of over $1/min of work even after subtracting the cost of the newspaper. We do maximize our return though because we have a grocery store that wills double the value up to $1. Therefore a $.35 coupon becomes $.70.We also love coupons because they expose us to new foods. Usually when a new product is launched they offer great coupons and then the store also has the item on sale. Not only do we get a great deal between the coupon and the sale but we get to try new things with little financial cost. We have found many new foods we like this way.