My Youtube On My S4 Is Being Weird

Why is YouTube not working?

Check your data connection. If not there — switch it ON or change location for better reception.Is your YouTube account fully registered? Check your email inbox to verify. If yes: I suggest you get yourself a new password by clicking Forgot Password.If already registered and have successfully logged in, check your network signal. If you're on Edge then get yourself at least a 3G smartphone (4G smartphone prerably).You're on 3G network and you still struggling to watch videos? Then switch your service provider with faster network coverage. Probably and clearly it struggles with network coverage towards loading videos for you to watchAll the best!

I got a weird text from my own number?

I got a text message from my own number that said:


CB#: 770957****

That is a phone number from somebody in my own state, but nobody that I know. I was just wondering what this meant and how it was sent to me from my own phone number. I have a Galaxy S4 and have Verizon if that helps.

Blues: Songs about murder?

Bob Dylan - The death of Emmett Till [Clip includes testimony by members of the Till family]
The Clash - Somebody got murdered
Johnny Cash - Folsom Prison blues [I can't believe that no-one's posted THIS yet]
Woody Guthrie - Vigilante man
Blind Willie McTell - Murderer's home blues
Cage The Elephant - The lonesome death of Hattie Carroll [Dylan song]
The Tom Robinson Band - Blue murder [About Liddle Towers]
Peter Gabriel - Biko

Why does my phone screen keep turning on by itself?

ChEck the power button if the bouncers are still intact i.e those white button that is been pressed. Lukastech Blog — We Expound Technology

What's the Naruto Shippuden Season 4 Ending Song?

Mezamero! Yasei

Hope this is wat u were looking for ;P