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Name Of A British Psychopath Movie

Who are your favourite movie psychopaths?

Oh this is soooo easy for me to answer :)Hayley Stark from Hard CandyWho is Hayley Stark? Well she is a 14 girl that tricks a pedophile photographer to take her home. Why did she do that? [Spoilers ahead]Well the movie is a rape-and-revenge flick so even tho she wasn't raped by the guy, she had enough evidence that he is a child predator. That was proven even further by him making explicit pictures of her (and other stuff that happens). Ironically she drugs him and ties him up, only to castrate him and torture him in other ways, including threatening him to make his disgusting secret public. He does not want that because of his ex-wife which he still loves. At the end she promises him to not reveal his secret if he kills himself. And so he does only to have her standing there saying "Or not."The movie is brilliant and may be one if not the favorite movie of mine. I'm not supporting self justice and the movie does a great job making you think. Both are likable and terrible at the same time. The movie only has 2 actors excluding one neighbour which makes it very intense and personal. It also helps that the movie features my favourite actress, Ellen Page (which is 18 at the time, relax).At the end most people i knew couldn't deny it. They rooted for Hayley all along. It kinda feels like these bully-beat-up videos. Revenge might not be morally admirable, but it is oh so sweet.

Are psychopaths real?

Or just another meaningless category to lump various misunderstood people in?

A psychopath is described as someone with superficial, magnetic charm who feels no or very little actual empathy for fellow human beings.

Do you think you know someone like this?

What are some of the must-watch British comedies?

Nobody mentions The Fast Show! It's brilliant!The Fast Show, known as Brilliant in the US, was a BBC comedy sketch show programme that ran from 1994 to 1997, with specials in 2000 and 2014. It was one of the most popular sketch shows of the 1990s in the UK. The show's central performers werePaul Whitehouse, Charlie Higson, Simon Day, Mark Williams, John Thomson, Arabella Weir and Caroline Aherne. Other significant cast members included Paul Shearer, Rhys Thomas, Jeff Harding, Maria McErlane, Eryl Maynard, Colin McFarlane and Donna Ewin.It was loosely structured and relied on character sketches, recurring running gags, and many catchphrases. Its fast-paced "blackout" style set it apart from traditional sketch series because of the number and relative brevity of its sketches; a typical half-hour TV sketch comedy of the period might have consisted of nine or ten major items, with contrived situations and extended setups, whereas the premiere episode of The Fast Show featured twenty-seven sketches in thirty minutes,[2] with some items lasting less than ten seconds and none running longer than three minutes. Its innovative style and presentation influenced many later series such as Little Britain and The Catherine Tate Show.

Are there any foreign (American/British) movies where Russians with Russian accents & lead roles are portrayed as anti-heroes & good guys?

James Bond, Jason Bourne, Mission Impossible and any movie about the Cold War immediately come to mind.James Bond: (And there are oh-so-many)There are too many to name since James Bond has been around since the 1960’s but-From Russia With Love (1963) and Quantum of Solace (2008) may have what you’re looking for. A vast majority of these films deal with Russians as the bad guys however.Jason Bourne:Jason BourneThe Bourne LegacyThe Bourne UltimatumThe Bourne SupremecyThe Bourne Identity(It’s been awhile since I have watched the entire collection, but I know there are Russian spies)Mission Impossible:Mission ImpossibleMission Impossible 2Mission Impossible 3Mission Impossible: Ghost ProtocolMission Impossible: Rogue Nation(again, it’s been awhile….)Another one I can think of would be the movie 2012.I would also suggest doing a search of any movies based on the Cold War or the Russian Mafia as this is likely where you will find most of your references.

In the movie, "Hard Candy" why did he choose death?

The woman was driving to the house because Hayley called her, Hayley says she called her when she is on the roof with Jeff. She says something along the lines of " I called Janelle, told her I was detective Hayley". She did not email Janelle she only threatened to. Much like most of what she did was only threats. She told him (also on the roof) the she would "rip off her clothes and run into Janelle's arms" obviously to prove that Jeff was indeed a pedophile. Not that the evidence wouldn't do that itself but I am just quoting the movie here.
He decided to hang himself because he didn't want Janelle or anyone else to find out what he really was, of course they were going to anyway since Hayley did not clear up any of the evidence after he jumped although she said she would.

On another note (can you tell this is one of my fav films yet?) there is a theory (not mine I read it) that Hayley isn't real at all. She is the guilty part of Jeff's conscious, remember when he is thanking her and stabbing the wall for "showing him who he really is". It was part of him that he kept denying and when he and a friend killed that girl the guilt just built up inside him until he went, well nuts. Anyway it's just a theory I read, I thought it was cool, although I personally believe that Hayley was a real girl, vengeful but still real.

Oh sorry you asked what evidence, I missed that. Ok when Hayley opened the safe under the rocks in the floor there was illegal child porn pics there, they don't show them but she says something like "that's what all those federal laws are for" so you know she is looking at child porn. Plus she looks at the pic of the dead girl and asks "why is she so special, why did she get to keep she clothes on?" Implying the other girls are all naked. And also see above where I said Haley was going to strip and run to Janelle. Sorry I rambled, loved the movie, so I couldn't help it.

What is the name of the movie about a teen boy who has sex with and dates an older woman?

Yes, The Reader has the same plot but there's another one:  Notes on a Scandal. It's a British thriller drama starring Cate Blanchett who portrayed a school teacher that is having a sexual relationship with her 15 year old student. The movie was nominated for 4 Oscars.