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Name Some Winter Sports I Could Do

What are some spring sports I could try?

I play sports all year long except spring.
these are sports I do;

School Volleyball-August, September, October
Club Volleyball-September and November

School Basketball-October, November, December
Competitive Basketball-October, November, December
Club Volleyball-December and January

Our club volleyball team doesn't do winter leagues because everyone but me does school track and can't make practices, so we don't join the spring league, and track is the only spring sport our school from february to march I have no sports.

Competitive Softball-April, May, June, July
Club Volleyball- April-May

Softball is my favorite sport but I can only play that in summer.

Sports that are out:
Soccer (hate soccer)

Track (I don't want to mess up my pitching arm doing Shotput, Javelin, or Discus, and I am not good at long-distance running, and I hate doing sprints for no reason)

Lacrosse- there are no places to get involved around here, I don't live on East Coast

Beach Volleyball-the closest beach is 1000 miles away lol

Cross-Country- I have no endurance

Hockey-again there are no leagues or teams or anything

Tennis and Badminton are fun, but I don't know where there are any leagues or teams.

So are there any other sports I could try (other than martial arts because I hate those)

What sport can I play during the winter?

What sports have training seasons that start during november/october. I am trying to become more active, I am currently a senior in high school. I have never really played sports before. I played tennis for 2 years, but I dont like it. I am a decent athelete. I just never really got into sports for various reasons. I am a quick learner. What sports would you recommened? Where would I sign up for something like it? I would prefer team sports, sports I could do with my friends. like soccer, football, basketball (Not so good at basketball, but I have never really learned how to play correctly, I am a decent shot, but not so good at dribbling?) I am willing to put in the work. Rather not do swimming, track, tennis (things like that)

Compared to people that actually compete in winter Olympic sports? None of them. I’m not world-class at anything, except maybe Microsoft Excel.However, if I were to enter a “winter sports day” that used sports competed at the winter Olympics against some fellow weekend warriors for fun makes for a much more interesting question.I would like to try my hand at speedskating some time, either short or long track. I played hockey for many years and was an avid middle distance runner in high school in both track and cross country. Although, speedskating looks like a serious “puker”, it would be fun to test out.My plan for this year was to take a cross country ski lesson in skate skiing, although my schedule and inconsistent snow conditions have precluded me from that. I used to like to go classic skiing once or twice a week instead of running in the winter, and I think since I know how to skate on ice I could cross over to that. Plus, it looks really fun… also another “puker” sport.Finally, snowboard cross. I enjoy snowboarding and I think the head to head racing aspect makes snowboard cross very cool. I’m not really a freestyle guy, I like going fast and slashing it up more, though I’ll hit the occasional kicker. When I’m older, I would like to do a season on the local master’s division racing circuit of 4–8 snowboard cross races, I think I’d have to be 35 or 40 to be eligible, I’d have to double check.

Some descriptive words for Winter season:arctic,balaclava,bare,barren,extreme,February,fire,fireplace,fireside,firewoodhypothermia,hypothermic,ice,iceberg,ice cap,socks,solstice,sparkling,spiced,stocking,storm,stove and many more

I moved to Portland from Los Angeles.The first few winters were difficult to become accustomed to. COLD. Gray. Gloomy. Even snow.It was so bad my ex husband moved back to So Cal. I stayed because my family was here.Then I learned to ski. My children loved winter sports.I realized winter gloom was part of each persons interpertation. You can hole up with books, a fire in your fireplace and your cat and ride it out. You can get out in the weather-people don’t melt, unlike the Wicked Witch. Or you can ignore rain and just do what you want.After over 40 years here I’m more Oregonian than Californian. When I visit SoCal I find myself saying “You guys need rain”. I miss the constant green that surrounds Portland.I don’t mind winter and it feels just fine.YMMV.

For me, I don’t really do winter sports. I respect the massive amount of work the athletes do to compete for these games and I like the idea of the games - I just do not like the actual winter games. I get cold watching it. Figure skating was a disciplined sport for a long time - but now they don’t skate figures - go figure! To me anything with dancing in its name is art - not sport. Football, hockey, basketball are sports anyone can watch and keep score. Scoring Ice dancing (and some gymnastics) is something only a expert can do and it seems too political and subjective. I do have to say I enjoy the ski related events and the snowboard events, but that is really about it, although Curling is growing on me.

Advantages: During winter, you can catch up on projects you’ve put off because of summer. Bugs die, unwanted exotic creatures don’t thrive (for me, that would be giant flying cockroaches, scorpions, tarantulas, crocodiles, sharks, garden nematodes and more). Vectors of disease don’t thrive either. The soil & water table are refreshed. First snows are beautiful and can light up the night making it magical and entrancing. You could almost believe in fairies. Snow is a blanket and muffles noise, making everything peaceful. The tingly sensation of breathing crisp, snowy air is pleasant. Winter sports can be bracing & since you are dressed for the outdoors, they are very pleasant, unlike in a hot humid summer or climate where doing anything is a sweaty chore. Winter sports, like cross-country skiing and skating, are great exercise. There is no dust in the atmosphere when it snows, the air is pristine and healthy. If you live in the countryside, you can truly feel that you are in virgin territory, imagine that you are the first person to set foot on the continent, seeing everything with fresh eyes. It can also feel lonely, and if you hear a light wind howling high in the trees, it’s even rather eerie.Disadvantages: all the advantages of fresh snow are gone once cars have made a mess of it. Like any season, winter can outstay its welcome. If you don’t like to go out during winter, you will end up with cabin fever. It’s a long time not to enjoy a garden if you like gardening. People in northern climates tend to have deficiencies of Vitamin D, which can cause many health issues.I once wished for a sub-tropical garden & got it, then found out I had to deal with water rationing, black widow spiders, nematodes, scorpions, prickly vegetation, massive amounts of polluted dust in the dry season and mud during the rainy season. I missed the change of seasons, and the winter break from the endless demands of the garden, where I couldn’t anyway grow many of the things I had dreamt of growing! So, winter or no winter, it’s always a matter of being careful what we wish for.

Do you think i could handle a seasonal winter job?

okay, so im 16 yrs old, and a junior in high school.

i worked as a waitress this summer, and then quit before school started.

i take college and a.p. classes in high school and also participate in 2 sports. so my parents did not want me to work during the school year.
however in about a month cross country will be over, and i will be in winter training, where i just run, stretch and go home, i get done sooner than in normal practices, and i do this all the way until march. so i was thinking about working at a department store or something in the winter until january ,as seasonal help to earn a little more you think this is a good idea? or just too much stress?
i dont particularly 'need' the money, but id like to add some more to my savings and just in general buy more stuff for myself.

so.....should i ask my parents and look into some jobs? or just enjoy my break time inbetween sports seasons?

(sorry its long)


if you do think i could/should work, when should i apply? i was thinking early november......

I don't know where you will be specifically.  If it isn't too much trouble I would reccommend going to the Camden Snow Bowl in Camden and doing their toboggan run.  It's quite a lot of fun.  Nordic skiing is one of my favorites for the reason that you don't need to be at a ski area as with alphine skiing or snowboarding.  There are many state/community parks you can go to to nordic ski for free if you have equipment lined up.That being said, I do enjoy snowboarding but it can make for a long day (wake up early, drive to the mountain & all that).  If you are staying at Sunday River, Sugarloaf, or in the close vicinity of any of the smaller ski areas you won't need to deal with those issues.To finish I would say that pond hockey is another favorite of mine.  Although down in Southern Maine it's been unseasonably warm lately so the ponds aren't quite in shape for it but further north there shouldn't be any problems with that.  Obviously be careful when dealing with frozen ponds/lakes.