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Name The Last Movie You Watched

What's the last movie you watched?

Two days ago, I saw a movie on Netflix with my parents. It is an Indian (Hindi) drama film called Secret Superstar, released 2017.This movie is about a 15-year-old girl named Insia, who lives a seemingly normal life with a mom, a dad, her grandma and a little brother in the city of Baroda, India. She is very passionate about music and loves to sing, play the guitar, and write songs; but her aggressive, ultraorthodox father who regularly beats up his wife is against that idea. Her mother gives her a laptop, which was the prize for a singing competition where she never participated. Supported by her classmate Chintan, who is her biggest fan, Insia secretly posts videos of herself performing on YouTube under the account name of “Secret Superstar” with her face hidden by a burka, so her father won’t recognize her. She becomes an Internet sensation, gaining millions of views overnight. She is later contacted by a famous but controversial music producer, Shakti Kumar, in order to record a song. But before she starts a career, Insia must save her mother from her wasteful marriage and help her divorce.It’s a great movie, because not only is the cinematography great, the acting credible and the songs awesome, it also speaks to a lot of issues that are very frequently being addressed today, like gender inequality and domestic abuse. It also praises the bravery of strong mothers.My two favorite parts are (spoiler alert below)When the mom fearlessly stands up to the dad in front of everyone in the airport as they are just about to move to Saudi Arabia. She even quotes a lot of things that Insia once told her, like “everyone has the right to dream”.I also like the part when the winner of the Glamour Awards (which I guess is kind of like the Grammys or Oscars in the movie) right after she steps up to accept the award, she selflessly decides to decline it, saying that her voice and what she has had to go through pales in comparison to the Secret Superstar’s harsh experiences. Insia eventually takes off the burka she wore in her videos in order to reveal her true face, and tells the audience of her rise to fame and her journey to overcome an abusive father.I also love this song from the movie, called “Main Kaun Hoon”. The name translates to “Who am I?”

Last movie you watched?

Last night, at a friend's house, we saw Star Trek Beyond.

What was the last movie you watched at home?

Mulholland Drive (2001) by the brilliant David Lynch.Bondar: No hay banda! There is no band! Il n'est pas de orquestra! This is all... a tape-recording. No hay banda! And yet we hear a band. If we want to hear a clarinette... listen.Bondar: [the sounds responding to his every hand motion] Un trombon "à coulisse". Un trombon "con sordina". Sient le son du trombon in sourdine. Hear le son... and mute it... drop it. It's all recorded. No hay banda! It's all a tape. Il n'est pas de orquestra. It is... an illusion!This last line… is what the movie all about.“After a car wreck on the winding Mulholland Drive renders a woman amnesiac, she and a perky Hollywood-hopeful search for clues and answers across Los Angeles in a twisting venture beyond dreams and reality.” Well, this was rather a bad summary.It’s a movie full of dreamlike sequences. It features an odd feeling of confusion, perhaps even hatred for the odd and cliche like acting of the main characters.A must-watch for every cinema lover.

What was the last movie you watched about and did you enjoy it?

My answer is going to be so obvious that people who know me will have probably predicted it just by seeing the question:Fitoor (by Abhisekh Kapoor)I will try very hard to give my unbiased opinion on the movie as it stars my favourite actress, the beautiful Katrina Kaif.The movie is based on Charles Dickens' classic "Great Expectations" but is really stemmed off Alfonso Cuaron's movie of the same name. It is about a young Kashmiri artist named Noor Nizami (Aditya Roy Kapur) who falls obsessively in love with a mysterious, strangely unattached, ethereally beautiful Firdaus Jaan Naqvi (Katrina Kaif).I know it wasn't a commercial success...blah, blah, blah; but I loved it because of its offbeat, artistic nature, the unconventional casting, the replete symbolism, the excellent cinematography and a beautiful soundtrack.

What movie did you last watch? What did you think of it?

Vicky Cristina Barcelona (2008)Oh goodness, I’ve been on the heaviest movie binge in my life and must have watched more than twenty movies in the last week.This movie is good. It’s not especially special- but it’s good. Very Neo-Woody-Allenesque, very down to earth and with a tiny bit of cinema verite. It didn’t particularly blow my mind, but the particular, overall ambience of Woody Allen movies now affirms him as one of my favourite directors ever. It’s a very beautiful and nuanced movie- definitely worth watching.(And I used to be impartial to Spanish language and culture- but after this and Narcos, I’m all for learning Spanish after Japanese. Damn, that language is beautiful.)But allow me to suggest - not a movie and not the last thing I watched- but I don’t want to do a disservice to humanity by not recommending this.Wolf Hall (2015)This is one of best fucking series I’ve ever watched.It’s slow. It’s a slow burner, with literally very little light.It’s sparing, and mellow in places.And it’s bloody fucking brilliant.I’ve read and completely enjoyed the original novels by Hillary Mantel- her writing is acquired taste- but this show just translates the novel so brilliantly and goes beyond. This is historical drama, not those Borgias or The Tudors or Reign crap.I’m transitioning into the “less drama more meaning” church in movies / TV lately, and this series (plus The Crown) completed my conversion. I’m going to evangelize this series to everyone who will listen for the next few weeks or so, it’s that good.

What is Natalie's last name in the movie "Keith"?

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What is the last movie you have seen in a theatre that you would recommend to others?

Blade Runner 2049Blade Runner 2049 (2017)Being a huge fan of the original, which I saw as a teenager when it came out in 1982, I was shocked, no… outraged that Hollywood would even consider making a sequel / prequel / any film attached to that masterpiece. Nothing could come close, and it would inevitably tarnish it.What I saw in the theatre last month, was pure poetry in motion. BR 2049 is a worthy companion to the original. It raises its own set of phylosophical questions, my favourite one being (as one of the protagonists explains) : “you’re made of four different characters - A G C T - I’m made of two - 1 and 0”. Made me realise how much closer than I thought, an A.I. would be to us, if one thinks only of the mind / soul.I get the feeling this movie flopped in the theatres for the same reason the original one did. Most people expect X-Men or Transformers from anything that’s Science Fiction, and cannot sit still for more than 2 hours.Go see it before it’s taken off the big screens completely, as seeing it on Blu-Ray or DVD cannot compare (unless you’ve got one hell of a screen and sound system!). Don’t wait another 10 years, for it to reach cult status, as did the original.

Which is the last movie you watched in a movie theatre?

The last movie i watched in theater was M.S dhoni : the untold story. This movie was like okay….you can watch it once even if you are dhoni fan. The good and bad thing about movie are given below.BAD THINGSit has very slow story, and if you are not a cricket fan, you may fall asleep while watching it.I dont feel much motivated after seeing it because except some cases like stuart binny every player had gone through same phase as dhoni’s struggle or even worse.(mohd. Shami)They didn’t reveal the three players name in movie.They didnt show much about his captaincy and his effort for team.Helicopter shot everywhere, serioulsy i mean everyone like that shot but showing that shot in after every 5 min.GOOD THINGSDirector took care of everything perfectly from dhoni’s mole below his eye to his same blue colour sherwani in his wedding.Revealing about his late girlfriend priyanka jha.One scene i really like about movie was when dhoni had to make a decision between his railway job or playing cricket. He just listen to his heart and board on the train from which he listen crowd cheering his name dhoni dhoni.Overall if you are a dhoni’s fan go for it. Else watch 3 epsiode of narcos ( worth watching series) ;-)

What movie are you watching right now?

I'm watching The Walking Dead.

Last movie I watched was.. Jurassic Park!

Which movie did you watch recently?

RatsasanA Recent Tamil Psycho Flick which was awesome with a Tight screenplayThanks to a Quora user i don't know his name, he has posted about this movie a month back claiming it was one of the best movie he saw this yearYesterday evening TRUE HD was out so i have download the movie and watchedPlot -Aspiring film director becomes a cop due to family issues at the same time they was series of murders happens in neighbor hood.The entire story revolves around how the rookie cop break the case and catches the culprit because of his obsession towards Psychopaths which he develops due to his film scriptHe is absolutely right saying it was one of the best movie of 2k18The main thing in the movie was the screenplay the viewer thinks about the movie in one direction and be at edge of the seat They are so many U Turns and Twits in this Tale of this SICK PSYCHOPATHBe it Music,Performances,Script,Screenplay anything they had shown at most perfectionIf They Was A Crown For Indian Thriller Movies Than RATSAAN Will Be Definitely A Precious Jewel In That CrownImaikkaa NodigalVeteran Director ANURAG KASHYAP plays the role of a Psycho Killer RUDRAPlot:Anjali a CBI Officer encounters a Psycho killer who targets rich petiole sons and kills them in the same pattern where she encountered the same pattern of killings in the beginning of her careerSo was he back from dead or he is another COPYCAT criminal is what the story about ?It hinges you to the seat till the end of the movie The BGM should have a special mention for this film it was so HauntingThis two films stands top of the list for me this year from Tamil Industry and execution was so perfect admist of Routine blockbuster movies hoping for this type of moviesDay By Day South Indian Film industry was changing its perspective toward execution of movieLong Way To GoVielen Dank, Freunde For ReadingAny Suggestions are Welcomed