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Need A High School Diploma As Soon As Possible Me

Is it possible to get my High school diploma at 19? Will a high school even let me in at 19?

I'm 19 years old, and had a really rough time in high school. I moved around 14 times in a 4 year period and never could stay at the same school. After 10th grade I quit public school and tried a Home school which also couldn't work. Online schools just scammed me, so I just gave up. I'm now 19 and am regretting the give-up, is their any way I can still get a high school diploma and not the G.E.D? PLEASE HELP ME! Much thanks.

Can you get a GED and a high school diploma?

Yes but it's redundant and not necessary. My suggestion… instead go to community college and get your degree. You'll love college. I'll share a secret with you. I dropped out of school at the end of 8th grade. I got a GED at 18. I felt like a loser. They had a graduation. I didn't want to go. I felt embarrassed. A friend encouraged me so I reluctantly went. A young man got up to speak. He started his speech with, “4 years ago I sat right where you are…”. He got my attention at that point. He went on to say he now had a bachelors degree. And I heard nothing else after that. Those two short sentences inspired me. I realized I could erase my GED by getting a college degree. And so I did. In 1994 I managed my way into Florida State University and graduated with a 3.8 Gpa and a degree in Social Work. I vowed to pass on that young man's good deed helping others in go to college. So if you are the one who got the GED be proud and go to college. You will love it. If it is a child or friend go tell them you are proud of them and share this story with them then tell them you believe in them. Getting a GED means you were smart enough to not attend high school and still pass. So move on and don't stop there. Yes I secretly have many moments where I regret not going and wish I could go get a real HS diploma but then I remind myself that it was part of my journey. Had I not gotten a GED I could never have inspired People to go to college and not give up. So there you have it. Sometimes what people do isn't as bad as you think. Sometimes things that don't look good are a stepping stone to greatness. Because I was a High School drop out i went on to become a social worker, Teacher of ESL, A special Education Advocate and a college advisor. :) All the best to You on your journey. Whether this is for you or someone you love, I believe in you. (((Hugs)))

How important is a high school diploma?

With the knowledge that many people will ridicule me for this (I am a teacher). the answer is no. Do you NEED a HS diploma, no. Does it help you and is it a benefit, definitely yes.I have many students who do not have a HS diploma or GED. They are coming back to get them, but they have lived life without them so far. Do realize that employment norms are changing (and have been for many decades) and not having one makes it harder to enter the workforce, but some people have lived without one.If you are wiling to likely be unemployed or employed at a lower salary and live at the mercy of lower job security, you may not need it, but for many jobs it is the gateway. My Brother in Law was within one English paper of graduating HS and got so mad at his teacher that he did not graduate. He works in construction and makes a decent living (probably more than me) but works his butt off in doing so. I have tried to convince him to come to my school and finish his diploma, but he is uninterested as his life has been okay without it so far. Are you willing to work hard enough to bring value to your employer without a HS diploma?If you are truly brilliant in IT, someone will hire you or you will start designing on your own, but that is like stating that if you are truly gifted at basketball that a team will draft you. Those that are truly gifted and self taught are VERY few and far between. The likelihood that you are able to design IT programs to a level that is significantly superior to someone who has a HS diploma or GED (and likely a college degree) is very low, so an employer will be more likely to hire that person than you.I would strongly suggest that you do everything in your power and ability to stay in school and finish your diploma, but your question asked about need, and the answer is no. You can survive without one, but you are unlikely to flourish. Finish up.

Cheap online high school diploma?

at the beginning of my Senior year of high school, i went through a huge depression, and fell so far behind, my parents had me drop out. i want to get an high school diploma as soon as possible online so i can attend college in the fall.. I need help.. i want it to be somewhere that isnt gunna give me a fake diploma, or just take my money.. need it to go off of past credits, so i dont have to do all four years again..

How long will it take me to get my high school diploma in Job Corps?

It depends on a few things (I got mine while at job corps). 1. How many credits do you currently have, 2. How much work you actually do (self paced), and 3. If you have high school all day or only part of the day. Because it's self paced it's possible to get all of your credits and graduate in a matter of months (I graduated in 5 months, didn't have many credits when I entered) but I was constantly on my work because wanted to move on to my vocation. There were people in my class that had been in the class way before me and didn't graduate until after me just because they only did one or two assignments a class or even a week. It really just depends on you.

I'm 19, high school dropout, no GED, can I still go to college?

It is possible to get into some community colleges without a GED (if they offer able-to-benefit testing)

but you won't be able to use FAFSA generated Fin Aid unless you have GED or HS Diploma

so, if you plan to pay out-of-pocket & can find a community college with Able To Benefit, then you can go to school without GED

if you need to use Fin Aid, then you must get your GED

Most community colleges offer GED classes (in many, the classes are free, you just pay for the test)

Heat/AC is a trade that you can learn at a community college and get an associates degree & make decent money without being in the medical field.... same thing with Auto Mechanics

Another option that you should consider is JobCorp... it is perfect for someone like you who needs to get GED & would like to learn trades

Music... unless you already have talent... is not a career that someone without natural talent is going to make any money in... I would suggest you work towards something you already have some knowledge of

Should I get my GED or finish high school?

If you can finish high school, do so. It is easier in the long run. However, I dropped out of high school and earned a GED three years later after passing all of the tests.I was able to get some very good jobs and go on to college. By the way, I never attended community college. I went to Northeastern University and I make six figures now.I only faced one issue with the GED.Years ago I worked for a temp agency. They placed me at Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS). The job there was to create a survey, create a way to report results of the survey, and then conduct the survey.My solution was to develop a database to capture data from the survey. The main form was the survey script which we used to enter data as we spoke to members (people who had BCBS insurance).Leadership at BCBS were very impressed. So much so, they extended my contract and my responsibilities there. The problem came from the temp agency. I received a call one morning from my rep who was furious with me. She said I lied on my application. They did not have a GED Yes/No field under education so I checked off Yes for high school diploma.My rep was threatening to fire me. I explained that a GED was the equivalent (which is what they tell you when you get one) and can produce a copy if needed. My rep refused to acknowledge that a GED is equivalent to a high school diploma.I spoke with my manager at BCBS. He vouched for me and the problem went away. They converted me to full time employee within two months.A lot of people get GEDs. The reasons why people quit school vary. There are options available to everyone for furthering one’s education, and a GED is one of several.That said, there is a stigma that goes along with the GED. If you go this route, my advice is find a way to get a college degree. Some people attend community college to earn the majority of their credits and then transfer to a private college or university. Some people earn their degrees in the community college. Some people join the military to earn their degrees. A minority of GED recipients get a degree abroad (Germany is one of many countries that offer free college tuition).

Is it possible to become an Anesthesiologist without a high school diploma??

It is too early for you to be thinking about what kind of a doctor you want to be. Before you can specialize in anesthesiology (which is one of the most difficult medical specialties) you have to graduate from medical school - there are no majors in medical school - most everybody takes the same general courses so that they can become well trained physicians first, and specialists later.

To get into med school you need to graduate from a good college with a top GPA after taking some of the hardest college courses - chemistry, organic chemistry, biology, physics, calculus. And you must take the MCATs - like SATs only much harder.

To get prepared for these tough college courses you need to take all the math and chemistry you can get in high school. You might not be able to do that in a GED program, so you have put yourself in a tough spot by not finishing a regular high school program.

I don't think it is impossible for you to become a physician, but it is going to be a very tough road. You will need every ounce of determination and intelligence that you can summon up.

Good luck.

How can I graduate early from high school?

Perhaps the most important issue to consider is - what do you want to do after you graduate. If you want to work, you may be too young for numerous jobs. If you want to go to college, consider in which colleges you’re interested, which major and what high school course work would help you for these majors.I graduated high school early, at the end of my junior year, because my situation at home was difficult. My parents were fighting, blamed it on me, and threatened to kick me out of the house. I offered to finish high school a year early, and leave in a few months.However, I really did not take course work that would have helped me in college (I attended Reed college, a tough school).In high school, I had time for only geometry, trig, and algebra 2, but not pre-calc, which I would have taken my senior year. If I’d had pre-calc (or better yet, HS calc - not offered then), it would have been very useful for my college courses.Also, I’d taken biology and chemistry, but not physics. Again, taking HS physics would have made my college course load easier.I did well in high school - in my junior year, I had the top scores, in my school of about 2,000 students, in both the math and English SAT tests, as well as a 5 on my English AP exam. (The only AP course offered at the time in my high school in California in 1969).If you can take courses at a nearby college, you may make friends there with whom you are more compatible. This could help you decide on a college major, and better prepare you for college studies.Good luck!

Can I graduate from high school early?

yeah dude i don't really know why you would want to, but at my HS they let you do that.
Just take all the required courses as early as possible and then that will be all you have to do! but keep in mind if you are thinking about colleges, most of them usually want to see more than just the bare minimum of requirements.