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Need Advice Am I Doing Anything Wrong

Do I have anything wrong with me?

Yup, yet right, never, even paul says so mom, oops, you did get out, now paul is talking to you, and you started it, not I.But as for the rest, Maybe they don't deserve you, you would just make them look bad, anyone with enough confidence to say what you just did in front of the whole world, must be pretty imposing, I wouldn't do it and if you've read my writing you know I'm one cold monster. So, is that it? Are you just that tough?, no one meets your standards, what?I was once like you, and looking back I'm not sure if it wasn't a combination of my not fitting in and seeming to be hard to talk too , I suppose it was, so Now I just sit on this mountain all day and answer questions. Some good questions, in this one, this is a matter for you to fix by moving forward from this action that you have just taken, your next step is hard, and yes you have to do it.You are to go up to another person, preferably a male of your age and ask them:“Is there is anything wrong with me?” you may not understand why you are to do this, but this is what you are to do…This will help you, if you can't do it for yourself, do it because its the thing that must be done. This doesn't mean what you might think it does, odds are you will make a friend, nothing is as disarming as humility. Trust me, I’m helping you.Good luck my little friend

Am I doing something wrong?

well age and time is something that we cant stop it hold it in our control.It is time for you to decide you life apart from goal. No matter you can achieve your goal with your hard work,dedication and commitment . but at the same time you must need some one who can support you , understand you motivate you. guide you share your feelings, happiness, sorrows and also look after your needs, dreams and health .SO you must need to get married. getting girlfriend, enjoying a date is something which is like instant way to fulfill lust and desire for a least time. but in the true way you must find a perfect partner who can trust,love and understand you.So my friend its time to pull your socks and find a partner for you. have a word with family and search for a girl.Am 30 years old and I my self in a dilemma whether I will get married or not .at the same time i am in a relationship with a girl who is 6 years younger than me. we both want to marry each other. but there is a lot of consequence, But still am hoping that I will get married with my beloved

Did I do anything wrong? What does it mean?

The question is have you been hurt in the past? If yes, you are closing yourself to someone who could turn out to be your soulmate. Also, you need to ask yourself do you like him and are you looking for someone to care for you. Sometimes all you need is a leap of faith. Maybe he felt that you don't feel for him what he feels for you, and that he might be investing in the wrong place. You first need to sort out your feelings for him. If you feel nothing for him, this wouldn't have bothered you at all. And if you do feel for him then are you sure he feels for you too. And if yes, is he trustworthy enough for you to take that leap. I hope you sort it all out and get the answers you've been needing from yourself.

Need advice! This girl did me wrong :/?

So ive been talking to this girl, and we would always text and make jokes and all the stuff, she would say ahe loves me and i would say it back, and somedays itll be the other way around where i would say it first (not serious, but in a playing around kind of way) ANYWAYS! as time goes by, im starting to fall for this girl:/ i made it obvious because i asked "are you talking to any other guy in particular" and she told me "no", then she asked the same to me and i said "no". then after we texted for about another 2 days, she started ignoring my texts or calls. i sent her 3 text messages and no reply, i did nothing wrong either to deserve it! i accepted the fact that she probly doesnt like me no more. THEN i see on facebook that she is in a relationship with some guy! >:/
I thought that was shady because she told me she "wasnt talking to any other guy".
Then i deleted her number, unfollowed her on twitter, and unfriended her on facebook.
i need advice on how to move on, because i just started falling for her, and she hurt me.
wasnt it messed up of her to do that?
Was it the right decision to delete all contact of her?
and what should i do so this wouldnt happen again with some other girl?

Am I doing something wrong with my classmates?

I am the only girl in one of my high schools classes (AP Math). It is a very tough class and all the guys in the class offered to help me study and do the problems? I often took them up on the offer. They were VERY HELPFUL.

I thought it was appropriate to somehow tell them thank you. I made cookies and took the cookies and Cokes to class and gave them to the guys. I also gave each guy a kiss and said thank you for your help. Much to my surprise some of the girls at school complained about what I did with their boyfriends.

Do you think I did something wrong? None of the guys complained? If the guys are OK with it and I am OK with it, what is the problem? If the girls continue to complain, I think I will give the guys something they will enjoy more than a kiss. Guys, any suggestions on what that might me.

Am i do anything wrong, my bf is always sweettalking me and telling me how much he loves me and will never?

whoa whoa whoa slow down here your going to make your self go nuts calm down just take a deep breath im a guy i dont exactly like it when my girl hangs wit my guy freinds either cuz i already lost one girl to a guy freind of mine but for me im the zombie and shes the rocket so i say just be patient stop letting what he does tick u why waste time worring over that if u love him that wont matter and if u loved him u wouldnt get mad over a lil thing like that also i really ahte to say this but it your first relastionship but it wont be your last youll beak up and fall in love agian and it will be sweetter everytime until u find ur mr right but try not to get angery with him if he is really trying you might hurt him with out knowing itand u wouldnt want that so my advice is talk to him and tell him whats wrong then hell undeerstand and then hellunderstand when it happens and he can loving care for u untill u are able to get out of it hey wheres that smile? you mesed up once keep rowing!!!cheer up!!! life will work out!!give the guy u love you all and i pray that that will make you both happy!!! good luck! and givem your all !!!

I need some advice. Did I do wrong in breaking up with my girlfriend?

My girlfriend is preparing for NEET, for the second time. First time, she wasn't satisfied obviously. And, when she was writing her NEET exams for the first time, we weren't even talking to each other. It was during the holidays after all the exams, that we started to talk on WhatsApp. Her results weren't out yet. We both liked talking to each other, and did a lot of that.Her results were out, she ranked88,354/88,355 in NEET (What the fuck Snoopy? You don't even remember your rank, lol)Again, exact number, she does not fucking remember it XD XD 10.4k something in Karnataka CET. She says, who keeps such big numbers in memory, has a point.Fucked up numbers, that's the point.She clearly did not stand a chance to get the medical seat, which she wanted.We were speaking, and she liked it how I did not make it a drama whenever ​we spoke about her rank, others did, and I think that's why she liked me more from then.Now comes the bomb, her mom threw at her (Thanks Amma! You helped it, somehow, really)She's going to Bangalore (we stay in Hubli, *one-night journey in bus* away from Bangalore) to prepare once again for NEET exams, in hopes of finding a better coaching centre. She finds one - Allen Coaching Institute.We were sad about her going to Bangalore, which meant no more talking on WhatsApp, as she was not going to be using her smartphone until her exams get over (when in Bangalore)When I first felt there's something better than just liking to talk each other was when she decided not stop texting me, and only me. This continues, and later things got obvious, and now we are together since then. What's my point? It's not about time/phase of your life, based upon which you decide whether or not to be with your partner, both need each other always, especially at such times she needs you, so do you.No one is doing a favour here in your case, you're not helping her by breaking up. You are not a disturbance to her. To be honest, you could've been the sole reason she scores very well. Show her love, it'll help her to the greatest extent possible. Pour the strength into her, she can't be thinking about whether or not this break-up was right? I repeat, you need not be a disturbance, you are NOT.I am no love-guru, just a boyfriend to my girlfriend, who thinks what you did was wrong, correct it, and prepare together for this fight, don't let her do this alone.All the best! This is not a big deal for anyone :-)

Did I do something wrong?

You did wrong to her by intentionally hurting her feelings. This is only compounded by the fact that she was your best friend. You could have told her about you not wanting to reciprocate her feelings towards yourself but instead you went on to hurt another. This will have repercussions later on. Karma is a bitch. Time is still not late, try making up for all your follies and apologise sincerely. You can still remain good friends hopefully.Also remember you scar another by your selfishness.