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Need Advice And Suggestions On A Situation With My Friend

Sticky Situation about Best man...Need Advice.?

My fiancee and I are exicited about our aug 2008 wedding but we do have a sticky situation. We have decided to have 5 groomsmen including best man and 5 bridemaids uncluding the maid of honor..My fiancee Edwin is from russia and has a Best friend named JR...that he first meet when he came to america...The problem is JR is 17, 5 years younger then Edwin, and Edwin and I both feel JR is too immature to play the role and take responsibility of the Best Man. Edwin has another great friend ,Stan who will take the role of BestMan. Stan is older and alot more mature....THE MAJOR ISSUE> JR thinks and expects he is going to be the best man. How does Edwin tell him that he is not going to be the best man without causing major problems? Jr is still going to be a groomsmen.

What is the difference between suggestion and advice?

Advice is something that must be followed strictly by one. If you ignore one’s Advice, you may get some harms.For Example : A doctor gives you advice not to take a medicine without eating anything before it otherwise medicine can do some side effects on you. This is called an Advice.Suggestion is what, that is generally given in a friendly way. It is upto you to follow that suggestion or not. It doesn’t make any harm to you.For Example : Your friend suggests you “let’s watch a movie instead of playing cricket.” You can accept this or you can ignore this. It's not going to make any harm to you. Simply, it doesn't need to be followed strictly.

Tough friend situation? Can someone plz give advice?

Hi, friend (age 13) told me that she had *** with her boyfriend last week, and it wasn't for the first time. (It was a mutual decision to do so and they used protection. Her bf is 13 too) She is known as a sl*t now and hangs out with lots of guys..I don't want to be a part of this! My mom would'n't let me hang out wiht her if she found out. I don't know if I want to hang out with her anymore either. We don't hang out that much anyway...we've hung out maybe only 3 times this summer and we've both been home all summer. And one of those was at someones party. We talk all the time on faceobok. Ever since shes had her boyfrined we've kinda been growing a part. Is it time to end the friendship? If so, how? I'm not a mean person and I have never ended a friendship before!! If not, what do I do???? Plz no hate. I'm just trying to protect myself.

I really appreciate it, thanks :)

I have a friend who constantly asks for advice. How can I get the message across that it's becoming annoying without hurting her feelings?

Sometimes, it's because the person was excessively sheltered or neglected growing up. If your friend grew up in such circumstances you have to decide if you are up for giving her a crash course on independence or if you need to take a pass. If you cannot honestly rise to the task, take that pass. Sometimes, it's simply attention-seeking behavior on her behalf, or, a tendency to be a life coach on your behalf. Either way leads to the same result. You find yourself managing two lives...Yours and hers. Yours will be the one short-changed. To head her off, start asking her to come up with suggestions to fix her problems on her own. Show her how and where to access resources that will provide her with knowledge and means to fix said issues. Start small and simple. Show her how to fix a problem and encourage her to take real measures to fix it herself next time. If she bugs you, you can always be unavailable. If she's really in a bad way, help her, but act impersonally and do the minimum amount of work you realistically can. When she makes real efforts to solve her own problems, and especially, if she succeeds at fixing them solo, be genuinely happy for her and give her encouragement and praise. If you are the problem, you'll know because when she goes solo, you'll be haunted by an unshakable sense of dissatisfaction no matter how much or how well she accomplishes her steps to independence. You'll find yourself finding ways to continue your supervisory role. If you find yourself feeling this way now or down the road, it should be you who seeks *professional* advice from a *qualified* therapist.

In a unrequited love situation with best friend and roommate. Need help. Open to suggestions.?

Hey guys. So I'm stuck in probably a very common situation. I'm in a unrequited love situation with my best friend and roommate. At the moment we are both picking up the piece from our own divorces and we are helping each out financially.

I have told him how I feel about him and he has clearly stated that he's simply not attracted to me in that manner and he simply doesn't find my ethnicity attractive. Mentally I understand his position and I respect him for it.

However because we need each other to survive at the moment I was wondering if it would be wise to just avoid him in my own home as much as possible. Nothing rude but for most part lock myself in my room and only leave when I need to in order to avoid contact with him. We really really enjoy each others company, respect and trust each other but these emotions is really making the experience a very miserable on for me.

I feel very stupid for falling for him but i'm trying to figure out how to turn it off. Especially when he brings other girls home. Is really feels like a stab straight to the heart and now I'm starting to suffer from depression, anxiety and struggling with my appetite.

I'm not mad since I understand that "no one is entitled to any bodies affection". But I'm desperately trying to get pass this, but can't move away for the time being. I'm open to any suggestions.

thank you for reading this

My husband's friend is HOT! need some advice.?

i have this situation. my husband has this friend, he is from Brazil, and he left for the winter, and came for spring semester. Before i didn't think much of him, but out of nowhere he is just...HOT! anyways, my husband, him and i went out to the movies. later on in the nigth, before the movie started, my husband went to the bathroom. then my husband friend turn to me and asked me "do you have feelings for me?" i didn't say anything. my questions to you guys "what the hell did that mean?"
i made sure i wasn't checkn him out cause my husband was around.
i find the guy attractive, but i don't have those type of feelings for him. i was just more consern about what he meant, because he is a good family friend, and i don' t want it become ackward whenever he comes around

I had drunk sex with my childhood friend and need advice on what to tell him when he wakes up?

Hello, I am a 23 year old male from Ireland and I would like some advice on how to handle a pretty crazy situation that involves my childhood friend (he is 21). Due to our mother's being such great friends, my friend and I pretty much grew up as if we were siblings. Our mother's always used to joke about us being inseparable and it stayed that way up until they left for the United States when he was 17. The last time I saw him was at the airport when we were saying goodbye. After that we kind of drifted apart and never really spoke. I don't really know why. Well last week I got a message from him on Facebook, asking if he could come visit me since he would be up in Ireland for 3 weeks visiting family and naturally I agreed to it. Well, last night we got together for some drinks and to catch up and I don't know if it was because of the alcohol or if the feelings/message got messed up somewhere along the line, but the night ended with us having sex. I knew he was gay and I am pretty fluid when it comes to seeing people, but I didn't really think I would be having sex with my childhood friend and I can't help but feel like I took advantage of him. I mean he told me he wanted it and we both agreed to it, but at the same time, we were pretty drunk. It's early morning now, he is still asleep in my bed and I have no idea what to do when he wakes up, or how he is going to react. I am kind of freaking and need some advice on how to deal with this situation.

LADIES! my female friend is acting weird need advice?

Sounds like she is in love.....with YOU