Need Friend Advice . Desperately


I am 30 years old and dating a 24 year old. I work as a stripper. He has a professional job and a good education. I dropped out of school at 16 with no qualifications.

He meets me only at weekends and never takes me out in the town where he is from. I saw on Facebook that his best friend wrote "Are you spending the weekend with that one for your birthday LOL". Do you think they are laughing at me?

I found out also that my boyfriend has been contacting his ex and saying he is not dating anyone and that he eventually wants her back once she has finished her Masters. He felt neglected when he was dating her because she had no time for him due to her studies and work. Why do you think he lied to her and said he was not dating anyone?

He never gets jealous of my job or men looking at me and doesn't come to visit me much. With his ex he wanted to spend all of his time with her and was jealous if a guy chatted her up.

Should I continue to date him? Do you think he loves me? We have been together 5 months and he did take me on a holiday once.

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Nude pics ruined friendship, need some advice desperately?

okay well my friend was really close to me, we werent dating(he wanted to, i didnt because i have absolutely no desire for a boyfriend) we always ended up talking about sex. why, well he was a horny teenage boy and they talk about sex a lot. but that is besides the point, what matters is the really really stupid thing we did (no it wasnt sex) but we did send nude pics, there were no faces or weird poses (dont judge me,i only did it because that's the type of person i am) im not a whore, far from it. im probably more virgin then most virgins are (never been on a date, never kissed a guy). i can talk about sex but there is no way i have the guts to actually do it, or anything like it. the problem now is that ever since the day we sent them to eachother our friendship has plummeted. and i mean crash, burn, and then burn some more. he wont talk to me ever, he is kinda a dick to me now, and just avoids me. i have absolutely no idea what happened. im not good with any type of relationships from family to friends to couples i just cant do relationships and now i think i just ruined the one i had with my best friend. help someone please. this seriously sucks. how do i get him to talk to me again, and what happened to ruin this in the first place. i know the pics were a part of it but how? does he hate me now? he wont tell me even if i ask him like i said he avoids me and also we are not in love( at least i dont think we are). considering we have never talked about those kinds of feelings. we were just friends until a few weeks ago. when we become nothing to each other. smart relationship people help me.

How can I keep from being desperate to have friends?

see if you are saying this it might be only because of two reasons either you have had bad freindship experience or you are living under a rock..Anyhow there  is always choice of being friends with the one who are like you and who complement you no need to be friends with thousands whom you repel be friends with one whom you attract friend life is too long without the sweetest relationship are missing out a lot if you havent experienced friendship you havent experienced the most truest thing in life.....I would only say you that try opening up to people who accept you as you are try looking for them there is always be someone who wud be of ur league...dont give up on friendship and true friends will not give up on you.......................

What advice would you give for desperate, lonely men who feel like they will never find a woman? I am 23.

You’re 23. You are twenty three. 20 3. 23!First things first, you're still young. You quite honestly have so many more years to find someone. I know people who have found true love at the age of 50 for goodness sake.Secondly you said ‘Men who feel like they will never find a woman”. Emphasis on the word ‘Feel’. Its a feeling, that doesn't make it reality. For example, one might feel as if they can fly. Can you actually fly though? No you cant. Its just a feeling. (probably not the best way to explain but its late and i’m tired so deal with it)Thirdly, you clearly understand that you are in fact very lonely. Question is, despite knowing this, what have you done to fix it? What have you done to make yourself less lonely? Have you gone out and socialised with other specimens or have you sat at home locked in your bedroom staring at the wall letting the loneliness take over?You’re hardly desperate. If you were you wouldn't be asking for advice on this. You’d be out chasing after people. However, you are here, on Quora asking people for advice. That’s pretty self explanatory if you think about it.I think you should go out, engage in some ridiculous social activity people do nowadays (that does NOT mean drugs) and just have fun. Keep smiling and stay positive. You’ll find someone who loves that desperate lonely young man, and will hopefully change it to a not so desperate and lonely young man.(I might sound like a cranky old woman but i’m not. I’m only 18)

Should money be lent to a friend in desperate need?

I have to agree with Leonard Kim - it is better to give the money than lend it. I once borrowed money from someone who was my best friend at the time. I then let my sense of obligation skew my perception of other things going on in our friendship and I did a lot to undermine the friendship. It took me twenty years to set things right and regain the friendship. I have also lent a considerable amount of money to a couple who were friends of my wife. I finally turned off the tap, because it became obvious that they were never going to repay. They took a similar tact with others in the community and finally left when no one was willing to 'help' them any more. The wife actually had the audacity to once say over dinner to us that their dream was to move to a community where they would be adopted by an older couple and looked after.

Aries woman desperately needs advice with a Capricorn man...Warning: It's kind of long so please be patient!?

You two are not compatible. It's pretty apparent from all indications that he is not trying to make you jealous. He's moved on.

Hon, Aries and Capricorn just are NOT compatible, and you are already seeing how this works out ... it's not like either of you committed some heinous crime against the other ... just little things here and there between the two of you. Between two people who were compatible, these little things would mean nothing. But when two people are not compatible, they each grate on each other the wrong way, so even little things become "big" things.

Even before things took a turn for the "worse", you were noticing his "cold and unapproachable" behavior ... that should have been a warning that you two were not a good match. Cap + Aries? It only gets worse from here on in, so do whatever it takes to let go of him inside your head and heart, while on the outside you treat him in a friendly, but distant, way. Either that, or you will have to go find another job.

Friendzone Advice!!?


Kind of a long story... I'm in college now and I have known this girl for about 5 years and have just recently gained feelings for her at the beginning of the summer. For backstory she used to date one of my bestfriends 3 years ago but I had no feelings for her at this time. When I first met her she tried to hook up with me in a back of a cab but I didn't do it because I know that my friend really liked her at the time. Since then she broke up with my friend but me and her still hangout. Problem is I think that one of my other friends also have feelings for her now too. He is the one that is completely in the friend zoned. I even asked her and she told me that her and him are only friends even though they hangout out multiple times a week. Now recently me and her have become slightly more intimate she's cried too me all night, even becoming more flirtatious. However we still talk about people who me and her are both dating on the side, so im not sure if she's into me. I joke around and call her my wingwomen...She hits me up at least once a week to chill, I don't text first because I don't like to show her that I'm needy. But I feel that I'm falling too much into the friendzone... So what should I do to get out of this situation????

Friendship/friendzone/getting out advice DESPERATELY needed?

Got friendzoned by my girl best friend (she knows i like her but she doesnt feel the same way about me) and its hard to be her best friend while she goes for other guys, its torture and i cant take it. So about 5 days ago, we had an argument which was a bit her fault, and i overreacted and created a whole lot of drama on purpose so i could use it as an excuse to not be friends with her anymore (rather crash and burn out of the friendzone than stay in it) and it worked, we stopped being best friends.

Anyways, we havent spoken in 5 days, but Im sure she is gonna ask me to be her friend again, cause we were really close. Question is, how do i reject her if she does ask me to be her best friend again? Should i tell her directly, plain and simple, that I am not interested in being her best friend? (easy but last time i tried this, she almost cried) or should i avoid the question and tell her that im busy etc and make up bullshit excuses until she gets the real message? which method would hurt her the less?

PS i know i pulled a dick move the via the argument overreaction but I didnt have a choice

Need advice on a friend who constantly excludes me?

So i've been friends with this girl since i was 5 (call her A) and over the past year and a half I fell out with another girl, B. What happened after that was that despite every effort I made to stay friends with them, (small town, couldn't really meet new friends) they'd constantly exclude me. B was the ring leader/queen b and A never had any backbone to stand up and say no. My birthday was last weekend and A left to go on holidays the day before, B was on holidays during it too. I hate B, she made my life hell the past year and when college starts I intend to cut her out of my life completely.

I have 2 other friends, one, E, who has her own group of friends, and whenever we hang out it's usually just the two of us as our friend groups don't overlap. And another friend, F, who I get on great with but her mother is extremely controlling and rarely allows her to go out and socialise. Needless to say, F wasn't allowed out for my birthday so I spent my 18th out for a meal with my family. (Pretty depressing, ya?)

I got a text from A at around 3.30 am the night of my bday asking me if I'd gone out. This upset me as she knew F wasn't allowed and sent the text to rub in the fact that she was out on holidays, and I was alone. She had previously promised that as soon as she returned from her holidays, we would go out and celebrate my bday together.

I hadn't heard from her and knew she'd returned, and was eager to go out tonight so I text her yesterday asking to give me a call when she had the chance (I had no credit and she had free calls). She responded saying she'd been thinking of calling me, asked me when I intended to go out for my birthday, and that she'd ring in an hour or so. She never rang.. and I've just seen pictures on FB of her, and the girl we've both known since primary school, S, out in the neighboring town together with S's friends. This had obviously happened since they returned from their holidays, and I've known both S and A since for 13 years, I feel the least they could have done was invite me too.

She still hasn't called and I feel so angry and upset that I don't want to call her either. Why is she treating me like this? It's all done on purpose to make me feel pathetic and alone (p. sure she's jealous of me). Do I ignore it completely? I've confronted her several times before and she never ever bothers explaining, she basically doesn't give a f.

I need someone to lean on and desperately need help moving on?

When I graduated from elementary school, I made a rash decision to study abroad. I didn't realize the consequences of my actions, such as losing contact with my friends and loved ones. Over time, my friendships with all my childhood friends crumbled and vanished. My dad ended up dying from an illness and my childhood home was sold along with our personal belongings while I was away.

I can't sleep at night. Every day I go through life like I'm just waiting to die. I've yearned for so long to go back to the past, back to the days when I had so many friends by my side. I miss everyone: family, friends, my first love. I want to go back to how things used to be because now I don't hear from anyone anymore. I don't have any friends in this new life. I'm unhappy and I can't let go.

Can someone give me advice on how to let go of the past and move on? I want to talk to everyone I love and cherish so badly but I know it's too late. I know because of this distance and time that I can't repair any of these relationships to how they were back then. I desperately need advice, or at least someone to talk to and make me feel like I'm not alone.