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Need Help Figuring Out My Ailment

What kind of ailments can be cured by hypnotism?

Not sure I’d use the word cured, though many people are able to get relief from challenges in their life through experiencing hypnosis.I have had clients move past issues such as fears, phobias, anxiety, stress, insomnia, pain in the body, IBS, asthma, allergies…. the list goes on and on.The mind is powerful and when certain things happen in our lives, the mind will often manifest issues in the body. For example, PAIN is a message from your body that you need to figure out something, you need to PAY ATTENTION to your body. Once you get it, understand the problem, there is a chance we can move past the discomfort.This question is so general in nature it is difficult to provide an answer without writing a book on all the benefits of hypnosis. It’s actually easier to talk about a specific issue that you are having instead of rambling on and on about this and that. For this reason the first thing I ask my clients at the first session, even if I already asked them on the phone, is:How can I help you?This way I can help them understand the possibilities for positive change in their lives based on their specific situation. With that in mind….How can I help you?

HELP!!! I'm doing a genetic assignment for my Anthropology class, and I'm so lost.?

Probably the best resource for you to learn about and use is the "On-line Medelian Inheritance in Man" database. This is part of the National Library of Medicine of the NIH. Its website is: If you go to that site and inter the name of the disease, you'll find a ton of information about the condition, the affected gene, the position of the gene in the genome and on and on.

The HTX1 gene is located on the long arm of the X-chromosome, and the disease seems to be an X-linked recessive condition.

I'd be happy to help you figure out anything that you need help with. Just message me through here.

How do I find out if my house/room needs an air purifier?

It’s very simple, to know if you require an air purifier for your home, you can get an air quality check. There are a number of companies that provide this service, you can find them on Google. I read about one of them called Home Air Check - Indoor air quality test for healthy air.According to Environmental Protection Agency, indoor air is more harmful than outdoor air. It is said that 80% of our homes have poor quality air. Also, chemicals emanated by these products can cause illnesses and breathing troubles. Besides pollutants and contaminants, these companies also check for mold and formaldehyde in our home.If any of your family members are frequently being troubled by ailments like, cold, cough and respiratory problems. Then too, it would be a sign that you need to get your house tested for air quality. Other reasons are if any of your family member is asthamatic or is suffering from any other respiratory ailment, air purifier is a must for your home. One more reason is smoking, smoking leads to bad odor and smoke in your homes, which should be monitored by an air purifier readily before it harms others.After you are done with these air-quality tests, I would recommend you to buy the latest air purifier in market, meaning air purifier having the latest technology. Go for a trusted and reliable brand like Livpure. I have heard from my colleagues who have these installed that Livpure air purifiers are effective in clearing impure air.

Urgent! My fish is dieing! SOS!!!?

my female guppy is all fuzzy, it's scales look like they are spiked up. She is keep on sinking to the ground. They are so poor... They don't seem like they are sick. Is it a breeding problem?

My cat is sick, but the vet can't figure out what's wrong. What do you think?

You don't say how old your cat is, or whether he goes outdoors or not. Basic bloodwork tells you about 30 diseases that your cat doesn't have and an exam tells you 30 more, but that leaves another 1000 diseases he could still have. What about doing an x ray and ultrasound, and maybe endoscopy of his stomach and upper intestines? Cats can have stomach/intestinal parasites, cancer, bacterial infections, heartworms, pancreatitis, peritonitis, infectious leukemia, infectious peritonitis, foreign bodies in the stomach or gut, have eaten something poisonous, , esophageal irritation or tear, and a jillion other things that won't show up on routine bloodwork. X rays, ultrasound, and gastrointestinal endoscopy will help rule in or out some of these other diseases, as will other bloodwork to detect specific diseases. It would be good to keep him hospitalized too, to put an IV in him and keep the fluids going and give him antinausea medicine by injection. His chances of doing well will improve if you can let her keep him there and treat him and run more tests.

Have you ever had a chronic ailment that got worse than it should have due to the unwillingess of your doctor to test for it?

Absolutely! I have had problems that were not taken seriously for a while until it became a crisis. Do not stop trying to figure out what is wrong. If you do not get an answer from your dr, ask for a referral to a specialist. Ask if there are tests that you might find out what is wrong. Look on Google and find out some of the things it might be and find another doctor if you have to. It is your life! You need to have a bold voice to ask for help. If your doctor is unwilling to help you, you might need to find another doctor.

I suffer from multiple minor ailments & don't find life worth living. I'm not in depression but I'm frustrated. Can you help me get rid of negativity?

Obesity, hairfall, decaying teeth, and pain in the knees mostly suggests an unhealthy diet. I don't think there's any reason you should feel frustrated. I think all you need to do is start eating a bit more healthy.The basic rule for healthy eating is to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, cut down on carbs (especially in the night), and eat more protein. Having a good diet can definitely help kickstart your weightloss which will help with your skin, hairfall, and the pain in your knees. Along with that you should start doing exercises if not intense gymming.You're feeling frustrated with yourself because you want to bring a change (from what I can tell) but you don't know how. Motivate yourself to take control of your life, remove fried foods, foods doused in butter and cheese, and added sugar from your diet. Focus more on fresh foods and drink at least two liters of water a day, that will definitely help clear your skin and help you lose weight.As for your decaying teeth, visit a dentist and see what he has to say. You might need to improve your dental hygiene. Along with that, get a blood test done to see if you have any thyroid problems. If you're not satisfied with your doctors, change them and get a second or third opinion. Along with that, do some research online and try to understand what's going on with your body.

What are your hobbies that helped you in life?

Writing and here is why:My English teacher told me that I would amount to nothing, I took 2 hours to complete a simple assignment and would constantly be told how bad I was at writing.However, despite everything I wanted to keep doing it, I loved it so much. Taking it up as a hobby meant that I was having a great deal of fun with, while academically I was only pulling a passing grade in English (barely) on the hobby front I was constantly growing.I wrote about anything and everything, infact I even had a notebook detailing the lives of Jennifer Aniston and the divorce, like a true E news reporter! I was probably 12 then.There is no judgement when its a hobby, it usually starts of as fun, which was amazing!Soon enough this hobby went into becoming passion and passion into a side hustle.I started my blog.The girl with potential inspired by my teachers who kept saying I had this thing called potential. A truthful quirky tales by myself and people seem to love it!Now, managing the blog for over 7 years I am on my way to make my own website, I write for many magazines and companies here in Nepal and I have helped many people start their journey into blogging by having training session on how to storytell.If it were not for this hobby I would still be figuring out what I wanted to do with my life. Now, I get paid to write, share my knowledge and all because of consistent writing.

My husbands sister just finished treatment for breast cancer, she is 42. I know for sure that her ailment was?

Your husband and kids have exactly the same risk of developing cancer as they did before his sister was diagnosed.

Since you "know for sure" that she caused her own cancer with her diet, perhaps you should be heading some huge team solving the problem, since researchers who have studied breast cancer for decades don't even know as much as you do!

Or perhaps you ought to consider how much harm you can do by publicly blaming people for their cancers, and think about what you can do to help her and her family.

The majority of breast cancer patients are women whose family has no history of breast cancer. Since there are many types of b.c., you'd have to know more than just that she was diagnosed to figure out if there is a genetic predisposition in your husband's family. However, if you "know for sure" that it's her diet that caused it, why are you worried?