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Need Help For My Beagle.

My beagle's a lazy bum. What can I do to help him exercise more?

i let my doggy sniff and mouth a treat, and run away, my doggy always chases me, or tie a treat to a piece of string and tie it to a chair, (but not too high!) and she will jump for it! i hope, take her on walks and dont give her too much treats, if you think that she is laying down because she is getting sick, go to a vet.

My beagle has sores.....????

If the sores are round, about the size of a dime, and have a scab on them, they are probably 'hot spots'. My 3 year old gets them periodically during spring, summer & fall. No known cause. I spent money on 'hot spot' stuff and none of it worked. My groomer told me to shave the area, clean it with peroxide and a cotton ball and apply Bag Balm. Bag Balm is cheap at any drug store and lasts forever. Repeat several times a day for a few days and it'll disappear.

How much should i feed my 6 week old beagle??? ?

Aww that's too bad.. He should have stayed with the breeder for at least another couple of weeks. Feed him what the breeder suggests if they are talking to you. If not then you should read the side of the dog food bag. Divide it up into 3 equal meals and feed him 3 times a day.
Don't forget to get vaccinations and worming done.

Please help my fat beagle!?

he is 5 years old. He weighs 55 pounds. We've been feeding him daily for the last 4 months. He eats 1/2 green beans (unsalted) and 1 cup of dry food (PURINA lamb and rice) 5 days out of the week he gets green beans the other 2 days he has 2 1/2 cups of dry food. for treats he eats raw hides. We walk him 20-25 mins a day. once every 2 weeks goes for a 1 hour walks. and he i starting to limp on his right front leg. (We give him no table scraps)

My Beagle gets car sick, please help.?

My beagle is 6 months old and everytime we take him anywhere in the car he gets really sick, he either throws up or pees in the car, he salivates a lot but he does that as soon as he sees the car, doesn't even need to be in it. He cries gets dizzy and just has a horrible time. Now you may say don't take him out in the car but both my husband and i work, we live in a city that is not condusive to walking and socializing our beagle is important to us. Do any of you have any tips or techniques that have worked for you and that can help our family.

How can I help a beagle who howls every time someone leaves the house? It also appears that she may have been abused because if anyone lifts their hands too quickly she cowers. I want to help her and make her part of my family but can't like this.

Excellent Question!Beagles are really an ancient breed. They are similar to the Basenji, (bark less dogs) also from the African Continent.They come from Northern Africa, and were taken back to the British Isles during the Crusades. Beagles are the second greatest scenting dog in the world. The only dog better at scenting is the Blood Hound (Blooded Hound). A Beagles sense of smell is so acute, the can smell a single ant under a couch!Working with the Beagle breed takes patience and understanding. The Beagle is a very pack oriented dog. What this means is that the Beagle, even though a relatively small dog, (25–40 lbs.) requires a very confident pack leader.Once a Beagle settles into a pack, whether human or dog, (or both) they will get very upset and vocal when the pack separates. They are also very alert to intruders into the pack territory. A Beagle can be very vocal. Their natural voice is somewhere between a howl and a high pitched bark. When they want something from you, they also have a little chirp that other dogs do not have.If you have a Beagle, the rewards of owning one can be very great. But if the Beagle dog you have has been abused, the dog will need rehabilitation.Rehabilitation is done through Obedience training. Even though this seems counter intuitive, I have done this method myself for many abused dogs.Obedience Training is successful by guiding the dog into a new life, putting them to work, exercising the mind and not just the body, and building a strong bond between the owner and the dog.I would strongly advise that you contact an American Kennel Club Trainer in your area. Start here. American Kennel ClubNOTE: It is very important that you put the dog on a leash, even in the house. DO NOT crate the dog to control behavior!Beagle Dog

How do I get my Beagle to gain some weight??

My 2 1/2 yr old beagle, Sophie, is probably one of the only beagles with this problem! I recently had a baby and had to leave her outside for longer than she was used to (she's a house dog) and I think she must have gotten depressed and lost weight. She's now in the house and eating as usual but it doesn't seem to coming back on. I feed her dry dog food and always have her bowl full. Thanks for your help!

Need a Vet's opinion! Please HELP! Beagle swallowed ear plugs.?

My 2 year old beagle went into my parents room to hide her bone under their sheets. After hiding the bone, she must have found my dad's ear buds and swallowed them. I rushed her to the vet, and they took x-rays of her stomach. They claimed they saw the ear buds or possibly it was a bone, they weren't exactly sure. Anyways, they said they'd have to cut open her entire stomach and the surgery would cost $2000. Not to mention it isn't 100% success rate either.

My beagle is laying next to me on the couch right now, but she pukes if she tries to eat. Is there anything I can feed her to help break down the ear buds in her system? My dad is going to put her down Monday if she doesn't start eating properly.

Any advice?! Please help! I know what the vets told me, but I'm not giving up hope.

What are reasons not to get a beagle?

Don't get a beagle if you aren't patient and willing to invest a lot of time and energy into your pet. This is true for all dogs, but for beagles especially.Mine has actually never been that loud, which is why we've had no problems living in an apartment, but he's unusual for a beagle in that way. When he does bark or make noise, it's distinctive enough that it's obvious who is making the noise.Beagles are high energy, so don't get one unless you're active and willing to take your dog places. They need frequent “field trips” outdoors and to new places so they can really exercise their fabulous noses. I've had many breeds of dog, and none have been as active as my beagle. At eight years old, he still seems young and likes to run every day.Beagles need lots of companionship and affection, so don't get one unless you're prepared to provide it. Mine is constantly at my feet and he expects to be petted if I sit down for even a moment. They are persistent, too. They'll knock your phone right out of your hand if they aren’t getting enough attention.Beagles hate to be confined and are notorious escape artists. It takes a good bit of work to leash train them, and if they have even a moment of freedom, they are prone to run. They will find a way to get anywhere they want--mine can unlock and open the car door, and he recently stole an entire turkey breast off the top of the stove. Never leave one locked up in a room, because they'll find a way out or destroy it trying.Beagles are smart dogs, sometimes smarter than their owners. If you want a dog that's compliant and easy to train, this is not the breed for you. If you want a dog that's easy to keep confined and that doesn't pull on the leash, who doesn't wear you out and demand attention, this is not the breed for you. If you want a dog who isn't determined to make new friends with every person in your neighborhood, whether they want to be friends or not, this isn't the dog for you.