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Need Help If I Can Get Your Input .

Need your input on college?

You could do both? Go get you CDL and work there for a year until you can get into the nursing program, just tell the company it is temporary, and if you decide you want to do that for a bit longer you can do that. If you think you will enjoy the oil rigging then try it out, if you decide you don't like it then no big deal, go for nursing next year. If you don't want to do that, which I think is the best option, decide which you'd like more: which will challenge you, which you won't get bored with, and which one you can make a living off of for a part of your life. List the positives of each job, then list the negatives of each; if they are even decide which positives you like the most, then look at the negatives and decide if they are worth it. I'd say get your CDL and work there until you can get into your nursing program though. Good luck!

Help me girls please i need your input?

This is a mouthful but I hope the yahoo community can help me. So I started liking this girl in 8th grade, attempted to ask her out but she ran away (pitiful right?) Ok now there is a twist. In our school we had an eighth grade dance. I didnt go, and neither did she. However we were talkingabout it on facebook and she told me if I asked her, she would've said yes (agony) . Now in highschool, I asked her to homecoming and she said she wasn't going. So technically she didn't say no. Now she teases me and bumps into me(flirtatiously) and when i hug her from behind, she's completely ok with it. I think i hugged her 7-8 times today. I also sent her an email on valentine's day asking her to be my valentine, but i was kinda joking/half assing because i knew she would say no. Well she actually has a new email and she checked her old email two days ago, and said that if i aked her in person she wouldve said yes(just like backineighth grade) I really like this girl, not because she's pretty but brcause she's so pure and happy, im happy just being around her. Should I ask her out!


FIRST OFF YOU TAKE SOME MARTIAL ARTS LESSONS AND START BEATIN SOME ***!!! Im a small guy too so I started learning martial arts and nobody ever messed with me. Whatever you do, put on a confident act!!! Stay calm, dont seem desperate, and if shes not interested act like its doesnt even phase you. Dont know why but if a girl thinks that shes no big deal, like she could just be forgotten like that then she feels the need to get their attention. And im really sorry to hear that people are picking on you, especially because of your dad dieing. Thats really messed up and if I were around I would kick some *** for you. Sometimes its hard to believe how incredibly cruel people can be. But dont let that get to you, trust karma has a great way of giving people what they deserve. Besides the people that were nerdy or just average usually turn out to be the really good looking cool people. For some reason the people that were really popular seem to become boring people or major losers when they get older. Idk maybe all that ego got to their head when they were in high school and they thought that people would always worship them. Especially the ones that used to pick on people, they get the worst of it. Dont worry dude one day you'll be able to sit back and laugh at them.

I need all the input I can get?

A woman in a committed, legally binding relationship (marriage) deserves loyalty from her husband. What you describe is not being loyal and is wrong. His hissy-fit reaction to your telling him that he is out of line is rude and disrespectful.

Face it, you've married a child. Give him an ultimatum. Either he grows up and accepts his responsibilities as a husband and devotes all of his affection and devotion to you, or you're out of there. Really. I mean it. If you don't make this stand now, you are in for a lifetime of heartache and disappointment.

If he has any sense of honor and dignity at all, he will come to his senses, leave his online fantasy-babes, and ask for your forgiveness.

If he doesn't respond in that manner, be ready to pack up and go. Maybe if he sees how serious you are and how much self-respect you have, he'll come around. If not, you're not losing anything worth keeping.

Edgar A. Poe Project - PLEASE HELP!!!! I NEED YOUR INPUT!!!?

I am a junior in highschool and i have an 89 and need an A to stay top 1% in my class!!! it is too close of a call to not get a very good grade on this assignment.

here is the project:

You may choose to write either a narrative poem or a short story, following these guidelines:

-Inlude an exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution.
-Choose a setting that enhances the mood of the work.
-Incorporate at least two of Poe's trademark themes: guilt, descent into madness, beautiful dead women, premature burial, and so forth.
-Include elements of the supernatural as Poe does in his works.


i beg you!!

What should I do? PLEASE HELP! Desperately need your input?

i read into this alittle you are ahead of the curve, meaning you see yourself well and what surrounds you.
this might unknowingly be your first major challenge of problem solving on a level that includes the unknown, and what ifs..
your best answer is trust in yourself,
(you will need this all your life)
and follow your heart to what you Need, and want to Give.
if you keep your heart happy it will make loving ppl even easier
no matter where you are..
this is so healing to any situation and everyone..
and i suspect since you see your situation so clearly
(and love both Mom & Dad for who they are)
you already have a pure heart..
follow it...use it... be true and good with it.
it will be wonderful for You and everyone you are around, Forever!
(especially for Mom & Dad no matter which place you decide)

your a good 'kid' as they say..i say this because it seems your maturity has been raised to above standards by all youve lived so far.
count all this as a plus, not a negative...all of this in time goes somewhere great.
i think youre more than ready to have this kind of decision to make too, because i think Ma & Pa know this about you and are even letting you pick.
i think it will be ok however it goes..make it so, too.
you'll still have to make the world you want at either place.
remember to follow your desires and good heart.
i admire your sincere and honest question of asking advice...we all need it no matter what age.
Live well Caitie Cat!!
please write some more poetry too! :)

added// i think Bobby H has some good questions for you think about..
keep in mind all 3 of you are starting new lifes.
build them all well.

Please, Mormons only! I need your input.?

Ok, let me just start out by asking you people who read this: please no criticizing of my religion (if you are not Mormon and reading this shame on you, i said Mormons only), or my question. :)

I am under the age of 16, in a long distance relationship, and Mormon. I've been with this boy for almost 10 months now. He is crazy about me. And I feel the same about him. I know you guys must think this is ridiculous.. but i just really need help here. I love my religion, I love my church, I love the people there, and I try to do my best in doing what i should do instead of what i shouldnt. I know i shouldn't date until 16 or older because it can lead to immoral things if i stay with someone for a while. Well, me and my "boyfriend" have talked about some certain things for a while now. They are things I know we shouldn't be talking about, but i really enjoy talking about them with him. I've sent him a couple pictures of me in some skimpy outfits, nothing more though. I really feel guilty about all that I'm doing, but I don't want to leave him, I really really don't. But, then I do because i want to stop this guilt that i feel. No one in my family knows I'm with this person. I need your input on what I should do. But, I really don't want to leave this person. So, is all that I'm doing, bad?

P.S I know its weird to ask the public, but I really prefer to get advice from you guys first.

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Can I get back In?? need your input! Best answer!?

My best friend whos 19 invited me to her bosses party that was at a lounge (well by day a coffee shop, by night a more clubish type place)

anyway and Im only 20 years old... her friend had a VIP section we were in and we got there at 7:45pm before they put a bouncer outside at 9pm.

and after about 8ish a server gave everyone in the VIP room a bracelet for an open bar (yess!!!)

so my friend and I ended up ordering from the bar

anyway it was my first time doing this kind of thing and it was SOOO much fun!!!!

I was wondering if I go back with my husband who is 21 if I'll still be ok,. I know i wont get another open bar :-( but I figure he can go get the drinks and bring them over....

and we'll dress up really nice :-)

so what do you think?? if we get there before 9 again would it be ok

or did I have special priveledges because of the VIP room?? (I also roamed around the whole place I didnt just stay in the VIP room)

Thank for your input

I AM giving this a BEST ANSWER!! :-)
im in the USA

I need help with college. I think I want to be a social worker!? Your input please?

Social Workers are able to be employed in many diverse areas such as Schools, Hospitals, Children's Group Homes, Colleges/Universities, Child Protective Services, Counseling and Psychological Centers, etc. Social Workers that work with children that have been abused and neglected usually have a Master of Social Work (MSW) Degree and if they provide therapy, they also have a license, which gives them the title, Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW). For you to make the best money as a Social Worker, working with children that have been abused/neglected, getting your LCSW and providing therapy would be best. This would require a Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) Degree, which would take you four years to complete and then applying to Graduate Schools that offer Advanced Standing for people with a BSW to get their MSW in one year as a Full-Time Student. That way you would only have to spend five years in Higher Education, and since the majority of the classes for the MSW are the actual internships themselves, you could finish school and get your license immediately.