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Need Help With Ceremony Music

Ring Ceremony Music Cd?

I am in charge of getting together a CD of music to play during a picture slideshow of our classmates at Junior Ring Ceremony next week. My first song that I thought to put on the slideshow is "Pictures of You". I like that song and it relates. But is there any ideas of other songs. I am thinking that I will need about 4-5 songs at least. Thanks for all the help!

What's the best music for a wedding ceremony?

The music on your wedding day is something that you should not mess up with. Your wedding songs should embody both you and your husband. It should reflect both your emotions. Whether you know already what kind of music you want or still looking for greater ideas, here are some tips to consider when picking up the best music on your wedding ceremony:Pick by heart. Since it is your special day, you are entitled to choose whatever song your heart desires. Whatever music you like is okay because what is most important is that you enjoy on your special day.Refer to friends. It is clever to refer to families or friends for other suggestions or ideas in music; or better yet let them assess your playlist and see what their opinions are.Consider the acoustics. String instruments are the smart choices for wedding sites since they omit a rather minimal noise as compared to bands especially when the venue is small and enclosed. When you have already decided to go for acoustics, you may want to do the following:Hear the songs before booking: Let the musicians perform a sample of their recording so you may know whether or not it fits your requirement for your wedding ceremony.Choose a theme: It is rather more romantic if you and your partner make your own playlist. This will also narrow down your list on the kind of music that would better flow with your theme.Make a contract: As what everyone else say, everything that has been agreed on must be put into writing. So basically this includes names and contact information of the music providers, your wedding date and venue, the exact time the musicians are going to play and most importantly, the cost.Back up for safety: You should always have a plan B should a need arise. It’s better safe than sorry, right?

Need help finding songs for wedding ceremony.?

I used Disney songs from the Disney Fairy Tale Wedding cd when the guests were being seated. I used Jim Brickman "If you believe." The mothers walked in to Kenny G "The Wedding Song" and the groomsmen walked in after them to the same song. They went in individually. The bridesmaids and flower girl used Air on the G String from the Acousic Wedding cd. I used Canon in D by Jeff Pike Barlow. You can find all these songs on Itunes.......I purchased the ones that I wanted and then made the DJ a cd in case he doesn't have or can't find the music. Good luck and happy planning!

I am getting married in a garden ceremony & I need help with wedding music. especialy brides entrance?

I had Kim Roberston, from her CD "Water Spirit". This is Celtic-type harp music. We used "Lagan Love" and her version of Pachelbel's "Canon in D" - on the CD it's just called "Canon". Everyone liked it.

Also, Mozart's "Flute and Harp Concerto" is really pretty and would fit well into a garden scene.

Good luck, hon!

I need music ideas for my Nursing school pinning ceremony. It is kind of like a graduation, but Pomp & ?

Seems like the best answer is the Aida.

Here's a better version, by the Canadian Brass, for your purpose

You might also try Elgar's P & C #2 in A minor

If you've got a fairly small graduating class, you could do Beethoven's Sonata Pathetique - Adagio Cantabile (Op 13, No 8, 2nd Movement) ... don't know if you'll find it on anything other than piano, however, it could be nicely arranged for brass or strings.

... Okay, the classical purists can come out and beat me up now.

Music suggestion for induction ceremonies.?

You may also like these:

Adagio in G Minor by Albinoni

Pachelbel - Canon in D Major

Really any piece suitable for a wedding recessional (that's the bride's triumphant exit from the church) will work.

Songs for Junior Ring Ceremony?

hey i was wondering if anyone has any suggestions for our junior ring ceremony. these songs are gonna be put on a slideshows with pictures from freshman year till now. thank you!