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Need Help With Minuscule Pain.

What are the medical uses of cocaine?

toothache cures, help with pain(in the past), probably not used anymore

btw was an ingreindient in coca cola until early 1900's

Have you ever visited to chiropractor for a miniscule problem like insomnia?

First off, if you ever had insomnia, you would know that it is not a minuscule problem.Speaking from a patient's perspective, I have never seen another chiropractor for anything other than musculoskeletal-related problems.From a doctor's perspective, the only symptoms that a patient has consulted me initially for that were not clearly pain-related was tinnitus, dizziness, TMJ (Temperomanibular Joint) cracking, and pressure inside the ears.There is the occasional existing patient who will seek nutritional advice, or advice for medical problems which lie outside my area of expertise. These patients are referred to the proper healthcare professionals for consultation.

Knee pain and inner thigh pain?

Last night, I shoveled the driveway but there was very little snow (1-5cm). I woke up around 3am with a very dull and excrutiating pain in my knee. When I stood up, the pain was also in my thigh. This has happened once before, and that time I was also shovelling a minuscule amount of snow. Problem is - I only feel the pain around 3am and it is still killing. It's now almost 2pm.

Pain in wrist and forearm?

I'm 18 years old. I've used the computer heavily ever since I was around the age of 12 or 13. For a lot of years I didn't get much exercise other than I would usually try to go above and beyond in gym class to make up for my laziness. For about the last half year or so I've noticed that sometimes when I use the computer, I get sort of a throbbing pain that comes and goes that usually occurs on the underside of my right forearm. Sometimes the pain can be a dull ache in my wrist as well. These symptoms usually don't occur for long, maybe anywhere from 5-10 minutes normally. I'm a self-diagnosed hypochondriac, because I literally can take something as minuscule as this minor arm pain and think that I could have some sort of terminal illness. However, I know that I'm likely not in very good health considering the damage I've done to my body over the years.

Could this be the early signs of carpal tunnel? Or could it be something else? I'd like a good, wholesome answer.

Why does the idea of inflicting pain turn me on..?

You're an SM(Sadist, Masochist)
a sadist is someone who feels happy when inflicting pain on others or seeing others feel pain while a masochist is someone who feels happy when being hurt

I think my heart shifted positions but i dont know what to do.?

im at home today because i got sick and coughed nonstop all day yesterday,then woke up at 2am last night unable to breathe with the worst pain i ever felt in my life every time i tried to take a breath.i managed to start taking minuscule breaths and fell back asleep. i woke up this morning breathing a little better, but noticed a major problem. im 99% positive my heart has shifted to my stomach below my lungs. this is because im looking at my stomach right now and see a spot that is beating, where my skin is bouncing in and out a good 6 inches away from where the human heart is SUPPOSED to be. i dont know if it is even possible for this to happen, ive just never noticed a spot about the size of my heart right below my chest that is beating, at least not before i coughed my face off yesterday. if im right about this im pretty sure i might die. ive never heard about this kind of thing happening, but ive been alive for 16 years, and today is the first day that a spot right below my breast in the center of my body above my stomach but below my chest has ever started beating. i dont want to call an ambulance because i am obviously functioning and i KNOW my heart is beating because im watching it do so, but im not sure what to do, how, or if it is even possible to fix this.

Is it illegal to rub alcohol on a teething baby's gums?

Yes it would be illegal due to the concept that you would probable have to do it a lot to stop the pain for any length of time and this would add up to dosages. For one with medicine for colds, there is children cold/flu syrups which do not contain alcohol. If you decided to use the adult syrups, you could be charged with endangerment of a minor. But I don't think there is a specific law/statue. However, some one may have been charged and convicted of a similar endangerment. In that case, it could be common law illegal, since you could face to same verdict in a court of law.

I accidentally chewed some tiny pieces of broken glass with my sandwich. However I tried to throw up but still skeptic if that could lead to something. Shall I be worried about this and what health cure advice can be given on this situation?

When did you chew small piece of glass? I don't know that. On that day,&following days did you get any abdominal pain. Did you pass normal  stool? With out knowing these details ,its difficult to reassure you.            But generally, our body has a lot of defensive mechanisms to deal with these types of situations.       Our body has a tendency to bring out ingested foreign bodies without injuring gi tract. (Most of the occasions) only rarely doctor's intervention is needed.     After ingesting foreign bodies one should not take fugitives to hasten the expulsion of the foreign body as it may cause injury to intestine.    If the incident happened long back and you are symptoms free, you don't worry.   Nature is there to save us, as long as we don't meddle.