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call the number of girls g, and the number of boys b.

g/2 + 10 = b

Substitute for what we know, and solve.

g/2 + 10 = 30
g/2 = 20
g = 40

40 gals, 30 guys equals 70 total

I need help with my Homework?

1. A freighter carrying a cargo of uranium hexafluoride sank in the English Channel in late August 1984. The cargo of uranium hexafluoride weighed 2.25 ´ 108 kg and was contained in 30 drums, each having a volume of 1.62 ´ 106 L. What is the density (g/mL) of uranium hexafluoride?
A) 1.39 g/mL
B) 4.63 g/mL
C) 1.39 g/mL
D) 46.3 g/mL
E) 41.7 g/mL

2. The state of matter for an object that has both definite volume and definite shape is
A) solid state.
B) liquid state.
C) gaseous state.
D) elemental state.
E) mixed state.

3. _________ are substances with constant composition that can be broken down into elements by chemical processes.
A) Solutions
B) Mixtures
C) Compounds
D) Quarks
E) Heterogeneous mixtures

4. A solution is also called a
A) homogeneous mixture.
B) heterogeneous mixture.
C) pure mixture.
D) compound.
E) distilled mixture.

5. An example of a pure substance is
A) elements.
B) compounds.
C) pure water.
D) carbon dioxide.
E) all of these

6. Which of the following is not a unit in the SI system?
A) ampere
B) candela
C) Kelvin
D) meter
E) calorie

7. A 20.0-mL sample of glycerol has a mass of 25.2 grams. What is the mass of a 53-mL sample of glycerol?

8. Suppose that you purchased a water bed that has dimensions 2.55 m ´ 2.53 dm ´ 230 cm. What mass of water does this bed contain?

9. As warm water sits in a cool room, you measure the temperature change. Which of the following is true?
A) The temperature change is bigger if you are measuring in °F.
B) The temperature change is bigger if you are measuring in °C.
C) The temperature change will be the same regardless of the scale you use.
D) Answer a or b is correct, depending on the difference in temperature between the water and the room.
E) none of these

10. Explain how Archimedes might have used the concept of density to determine whether the king's crown was pure gold. (density of gold = 19.32 g/cm3)

I need help with my Homework?

Gee, I wish I had access to the information highway of the world when I was in school. I didn't have it this easy. Why don't you search on line for the answers? Or even better, figure it out yourself?

I need help with my homework?

percentages in a study of lipitor.
In a study of the cholesterol drug lipitor, 270 patients were given a placebo, and 19 of those 270 patients reported headaches. What percentage of this placegroup reported headaches?
Could you show how you the answer?

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take log to base 2

log 2^(x) = log 0.0625
x*log2 = log 0.0625

but log2 = 1 (using log to base 2), so,

x = log 0.0625

check this with a calculator (make sure you use base 2)

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I need help with my homework. Can you tell me your opinion on the Big Bang Theory?

The Big Bang Theory is an excellent sitcom.The Big Bang theory (notice the capitalization, scientists are humble people, they don’t put a capital to “theory”) is the best model we have that fits observations such as cosmic microwave background , redshift, and nucleosynthesis among others.

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How much heat energy is required to raise the temperature of 5 kilograms of coal from 20°C to 220°C?

A. 314 J
B. 6,573 J
C. 1,314,718 J
D. 4,187,000 J

10. One degree Celsius indicates the same temperature change as

A. one degree Fahrenheit.
B. one kelvin.
C. 5/9 degree Fahrenheit.
D. 9/5 kelvin.

11. A quantity of a gas has an absolute pressure of 400 kPa and an absolute temperature of 110 degrees kelvin. When the temperature of the gas is raised to 235 degrees kelvin, what is the new pressure of the gas? (Assume that there's no change in volume.)

A. 1.702 kPa
B. 3.636 kPa
C. 510 kPa
D. 854.46 kPa