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Need Help With Sonycybershot Dsc-h5

Can i use my sony cybershot DSC-H5 as a webcam?

The official answer from Sony is "no, the camera is not supported for use as a web cam" Of course, that doesn't necessarily mean it won't work. I don't have your model of camera so I can't test it, but I have used other digital cameras as webcams. Just make sure you have all the software drivers installed, particularly if there is a twain driver available. Then plub in your camera, power up, put it into camera mode (not playback) and then check what ever program you were wanting to use (yahoo messenger, etc.) and look at the list of available webcam sources and see if your camera shows up. Good luck!

HELP!!!!!!!!!!! Sony DSC-H2 camera won't turn on!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

this camera is two years old.The battery died in the middle while we were recording something, leaving the lens half open. When I finally charged the batteries ( one-two months later) it closed, working perfectly. I wanted to film something today and it refused to turn on. I cleaned the battery area with a Q-tip and even put in fresh batteries. Yet, it refused to turn on even though it was perfectly working a while back. Please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Does sony cybershot dsc-h10 shoot raw images? or are raw images only done with a dslr?

According to the user guide for the Sony Cybershot DSC-H10, it does NOT shoot raw images, only Jpegs.

Most compact cameras do not shoot raw images, but there are a few that do. I've reviewed three of them on my blog,

1) Canon Powershot G11 (an excellent choice if you want a compact camera). The article is here:

2) Panasonc Lumix LX-3. Article here:

3) Canon Powershot S90: Article here:

4) Olympus E-P1. This is the camera I own. I will be reviewing it soon. In the mean time you can read more about it here:

As you probably already know, the advantage of raw images is the flexibility in post-processing. You have much more room to adjust exposure, white balance and the like after the fact with a raw image than with a jpeg image. I shoot raw almost exclusively.

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Sony cybershot camera-how do I delete all the pictures at one time?

1. Set camera to playback mode and turn on.
2. Push "W" on zoom button (zoom out). (this will show you the index card)
3. Press the delete button (garbage can button)
4. Choose the top option "All In This Folder"
5. Confirm choice.

You can also delete them from your computer. Plug your camera to your computer, or after you have download your pictures to your computer, look for the drive where your camera is pluged on. After you find it, click it so you can see the picture you want to delete from your camera. Hold on to ctrl while you type A, this will highlight everything. Then press delete. Good Luck!

My sony Super Shot DSC-H5 wont stay on for more than a second. help?!?!?!?!?

I just put in fresh batteries but when I turn it on, all it does is make the sound the screen comes on and then in an instant the screen goes black. and the camera shuts off

How to change language from japanese to english in a Sony Cyber-Shot dsc-r1?

Well it's hard if you don't understand Japanese at all, and I don't have the specified camera. But you can try looking for "設定" (settings), then "言語" (language), or sometimes it's in under one menu "言語設定" (language setting) then change 日本語 to 英語 (or English).

How can I reset the Sony DSC-H2?

Click on the menu button
Scroll all the way to the right until you get to Camera 1
Scroll down to Setup 1 (Toolbox icon 1)
You should see Initialize
Select OK to set to default settings

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Which is a good camera to buy below 6000 rs?

Here is a list of a few camera’s below 6000 INR:Sony CyberShot DSC W710. Rs.5,299.Sony Cybershot DSC H5. Rs.3,400.Sony CyberShot DSC S2100. Rs.5,999.Sony CyberShot DSC W610. Rs.5,290.Sony CyberShot DSC S5000. Rs.5,190.Sony CyberShot DSC TX1. Rs.5,999.Sony CyberShot DSC S2000. Rs.5,399.Sony CyberShot DSC W310. Rs.5,499.I hope it helps Cheers!

Weather proofing a photograph?

I made a memorial cross for a friend of mine who was killed in an ATV accident, and put a picture of him on it. I covered the picture on both sides with plastic and sealed it all the way around with hot glue. Somehow, the photo got wet and it was ruined. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can put a picture on his cross that will survive the weather? The cross is made of wood that has been spray painted.

What settings do I use on Sony DSC-HX80 to achieve bokeh?

You cannot achieve “bokeh”. What you probably want is blurred background and “bokeh” means something else - bokeh is a word which is used to describe the quality of blurred background (good or bad bokeh), yet it is commonly misused.The camera in question has a very small sensor (1/2.3 inch) and a rather slow lens (Fast lens? Prime lens? What does it all mean? - it’s maximum aperture is only f/6.4 at the long end) which makes is very difficult to achieve the result that you are after.Pretty much the only way to get any significantly blurred background would be to position the main subject as close to the lens as possible (5 cm in the macro mode) and the background as far in the back as possible but even so the result will be far from what you would like it to be.