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Need Some Advise Plz

I need some advice please!!!!!!!!?

when was the date of your last period? ok the conception calculator i used says that if you period stared between the 17-23 (big range) then your conception would be 12-31-06 to 1-6-07. if you had a better idea of your period then the conception date would be narrowed down some. but unfortunately it looks like it could be either guy honey, sorry i'm not better help. good luck, and congrats (on the pregnancy, not the predicament)

Need a girls advice please?

yeah i have pointers

don't slobber too much,
wiggle your tongue on the spot, don't just lick.
start softly and then put more pressure on tongue,

make sure to brush your teeth and before you do this and drink water, dry mouth is really annoying.

and don't hesitate to ask her how she wants it. but while your giving her oral try not to disturb her bliss by asking her if that feels good,

What should I do, need expert advice please ?

From reading Deepika’s response, it sounds as though you are hurting because of the one you love. I’m sure you are suffering and don’t know what to do. Believe me, we have all been in that situation and we didn’t know what to do at the time either.We didn’t know whether to be bold and talk to the person. OR. If in talking to the person things would be much worse.There’s also the very real chance that something very sad or unfortunate has happened in the other person’s life that you know nothing about. Perhaps there’s someone you both know who could answer that question as well as other questions you may have. Don’t ask the person’s best friend. That places the person in a very difficult position.In the meantime, it might be better to step back and continue living your life as best you can. Smile and be pleasant whenever you meet. Wait and be hopeful.You’re in pain and you want someone to give you advice to relieve that pain. Waiting is the hardest thing to do and the least welcomed advice to receive. But I think, for the time being, and until you know more, wait.In time, your relationship will be restored. OR. You will move on to something that may prove better.

I need some advice please as i don't know what to do please help?

Hello I am 16 I got my GCSE results on Thursday 21st August 2008 I Got C in English language, C in Maths, C in Graphic product design, Merit grade in my BTEC First diploma ICT, a MERIT is 4 B grades at GCSEs, D in English literture, E in Humanties, D in science. Ok so basically I got BBBBCCCDDE at GCSEs and after I had to travel to america because my mum decided to live there. Now am in america, miami florida i am classed as an international student my step dad who married my mum is fileing for me to become an resident of florida and citezenship which might take a long time to get I will be getting my social security number in 2/3 months now the main thing I need advice on is my next educational step. I completed secondary/high school in the UK what path should I take out of the following:

A) Do GED but can i do it at 16?
B) Go high school in usa and get high school diploma?
C) Do SATs and some AP exam to get in to college but will they look at my gcses more then the SATs?
D) Any other you may require

Also is it true that I can apply for schloarships for college if i get my social security number and show some proof that my step dad is fileing for me to have residency in florida and have citezinship in usa?

Hey,I need some advice for Yahoo 360,help please?

Hi everyone, (fans,friends,Y!A Answerers) I need some help with Yahoo 360. I made my Yahoo 360 page,but I can't seem to figure out how I can show the link to my page for everyone. I would really enjoy showing my 360 page to all my best buds & fans,can you help me please?

Sincerely, C to the O to the L to the E -

I need some personal advice?

Hey guys,I need some advice. So for the past 6 years I’ve been in a University studying Software Engineering and thanks to some really bad events and professors failing a whole class for no reason I just lost the will to study.So here’s the problem, my Mom and Dad think I’ll get my degree soon and that I’m done studying. Which now means….I don’t have a degree. Two, should I wish to quit the University will inform my parents and I have to pay a huge sum of money to the Uni. So my only choice remains expulsion. Which I can no longer be thanks to being exempt from Military Service which means I don’t need their funding anymore.And I don’t want to tell my parents that I want to quit. It’ll break their hearts and knowing my dad…he can go crazy!!! Like real crazy. Like maybe disown me??? I’m not that’s what he’ll do but…maybe that’s what he’ll do.Please help. I feel like such a disappointment. I am doing great in other fields that have to do with art. Like Music, Design, Writing which is what I always wanted to pursue anyways but had to go to this thing because of “Society”!!!And what they teach us is so out of date! Like Win95 out of date!!!!Please help! What do I do??? I can’t even forge a degree and I know someone who can but I need a lot of money. Do I even ask my friend??? PLEASE HELP!

Sick Baby, need some advice please.?

My seven month old baby has been coughing really hard, has a runny nose and is running a temp between 99.0 and 100.4. (I can't seem to get a reliable temp) She hasn't really been drinking or eating today and I've called the dr and they told me to let it run its course. I've had her to the er and the dr office twice.

Need some advice on how to handle my life?

Before you decide what to do, figure out what is the worst thing that will happen to you if you take no action - you will lose a whole semester which is a loss of both precious Time and money. Accept that as a possibility - so that tension is off your head.Now, it is time to act - make a calendar of action items from now to end of semester - prioritize everything and plan every little action item.Start each day with a bit of physical exercise and jump into your “To do” list. If you see brain fog setting in, don’t panic. Take a break. Go for a walk. Get a bite to eat. Get back to the list.Keep up this practice. You may not end up with a great semester but you will be better equipped for the next one.Plan, work consistently without worrying about the results. Results will take care of itself.

Any violin experts? I need some advice please...?

I have an Alex Spainhour violin that was made in Germany in the year 2000. I am wondering how do I go about getting this violin appraised, and is it possible that it may be worth more than what I purchased it for? It was brand new when we purchased it, and I paid a little over $1000 for it. It's also in superb condition. I never really got much play out of it, unfortunately. Any feedback would be great!