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Need Some Help To Keep Computer Games Running Fast .

Why are my Computer Games running so slow?

my system specs
Operating System: Windows 7 Ultimate
CPU Type: AMD Phenom II X4 940 3.0
CPU Speed (GHz): 3.0
System Memory (GB): 4.00
Video Card Model: NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GT (x2 SLI'd)
Desktop Resolution: 1680x1050
Hard Disk Size (GB): 500
Hard Disk Free Space (GB): 372

Just today I flashed my BIOS and updated the videocard drivers, cleaned up my disk and defragged it, it helped, but not by much. I feel my computer should be faster than it is. I'm only getting 10-15 FPS in 25m Icecrown Citadel in World of Warcraft. Of course all settings are on Ultra.

My computer used to run games faster, but not anymore?

People fail to understand computers and operating systems Let me enlighten you on that fact, You can have the fastest computer money can buy, but if the operating systems is media ocker like all windows versions are then what can you expect. It's like putting low grade gas in a formula one racing car and expecting it to run at 150mph, it just can't be done,

The worlds top 500 fastest computers don't use Microsoft operating systems they use Linux which is a real time operating system, the worlds financial stock markets use Linux for real time stock trading. so if you want a fast computer the, use what they use, It's fast, It's secure. It's stable, It's up to date, May 22nd 2012, and it's free to download and use with all he free 32.500 professional application software and 1.500 plus Games

You have never seen what Linux can do so you wouldn't know what your missing. but that does not stop you from finding out what it can do and what your missing out on,
check out this weblink Don't warry about the commodore computers, it's the operating system and software you'll be downloading all 4.4 gigiabytes of it Operating system and games software plus there is a second 4.4 gigabyte of extra gammes you could download later. These will blow your mind
Then there is Ultimate Linux Edition
from here,

If I uninstall programs, would this make my computer run faster?

It wont make your computer run faster necessarily. Technically what slows down your computer is not usually what is stored on the hard drive but what programs are running in the background. Upon booting up your computer, the operating system starts running programs that are placed in the startup. Some are necessary to keep and others can be "disabled" so that the unnecessary processes don't eat your available resources (memory) and slow down the computer. To check your startup you can click Start, then in the run box type in "msconfig". Once there make your way to the startup tab at the top and take a look at what is in there. If you see things that are not necessary you may disable them and this might help with the speed. To top things off, I would also recommend that you do a disk defrag which will help as well.

Does adding ram make video games run faster or smoother?

First of all, laptops aren't the best for major gaming due to their limited upgrade potential (& the cost related to them). If you're going to do any major gaming, it's best to do it on a desktop or buy a great high-end computer that surpasses all suggested requirements for the games you're planning to play. Please keep this in mind while I answer your question.

Add RAM your computer WILL IMPROVE your system's performance, but it's only going to be about a 5% improvement (15% at the most). While this would be helpful for less graphic-intense games (like those played on MAME), this won't really do much for 3D games World of Warcraft as it primarily uses Video-RAM that's on your video card. The one downside is that your system will run warmer when you add RAM & for laptops... that can be a major (& potentially painful) problem as you'll increase the chance of burning yourself from heat generated on the underside of your laptop & increase the chance of overheating, which would hurt the performance a lot more.

Upgrading your video card will greatly improve your the performance of graphic intensive games, like the ones you've stated, as they extra video-RAM will be used to help render the graphics & will help free up the system's RAM for other programs as needed. HOWEVER, most graphics cards in laptops are INTEGRATED into the system's motherboard to help make them portable & therefore cannot be upgraded without major system surgery... making this upgrade highly impractical for laptops.

If you want to have better performance in your games, you're most likely better off to get a new laptop designed for gaming. However, if you're still dedicated to the system you have, all you can really do is ram more RAM into your laptop & invest in a Laptop Chill Mat ($35, see sources below for link) to help you & your computer to stay cool.

Why do old computers at work run faster than mine at home?

I would guess Jeff Fisher is along the right probably got lots of crap running, taking up resources on your home computer. At work this is less likely. One of the ways your company will prevent you from messing up the work machine like your home computer is by having you log in as a standard user. I assume you need to call the helpdesk to get software installed...and at home you don't? At home you are likely to have administrative rights, which means you can install or remove just about anything..including viruses.Having said all this, we haven't been told the details of each computer....your work ones may be better and faster due to being higher spec.It also might be that what you are referring to is internet speed (a lot of people mistakenly believe their computer is slow when it is actually their internet connection that is slow).Being connected to a "large data server" is not going to increase the speed of your computer in any way I can imagine.I have noticed over the years that a lot of companies have inadequate protection against malware and totally believe I could walk into 50% of businesses in the UK and find malware on their PCs. By what you have I said I would assume yours is not one of these companies. Therefore I would try asking your IT guys at work if they could shed some light on it, if you take your computer into work and ask them to take a look at it. If you log in from home, or work from home at all they might be able to do it under the scope of the business anyway.

By keeping your laptop cool, will the laptop run/ load faster?

Simple Answer: No

Keeping your computer cool might help keep it a little longer if you use it often. It affects only the lifespan in this context. Note that a laptop is meant to run at a certain temperatures and the fan is simply there to expel hot air. It will never make it run/load things faster. Some computers can be "overclocked" which means they are pushed to their limits. This is mostly done to play games with better graphics (frames per seconds) or intense calculations such as rendering 3D scenes. This is done through the BIOS and the result in performance will make the CPU run hotter, this is why you might have heard that temperature affects performance. You see, at a certain point, a CPU will become so hot it will not run properly and so it is imperative to cool it down, but this is only true on hight performance systems and there are not a lot of laptop that can do that. So in your situation, keeping the computer cool will simply mean taking care of it and making sure it will last a little bit longer. It will never help load sites faster as this is mainly the wireless card's and router's job. Theses won't really overheat!

Hope this helps!

Why are facebook flash games SO slow on my computer?

My friend's pet society, restaurant city, yoville an other flash games on fb runs so fast her computer. But mine is so slow!! Pet society: the pet takes like 5 minutes to finish the stadium race. Restaurant City: It takes 30 seconds to finish the intro song thing. EVERYTHING is so slow!! My flash is upgraded, so its not that. Any suggestions??? I REALLY need help. Thnx!!