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Need To Buy A New Computer Which One Should I Buy Read

What advice would you give on buying a new computer?

Make a elaborate list of all the functions you wish to have in your computer. eg. Photo editing, Social Networking, Music, Movies, Coding etcArrange them in the decreasing order of necessity.Now you know exactly what do you want out of your new computer device. Now next to each function, write the required Gaming (Graphics Card) , Music (Stereo Speakers) etc.Now you've a list of required hardware.Open any ecommerce website like amazon, flipkart etc & compare different computers/laptops against your required hardware.Soon you'll find out 5-6 devices that suit you needs sufficiently.Google each device & read expert as well as user reviews.Watch videos of your device on youtube to get a first hand look of the device before you buy it.Lastly check the brand's customer service, guarantee/warantee, repair services etc.Ask few of your friends who already have computers & get their feedbacks.You need to put in some research work. But in the end you'll feel satisfied when you buy the product & this process will make you an expert in buying computers. You can help other's in buying a computer too.Do check these

What kind of computer should I buy?


I would suggest an IBM/Lenovo or a Dell. Try to stay away from Vista as a operating system for now. It's still too new and drivers are not available for all hardware.
With drafting and design, CAD programs are very power hungry. You need as much processor, memory, and hard dive that you can afford. Look for a screen of at least 17." If you can afford it, go for a 20.1" screen. You will need the viewing space. A price range that you are looking at would be something between $2500.00 and $3500.00. Try to purchase a warranty of at least 3 years to protect your investment.
Look locally at computer stores to see what type of features that you like and need. For example, Dell has retail stores in some malls in larger cities. Also, if you can, ask fellow students that are already in your program for their recommendations. Above all, read all documentation well to be sure you understand what you are buying and the warranty terms.

Is there any real reason for me to buy a tablet computer?

My advice: For watching media…yes. For talking on Skype? Sure For serious computing? Nope.Me and my SO had four tablets at one time ( I like sales) three Androids and an IPad. While they were and are great for watching media, Skyping people and occasionally playing games, as far programming or running a number of business apps, they really are inferior to even the most inexpensive ultrabook and inferior to many of the higher end Chromebooks.i recently gave the IPad to a family member as I wasn’t using it as often as I once did, typing on it was tiresome and it really wasn’t very good for use doing business. Since I couldn’t add additional media card storage to it (unlike the Androids) it slowly became a small, expensive television set.If you can afford the top of the line tablet (which also has LTE access) on it I would say purchase it. If you have the wherewithal to buy an ultrabook, I would opt for that as it has far more utility, it’s just as portable and it only costs slight more these days,

Should I buy The art of Computer Programming?

You should borrow volume I from a library using the Inter Library Loan system. Then you can decide if you want to buy the set.I will say that this is not a book for light reading. Each volume is 2 chapters and if you are planning on working the problems I would expect each chapter to take upwards of 3 months, excluding the problems marked as “research project”. I have a BS CS from a good school (lots of math, lots of theory) and it took me 6 weeks to read through chapter 1 without doing most of the exercises and I would need to revisit calculus 3 in order to be able to do all of the problems.

Computer thing that you put your cds in is broke? Can you buy just that part?

What is the thing called on a computer that you put a cd in? The "brain" part. Also, can you buy just that part? We have a computer but the one part does not work so if we could by just that part then it would work?

How do I play a game on my Mac OSX computer when the game is on old floppy disks?

I have that game too! Fortunately, I have older Macs to play it on (which I have not done in a long time).

Forget DOSBox. It is a DOS emulator. The game that we have runs on a Mac with OS 7.5 or greater. Sheepsaver (for Intel Macs) requires that have access to an older Mac OS that you can copy the ROM from.

Your best bet is to buy an older Mac. I don't remember if the game comes on 800k floppies or the 1.4MB. I thought the anniversary game came on CD? Anyway, you can get a Rev. 2, B&W G3, a used USB floppy drive, and OS 8.6 (if necessary) for next to nothing on eBay (less then $100).

Its a little bit of an inconvenience, but you will have more then what you will need to play the game. Have fun!

What are the advantages/ disadvantages to buying a new computer or just upgrading it?

Let's say that you have a Desktop. It might last 7 years. A new desktop might cost $700. That's $100 per year. So if your UPGRADE will cost more than $100 for each remaining year... BUY NEW.

Example: Your desktop is 4 years old. It came with a CD Burner and 512MB of RAM. You want to go with Vista. You would buy a DVD burner for $70 and 1GB of RAM for $100, and of course, you would buy Windows Vista for about $200. That's $370 for a computer that has 3 years left. It would NOT be worth upgrading. The risk is high, since your Video card would probably need to be upgraded also.

Now let's talk about a laptop. It might last 5 years and cost $1000. You can really only ADD RAM. Spending $200 for each year might be OK. But be careful and check compatibility.

Example: Let's say that your laptop is 3 years old. That means you have a spending budget of $400. If you computer passes all of the compatibility tests and you ADD more RAM for $200 and Windows Vista costs $200... you are spending that $400 for the total upgrade. A new computer would cost the same in a long run, but would be FASTER.

I recommend that you ALWAYS stick with the operating system that came with the computer. So if you have Windows XP, just ADD RAM and maybe add a new Video card if your favorite game would work better with that new video card. The rest is simple MATH.

Good luck and Happy Computing!

Is it better to buy a whole computer pack or just the desktop?

i currently have a semi old HP computer.
the monitor is pretty wide but i really dont mind its size.

my system is pretty old and i would like to upgrade

should i just buy the desktop or would it come out as a better deal to buy the whole package?

i just need a basic home computer.