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Where can i buy a platform bed frame that i can attach my headboard and footboard to? Can I purchase it throu?

I think it's really nice without a headboard. Especially for the MONEY. Trust me when I tell you that a $400 headboard/footboard combo will BREAK. I found an inexpensive one for around $450 and it snapped in half after a year. The supports were not made well. Have you thought about just hanging a canopy from the ceiling or some drapery above the bed? That could take away from the area above the bed. Or what if you found a REALLY big picture at a discount store and placed it above the bed as a headboard? Or, you could a tape measure and measure off the dimensions of a headboard onto the wall and paint in contrasting colors a large rectangle to "look" like a headboard. I've seen this done and though it may sound funky, it actually looks pretty cool. You could even make it in sections so that there is a base color in between like 2 or 3 sections of the 'headboard' that is painted on. If you need more explanation, email me at nskiddo21.....good luck! Don't buy the headboard, it's nothing a TON of pillows or paint wont do and the price just ins't worth it.

Which is the cheapest online shoe site with international shipping?

There are lot’s of website for shoes, but here i have shared with you one of the best website for men’s and women’s shoes website.Morenas are born out of the growing awareness of comfort and convenienceUltra comfortable foldable casual luxury shoes for every occasion and ideal for travel .Morenas offer everything you always wanted from a pair of shoesShock absorbing Sports insole, flexible rubber outsole, ultra soft leathers with playful patterns and colours, fully lined with soft sheep skin, scented, stored in a fashionable travel bag.Timeless chic design combined with exceptional Portuguese craftsmanshipEvery Morena model is uniformed so that you have the same perfect fit every time you buy. Our factory has over 15 years history in producing flexible comfort shoes.Morenas connect the seemingly unconnected.We are confident that Moreas are the most comfortable shoes that you have ever set foot in without compromising on style. One pair will never be enoughShop Now: Comfortable Shoes For Men’s, Women’s & Kids

What is the best online platform to buy women's clothes online?

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Where can i buy branded shoes in cheap rates online ?

You can buy really good shoes online from and to get an even better rate online this link will let you save more when buying shoes from this store online

How can I buy cheap wholesale knockoff accessories?

I will recommend you to visit 888Lots. They are one of the leading liquidation companies in the U.S. that offer brand new merchandise at wholesale prices.Their platform is by far the most innovative one and they have pretty great features. Their merchandise variety is great they have more than 100,000 products sorted into lots and individual items.They have a FBA program with which they handle your shipping, packing and labeling for their individual items. You can also use their custom lot feature you can create your own lot with brand new individual items on wholesale prices and ship it to FBA.More information about the company and how you can work with them you can find on their official website - 888Lots.

Where can I buy shoes online at minimum cost?

While buying shoes online, you must be little more careful than buying online stores. You cannot check the quality of shoes before buying it from online stores, but you can check quality check by keeping below mentioned points in your mind-Check the type of leatherDo not compromise with the size of shoeAlways select one plus sizeCheck the construction of the suitCheck the guarantee of shoeCheck whether it is waterproof or notConsider the delivery time and return policyMost importantly select the trusted online stores for buying shoes. Stores like Clarks have quality shoes at affordable price. They provide good quality at low price. Also, many stores provide seasonal shoe sale. You can get benefit of this sale too.

Shoes: What tricks do you use to make high heels more comfortable?

While there are a bunch of tapes, sole patches, jelly thingies etc that you could buy, most of them are either too expensive or unavailable (at least in regular stores here in India). My height is 5 feet 2 inches so wearing high heels becomes a part of life. Here are some tricks I use to help lessen the excruciating pain I experience while both IN my heels and post taking them off -Block heels hell yeah! - thank god block heels are back in fashion because they are a lot more comfortable than stilletoes. The surface area for the heel is much more than that of the thin stilloetoes which means you need to put in less effort to wear them !! So make sure you pick block heels over stilletoes if both of them make your outfit look cute.On and off and on - You're probably going to have a longish cab ride or you might be sitting at a table for a couple of hours while on your date. While in the cab, remove your heels and place your feet on (preferably) a wet wipe. Snuggle your toes on to them for as long as you can on the cab ride and then only wear your heels right before you get off. Incase you're on a date, remove them while you're at your table and slyly put them back on only when you have to get up and walk around. Saves a ton of pain.Desperate times call for desperate measures - when you've danced for 3 hours in your Louboutin's and your feet are absolutely killing you but you're still drunk and need to dance some more, you can try one of two things or both. Have 3 more shots of vodka and/or slow down and readjust your weight on the front of your foot instead of your back. And then readjust your weight from one leg to another in 5 min intervals . It's not a game changer but it'll get you going for the next 20 mins.Soak them - once you're home it might be much to ask you to soak your feet in warm water with some bath salts (which you should definitely do the next day, it also helps with the hangover), but before you hit the sack, wash your feet, put some moisturiser on them and then go to sleep. Definitely helps the healing process .Fluffy flip flops - if you regularly wear heels and this is a problem every other weekend, invest in one of those super fluffy slippers for the bedroom. Because when you're in your heels for 5 hours your feet will hurt even if you walk on the carpet. Some moisturiser and these fluffy and cosy slippers will hug your feet back to new by the time you're up the next morning !Hope this helps ! Xx

Where can I buy cheap furniture?

You haven't specified the purpose of buying furniture but from “cheap” I understand that you want to buy something affordable & that last over a period for which you paid the value for it . also depend on the fact what you want to buy . You can always find the option of comparing prices of furniture online. With vast options of furniture suppliers available online I found affordable prices at Woodenstreet. They have beautiful & practical designs of furniture. From the range of Living room & Bedroom to Kitchen Storage & bar storage. I am sure you will love the designs site wide & cannot close the tab without buying anything. I have bought sofa cum Bed from them & it turned out to be perfect furniture for my Living room. They have pretty decent services as they have well communicated network of customer care service. You can give them a try. Also Snapdeal also supplies furniture of cheap range. Durain is also a well recognized brand for furniture of every range.

How long can you stand in 4-inch high heels?

I agree with Lewis Farr, that you must be wearing heels that are comfortable for you. You cannot and cannot expect to run out to the shoe store, see a cute pair of 4″ heels and buy them without trying them on, walking in them and being honest with yourself on how they feel on your feet. I know, I’ve made that mistake myself and regretted it when I got home and the shoe caused issues.Now when I have done my research, walked in the shoes and was honest to myself on how they feel on my feet, I have no trouble standing in them for as long as need be. In fact the heels I am wearing today, my 4 1/4″ pumps are very comfortable and would not be worried if my feet would hurt after standing in them for hours.So the bottom line is and always has been: “Wear heels that are comfortable on your feet and take time to get used to them.”

Where can you get high quality clothes for a cheap price?

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