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Neighbor Making Donations We Don

Neighbors making our life miserable?

Well, there's always that anonymous call to the cops to bust them for selling pot. It is illegal after all.

You could get a restraining order on them. That way they get warned and if they cross the line again, they get picked up. Sure, it will make them angry, but they might just leave you alone.

Agree to disagree, although you were totally out of line giving the 17 year old shots. You very well could be in trouble for that. I'd call the cops in another town but the same county and just talk to someone there that doesn't know you. Put it all out there and ask some what ifs.

Have you walked over there and tried to reason with the adults in that house when they are NOT out partying? Is there a phone number you can call?

The dog is simple. Call animal control and tell them there is a scary dog in your back yard. When they get there, the dog might have gone over to the other house. Oops, they get a ticket. Every time you call, they'll get more fines until they figure it out.

Sounds like they're already irritated and possibly volatile. You need to deal with it before it gets even more out of hand.

How do I stop this neighbor lady from coming over when I don't answer her phone calls?

wow! she's annoying and inconsiderate! hehe.

let's take care of how inconsiderate she is. when u bring the phone back to her, or the next chance u get to talk to her, ask her if she can give you a call before she drops by so that u get make sure u can get the door and have time to talk to her. it's important to emphasize that u want to make time to talk to her. she's lonely and she just wants a friend. telling her this will make it clear that u're not avoiding her, but that u just need to know when u need to make time for her. if she's smart, she'll understand that u're wanting a bit more privacy and she's being inconsiderate to just drop by without consent. since u've been avoiding her phone calls, she'll tell u that she does call before coming over, but u just don't answer. this is expected, cause you don't want her to think you're avoiding her phone calls. so now, you tell her that u don't always have time to pick up phone calls cause u're busy at home. tell her that u jus let the answering machine pick it up when u're busy at home or just let it ring when u're home cuz u're busy. tell her that u pick up when u're not busy, so that she knows that when u're busy u won't answer, and when u answer it's when u're free.

u'll have to prove to her that this is how it is, so the next time she calls, and u're not exceptionally busy, make some time for her to let her know that u're not avoiding her. she may be bugging u so much because she thinks u're avoiding her (or knows that you are). she probably doesn't want to lose the only person she can talk to, so she's wanting to hold on to u. show her that u're not going anywhere, but that u just have things to do and don't always have time for other things, not just her. try to relate it to her too, tell her that u both got three kids n should know how busy it can get around the house. tell her that some times u just need to take a nap or watever u do to relax so u dun pick up or dun answer the door.

i hope this works for u. confronting her may not be the best thing since she'll probably be mad at u. she's lonely, n it's bad to ignore lonely people. do ur best without stressing urself out. think of it as building karma or watever u believe in.

good luck! :)

Can my neighbor make me move dog chain?

You really need to call an attorney and find out how it works in your state. I know that where I live if you have a dog and it is in a fenced in area and some idiot reaches over the fence and the dog bites them, then you are responsible for the bills and can be sued, which makes no sense to me but it is just the way it is. It will get especially tricky if the neighbors since the neighbor could argue that you knew that the dog was a risk (by warning the kid to stay away from him) and that you did not take the proper precautions to keep the kid safe (like keeping the dog in the house or something like that). We had a sitatution where we had a teenager babysitting our children and while we were gone her mother brought her 5 year old sister over to the house without our knowledge and the girl was tormenting my dog (a saint bernard) by hanging off it's neck, climbing onto it's back and kicking it because the mother told her it was horse (things like that), through a friend of ours who is an attorney we found out that if our dog would have bit her we could have been sued even though the mother or child did not have our premission to be in our house and we did not find out until our kids told us that she was even here. They would have considered us at fault for "haboring a dangerous animal". We ended never using this sitter again because of it.

You just need to ignore him, laugh, or walk away. You also could forcefully say something like, “Joe, we have discussed this so many times, I am surprised that you haven’t realized that I am not interested in going out with you. What do I have to do to convince you? Hold up a sign? Please do not ask me again, I am not going to change my mind and quite frankly, it has become extremely tiresome.” After everything else has failed, you could inform him that if he keeps harassing you, you will have no problem in filing a restraining order against him. Bear in mind, that this is the very last thing you should do and only if the situation becomes intolerable. Such action can have dire consequences much worse than putting up with his unwanted advances. If there is one thing that you don’t want to do, is to turn your neighbor into an enemy. These situations have a tendency to escalate and could become dangerous. I would use your verbal persuasiveness. Good luck.

What can I do with these hateful neighbors?

I have been living here 2 years and there is an apartment complex next door, we share a little parking "patio" in the back. I had my truck broken into and I know it was them or their friends. They did not steal anything because I don't keep anything of value in the car. I don't talk to them, they are always hanging out back there drinking and smoking pot. These low lives don't have a job...they live off of section 8 and welfare. Everytime I go out they are giving me hard looks, and I'm fed up I know they broke into my truck. What can I do? I don't have proof to give to the police, so it will just be a waste of time.

What Else Can We Do About Noisy Neighbors?

It's frustrating and it's a pain, but if the landlord(s) aren't willing to intervene, and your neighbour won't voluntarily quiet her kids down, your only option is to continue to call the cops. They'll give her a warning once or twice, but if they continue to be called out, they'll give her a fine. Maybe a financial penalty will drive the point home that while kids will be kids, constantly driving your neighbours out of their minds is not okay. Good luck.

Rude, Loud, Mexican Neighbors...what can I do?

Rude, Loud, Mexican Neighbors.?

I'm at the end of my rope. In may my boyfriend and I moved into a beautiful upscale apartment community. The first 5 months we loved it here and then these HORRIBLE people moved in downstairs. There are 3 adults and 3 children living in a 2 bedroom apartment. We don't know how they afford it since they don't work and this community is considered upscale, because its new and expensive. Well they let the kids run at all hours of the night and make all kinds of noise. The first few weeks they were keeping us up until 1-2am. So I went down and knocked on the door and the mother of the kids answered the door. At first she pretended she didn't speak english. But I knew she did because I heard her talking before.
I asked her if she could please tone down the noise level late at night. She gave me a huge attitude and said it wasn't her. She lied and then shut the door in my face. I was very nice about it.

The noise continued and I contacted the management office a few days later, they said they would talk to her. Well the noise continued the next few nights. So I contacted the police and they have now visited 3 or 4 times. Well this evening they are banging on the walls. Its just harassment at this point. So I called the police again. The officer came and said he talked to
them. They told him they didn't know what I was talking about and called me crazy. The officer said to me "I'm not sure what you heard, but shes trying to get the 3 kids to bed" I told him they are banging on the walls, its not my imagination" He said there isn't much he can do and tried to make me feel stupid for complaining.

I don't know what I can do anymore. We cant and don't want to move. We are good tenants, pay our rent on time and don't bother anyone. Yet these section 8 scumbags are winning the war. What else can I do??

All charities will accept money at any time, I'm sure.  And they all don't limit you to using credit cards.  Some will take wire transfers.  Some will even take property e.g. cars, boats, houses etc. If you want to make a donation to a charity that isn't making it easy, contact the charity and ask to speak to the Director.   Tell them you want to donate but aren't able to because of their limits.   I'm sure you'll get a response very quickly.

It makes me physically ill at this point, God forbid I wear shoes inside or shut a single door twice a year on the rare occasion the duplex neighbors aren't throwing giant, noisy parties and trespassing daily past midnight.It's sickening to be the victim of neighbor harassment, with them excusing the constant parties, kids screaming, vehicles driving all over my lawn almost ramming into my new fence each time, defending spying through my windows, blasting rap music from a sound system outdoors, even on random weekdays with their non commitment to work, me forced to work from home whenever possible as the anxiety my dog suffers results in her tearing up furniture, carpet, and coming close to strangling herself in the blinds. Hell, she's been shot at over my new 5 foot privacy fence with a nerf gun many times.Why the hell does the legal system seem to protect them and result in such negative consequences for us who demand so little from neighbors?I've had my door violently pounded on and been screamed at upon asking for the bare minimum in obeying local law, like don't trespass or watch through my windows all day.I'm terrified to contact police or a lawyer directly as a single female, considering the unbelievable and threatening reactions in the past. The second police leave in such a situation, I know very well I'll hear my door violently pounded with fists, only to hear how I'm a “child" for not working things out directly (impossible with so many threats and demands that I excuse illegal activities for some bullshit reason)I truly hope there is a legitimate solution one day for us, instead of selling abruptly, taking a huge financial loss, and being threatened to the point of never trusting anyone again.In my experience, the reasonable neighbors with such complaints are the ones who suffer, whether staying put or moving.