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Nervous About Not Hearing Back From Drug Testing Center For Pre-employment Test; Is That Good

Walgreens Pre-employment Drug Testing?

ALL drug screen are the same, and the new standard is 15 CLASSES of drugs (not just so many drugs).
They test for benzos, heroin/morphine/codeine, Meth, exctasy, PCP, Weed, Cocaine, Amphetamines that are NOT meth (2 separate classes), Any drug that requires a prescription, barbituates... those are just the ones I can think of right off.
They also test SPECIFICALLY for Tylenol, Motrin, Percocet and Vicoden, because those are the most abused drugs (ie vicoden has tylenol IN IT).

ANY drug you take will show up. Just show them the prescription bottle -- the fact that you HAD A VALID RX does not invalidate the time you still have them unless Walgreens wants to be a prick about it. It was prescribed to you -- the fact that it took you a year to take them is your business.

Most companies use urine unless they specifically tell you... because it's the cheapest. However, most "better paying job" companies are now doing hair, because it CANNOT be fooled, and goes back 90 days instead of a month.
For Walgreens, I would bet on a Urine test.
With vicoden and ativan in your system, you'll test pos for tylenol, benzos and vicoden. Since you have prescriptions for those they have to throw those POS results out, but anything else you might test pos for you'd have to explain.
Good luck!

Question about pre employment drug test?

I've had to take drug tests at various times for different jobs, but I personally never got my results.

The results were always sent directly to my employer, so I don't know how long it takes for drug test results.

The thing is though, you never really hear anything about them unless you tested positive for something I would think.

Your employer only needs the proof from the lab that you actually took the test, then it's all in the hands of the lab and your employer. You did your part by taking the test.

If your employer said it's been a long time and they haven't gotten back the results why isn't anyone on their end calling the lab? It's their money that paid for the test, I'm sure they ought to wonder what happened as they have someone that they want to start working for them.

I suppose you can call the lab, but usually those labs send their samples out elsewhere for testing, and if they are as disorganized as you say, going to them might not help any.

I wouldn't stress out about it. Your job has been calling the lab, somewhere between the two they will figure it out I"m sure.

The only other thing you could do is ask your employer what they normally do in these types of situations. I'm pretty sure if the lab lost your test (which is highly unlikely) Your job will just make you retest.

Pre employment drug test, take two controlled substances that will show up?

I was prescribed a benzodiazapam and an opiate analgestic, which will show up on my test. I was prescribed it two days before I was hired, I am sure my test will be positive for the two drugs on the 5 panel test. I was informing the tester that I took them they said they didnt want to hear it and did not even want to see the bottle. They said if I have drugs in my system they will notifiy my employer and go from there and i will most likely have to "come back in". what does taht even mean, I start on monday, can they refuse to hire me once they are called that I was positive for drugs even though they are prescribed? I am very worried, i had to interview 6 times with this company and i need the job terribly.
also, the last job I got an offer for they refused me the day before i started work because I had a class C misd (disorderly conduct), they said that this could be construed as violence, even though it was actually a class b of something else, also non violent that was reduced to a class c and called disorderly conduct, because i got in an arguement in public with my girlfriend and a cop wrote me a ticket! is that even legal??? please help with both issues, i am having lots of problems lol

Passed at home drug test, will i pass a pre-employment test?

Yes the at home test use the same cut off levels as the lab tests. In fact they are the same test, the pre-employment screening urine test is just a standard dip test like the one you used at home. It's only if the dip test comes back as postive do they send it out for a GC/MS confirmation.

And for occasional use, your urine will test clean within 3-5 days, 7 at the latest. Its only if you are a chronic smoker 4+ times a week is where your urine will be dirty for a while.

Again when you go for the pre-emploment test you can always use the standard precautions just to be safe. Never use the first mornings void (This is the dirtiest sample you'll have all day), never use the start (first 5 seconds) or end of your urine stream. And you can drink 32 oz of water safely without being a dilute sample.

How long dose it take to get back drug test results?

that seems excessive. they must have sent it out to some other state or something and there must have been a weekend involved somewhere. i've worked as a travel nurse and some places do it right on the spot. it's a very simple test that can be done within 10 min. some companies however send to outside labs for whatever reason and these take much longer because it involves couriers and your test may have not even gone out that day. either way you should have gotten an answer by now. try calling the employee health dept if you can reach them.

How accurate are drug and urine tests?

It depends on the test. There are basically two different tests. One is extremely expensive, but it can't be fooled unless you use synthetic urine or clean urine. Clean urine would need to be fresh. The other one is cheap and very easy to beat. The expensive one is the one that uses gas chromatography and mass spectrometry. This is where they break down your sample and analyze it chemically to determine what is in there. There is no way to beat this test without switching samples. This test will take a week before results are complete. The cheap test is the disposable instant tests you can pick up at the pharmacy. These ones are used for pre-employment screening and most other times. The results are available wishin minutes. This only shows that there is a possibility that the person will fail. If you fail this one your sample will be sent to the real lab to get tested the expensive way.The best thing to do is make sure you pass the instant test. If you pass that they won't have it tested in the lab. The cheap tests are known to give false positives and false negatives. They fail a whole lot more than anyone should be comfortable with. The high failure rate is the reason that any positive result needs to be verified by an accurate test.