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Nervous For Oral Presentation

Oral presentation.. nervous.. help?

I've always heard that you should make eye contact with people when giving an oral presentation or speech....but to me that would make me more nervous. I found a good piece of advice several years ago that has helped me with this. Instead of looking directly at the person ..look right at the top of their head. It gives the illusion that you are making eye contact with them. Also....rehearsing your presentation can eliminate alot of the fumbling. The more you practice the better. You might even want to do this in front of a few friends or family members.

Really nervous about oral presentation! What to do?

Its totally normal. I do this too and I'm a senior in college. I can tell you to just take deep breaths and calm down and everything will be fine...but that never works for me so I wont tell you that. What helps me is that when I do an oral presentation, I need to keep in mind that I am concidered an expert on the topic that I'm talking about. Your classmates wont know much about the topic that your discussing so you shouldnt be nervous about getting something will they know? Present as though you're telling them a story. You know the material, dont "robot" your way through it. TALK to them.

I want you to think about something that really interests you...ya got it? Ok, now how would you explain your interest to another person who knows NOTHING about your interest? Thats how you should present your material. Good Luck!

By the way, it doesnt matter how popular you are. If you deliver an interesting presentation, people are gonna like it. Find ways to spice it up.

Why do I get so nervous in oral presentations?

Tips for doing a presentation

Know your subject matter really well and practice reading to your dog or just out loud to yourself ahead of time.

Look over the heads of the class at a point on the wall in the back of the room. The class will think you are looking at them, and the teacher will think you are looking at your audience.

Don't notice any reaction from the class. Their reaction doesn't matter, but it might make you feel more nervous.

Concentrate on what you are saying rather than how you are saying it.

Don't try to keep from stuttering as that will make you stutter more. If you stutter, just let it happen.

Maintain a steady pace, not too fast, and don't get in a hurry to "get it over with."

Speak in a relaxed manner and pause every so often.

Start into words easily keeping your lips, tongue, and jaw relaxed.

Realize that stuttering occurs more often when you are trying NOT to stutter, when you are under stress, and when you are tired.

Nervous about a oral presentation...?

If you are confident about the material it should reflect as you are presenting.
I have the exact same problem, and I have been able to slowly improve with presentations. Honestly, I cannot stress this, but practice is the main thing. If you are able to discuss the material to a friend, or yourself in front of the mirror a jillion times, then once you get in front of the class youll be able to do it with your eyes closed. I know youve probably heard that a lot of times.. but PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE! lol
Cuz if you feel prepared, you will feel less anxious when presenting.
Another thing about is presenting is to stop thinking about what others will think! I know I get nervous because im scared that people will think that my presentation is lame, or people will judge you, etc,etc. but the truth is no one really cares! Half the people are not even paying attention. So if you stop caring about what people think, you will be able to loosen up a little, and just present what you came to present.
Also, if this thought helps, just think about it like this: You will present to your class, people who you will probably never see again after you graduate, so who cares what they think?

I have an oral presentation tomorrow and I'm so nervous! How can I get myself to relax during the presentation?

At my school, we do oral presentations twice. The first time, we get corrections, and we are graded the second time.

Anyway, I never get nervous talking in class. But when I had to give the presentation for the first time, my teacher said the presentation was excellent, but I was so nervous that I read everything off of the page instead of talking about it freely. So I didn't get the highest grade that I can get.

I have the second presentation tomorrow and I'm super nervous! What can I do to make things better? I really want to get I better grade.

Nervous for Oral Presentation tomorrow?

Okay don't worry deep breaths,
Have a banana & a glass of milk, sit down & watch a tv show e.g americas next top model ( Something easy to take your mind off it )
Read a book or magazine.
Have a really long bubble bath & just relax, don't stress.
Put some lavender oil on your pillow & you will just drift off imedietley !

Good luck tomorow !

Emma X

I'm so nervous for my oral presentation TOMORROW that I'm already feeling sick?

Yes my presentation is tomorrow and I already have butterflies in my stomach.

The thing is, this presentation will determine whether I pass the class or not. I need to get atleast a 90 :( I am soo nervous.

how can i be less nervous? can anyone relate? i love hearing stories with people in the same situation as me..

I am very bad at presentation. I always get fumble and nervous. What should I do?

One of the best pieces of advice I ever heard was from Simon Sinek who said in the lead up to getting on stage, instead of thinking to yourself ‘this is scary’ tell yourself ‘this is exciting’. Its a small thing and I didn’t believe it until I tried it and it worked.I think at the end of the day, we can never be completely free of nerves and feeling awkward. I still do now even after doing this many times. You just need to learn to control it.I also have to reflect the other answers here. For most of us the only way is to practice your presentation. Practice it until you can’t stand to do it anymore, at least 15–20 times if its a 10–15min talk.

Nervous for oral presentation tomorrow help please?

Ok so I recently switched classes and now I have Speech/Drama I only had 3 choices and this seemed like the best choice. So, on my first day in the class I had to start working on a project on microsoft word and do 10 slides about me. I'm extremly bad at talking infront of others... I stutter and I start to shake allot because I'm scared what they're thinking, but then again this is a speech/drama class lol... Any tips? I understand I will have to get my fear over with i just need some tips thanks :)