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New Shows Starts For 2014-2015

What are some things that the new Stephen Colbert show (that will replace Letterman in 2015) could do to make it an innovative "21st century" show?

First, the show needs to be available online, especially in places other than a standard web browser.  CBS is the only US broadcast network that does not have recent shows on Hulu (they have catalog content, though).  Therefore, they are the only network who's late night lineup is not on the service.  Besides NBC and ABC's late night shows, The Daily Show, Colbert Report and many of Comedy Central's shows are there.  If Colbert's new show is not available on the services where his current show is, CBS will have problems.It's not so much of it needing to be on Hulu, but to be as widely available as Hulu currently is, including set top boxes like Roku and Apple TV, game consoles, tablets, etc.  There will be a big backlash if the Colbert Late Show is not WIDELY available online from Day 1.  In terms of show content, Colbert will most likely embrace social media in a way that Letterman has not.  He has been successful in creating bite sized pieces of content for The Colbert Report.  This includes the selfie that he took on Jimmy Fallon's first Tonight Show.  No problem there.Colbert does not need to tremendously change the standard late night talk show format to bring it into the 21st century.  He just needs to produce a show that is funny and engaging, that people want to watch.

What percentage of prime time tv shows are cancelled in their first season?

Short answer:  Roughly 20% of new primetime network TV series make it to season 2.Longer answer: I've been tracking primetime network TV's development and pilot seasons fairly closely for the past three seasons in order to do a one-shot TV season edition of The Scoggins Report (which usually focuses on movie spec script and pitch sales). The latest edition, which covers the most recent development/pilot season (for the 2014-2015 TV season), is available as a PDF at the top of SpecScout dot com slash yearendscorecards. If you scroll down that page a bit you'll see the previous years' as well. As you can see from the grid on page one of this year's report, the 5 broadcast networks collectively purchased 562 projects this season, up quite a bit from 2013's 456 projects, but on par with 2012's 567. Of those projects, 100 got picked up to pilot this year (18%), compared to 112 last year (25%) and 96 (17%) the year before. And out of those pilots, 50 got ordered to series this year (50% of the pilots, but just 9% of the scripts), compared to 55 last year (49% of pilots, 12% of scripts) and 35 the previous year (36% of pilots, 6% of scripts).For the past two years, we've seen the networks collectively order 2nd seasons of their freshman series about 20% of the time. It varies from network to network, obviously (The CW, in particular, is an outlier), but 2 returning shows out of 10 seems to be about average. (And yes, I know this is a small sample size. I wish I had pre-2011 data to play with.)If you're still reading this, then you'll be interested to see the year-over-year breakdown we did for each network in that page one grid, as well as on the following pages of the PDF.

What TV shows should I start watching next, given I have watched the following: Two and a Half Men, How I Met Your Mother, Big Bang Theory, Sherlock, Game Of Thrones, Arrow, and Friends?

First of all ARROW!!!! Biggest Mistake of my Tv show life. Here are some shows I have watched and can vouch for: (Ratings above 8, my ratings ) :DexterThe Walking Dead (Best watched with someone otherwise too slow - ongoing)Suits (ongoing)True Detective (ongoing)Breaking BadCalifornication (NUDITY)House M.D.Vikings (ongoing)Modern Family (ongoing)Person Of InterestHomeland (ongoing)Prison Break (Revived)LostPeaky Blinders (ongoing)Shameless (ongoing) (NUDITY)The MentalistFringeThe NewsroomBlack Mirror (ongoing)MisfitsHannibalArrested Development (Revived)LimitlessMr. Robot (ongoing)Daredevil (ongoing)Jessica Jones (ongoing)Narcos (ongoing)Westworld (ongoing)Preacher (ongoing)SeinfeldThe Marvelous Mrs Maisel (ongoing)Brooklyn Nine-Nine (ongoing)Stranger Things (ongoing)The OfficeANIME: (Only the best and small ones)Attack On TitansDeath NoteCode GeassFull Metal AlchemistFull Metal Alchemist BrotherhoodRick and Morty* (No Comments)EDIT:There are some other shows I have seen but I can’t guarantee that you’ll like them. But I’ll mention them here anyways:The Vampire Diaries (Sometimes really good sometimes really bad)Supernatural (Amazing show till season 7 or maybe max season 8)The Strain (Good nice concept and good season 1)The Flash (Pretty good but a little raw)The 100 (Good Timepass)Agents of SHIELD (Its getting better and better)Agent Carter (I kind of like it)How To get away with Murder (Pretty Good)Sleepy Hollows (Good show)The Tomorrow people (Not worth it)Scorpion (OK ok)Forever (Average)Constantine (Personally think they spoiled it. Keanu Reeves was so good. This new lad is sassy and over-actor + the accent)The Messengers (Some beautiful ladies and handsome lads)Quantico (Proud of Priyanka Chopra)Blindspot (Boring sometimes)Heroes (Timepass Superpower drama)The Man in The High Castle (Good Slow Drama)Orphan Black (Didn’t like it much but people say its good)Master of None (A good show)Iron Fist (Not good)Legion (interesting)White Collar (why does this show has 8+ rating on IMDb ! )Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency (Good Start)Its always Sunny in Philadelphia (Could only go through 4 seasons)Agent X (Don't ask)2 Broke Girls (meh)NOTE: Any New additions to my list are in Bold :)*It is an American animation to be precise (For the anime fans going out of their minds).

Has anyone taken the ged 2014 test?

Nope. I took the end of 2013 GED test. I passed all sections but had to retake math, retook math passed with 410 but still failed by 15 points because they require 2250 and all my scores would be erased in 2014 so I decided to go to (secretgedloophole) website and earned my H.S. equivalency through and it cost me less than if I paid the 2014 GED.

The GED was fairly easy except the math portion in 2013 it was college level algebra!

I'm in college now and the math is no where near as hard as the GED math part!

And the 2014 TEST I heard is supposed to be a lot harder!!

Are there any new operas?

An enthusiastic YES, there are new operas being written, even as I answer this question! I admire you for wanting to know more about the art form, and for seeking out new listening experiences.

Now--are they being written at the same speed as they were 100 years ago? No. They're a very expensive proposition these days, requiring a whole host of collaborating forces--composer, lyricist, librettist (sometimes more than one of these at once); the folks with the dough to commission the works; the opera companies to produce them; and of course the singers and actors to perform them.

You don't mention which operas you've experienced, so I don't know what operas from the post-WWII era you've seen--so that's where I'll start.

Aaron Copland--"The Tender Land"
Gian Carlo Menotti--"Amahl and the Night Visitors" (the first opera for TV); The Consul; The Saint of Bleecker Street; Help, Help, the Globolinks!; The Old Maid and the Thief
Lee Hoiby--The Face on the Barroom Floor
Leonard Bernstein--Candide; Trouble in Tahiti
John Adams wrote two operas based on real-life events: "Nixon in China" and "The Death of Klinghoffer". The latter is based on, of all things, a terrorist attack on the cruise ship Achille Lauro.
John Corigliano--The Ghosts of Versailles
This one is, quite frankly, not the most accessible piece in the world, but if you like Mozart interrupted by acid trips, it may appeal to the Charles Ives fan in you.
There is also a trend in opera companies to create "pastiches", or putting a story together with previously created music. For example, the Metropolitan Opera turns mythology on its head with its production of one such pastiche, "The Enchanted Island", which uses music from the time of Henry Purcell in combination with several myths of Greek origin, to quite humorous effect. From what little I've heard of the piece, a more extended listen is warranted and would be well worth the time and effort.

I accidentally started a FAFSA correction?

You can leave it alone if you like. Your aid will be based on the most recent FAFSA that the school receives, so if you don't submit this correction, they will simply use the one you submitted before. However, it bothers you to leave this hanging, that's ok too. Just make a small correction that won't affect any numbers, such as adding a middle initial, or changing St. to Street in your address. The school will get the new FAFSA, but since you haven't changed any of the information that is used in the calculations, none of your aid will be affected. (The school won't think anything of it--this is a common mistake that we see all the time.)

Should I begin watching Star Trek Next Gen, or should I watch all the stuff before that first?

You should start with the original. If you like it and can appreciate it, then move on to TNG and DS9.Why? Because you need to adjust your perspective, If you walk into it cold, after having watched only shows like Firefly, Farscape, Babylon 5, Andromeda, etc... it's pretty hard to avoid reaching the conclusion that TNG and DS9 are really fucking awful. The sets are cheap, the production values are low, the dialog is stilted and the acting is terrible compared to a modern sci-fi series. They managed to make Patrick Stewart and Avery Brooks look like hacks. The shows look like modern shows in a lot of ways, because every modern sci-fi show is deeply informed by them. But they aren't modern shows. DS9 had its last episode 15 years ago. And it shows. Much better to start with TOS. It's a 60's show, and it's obviously a 60's show. The aliens look like guys in rubber suits because they are guys in rubber suits. The sets are awful. The star is possibly the greatest over-actor of all time. Every episode is a morality tale without even a hint of subtlety to it. Comparing it to a modern sci-fi show is like comparing 60's TV Batman to Christopher Nolan Batman. But if you like it, and millions of people do, you're all set. Subsequent series will be judged within the framework of how good they are at being Star Trek, not how good they are at being science fiction. And when you can approach it from that angle, there isn't much better television out there.

How to watch the Fate/Stay series?

In short, there are only two you need to watch, Fate/Zero and the Unlimited Blade Works TV 2014/2015 remake. You can ignore everything else. You can watch them in either order, but personally I prefer doing Zero first then UBW.

The story is based off a light novel with several different story routes (same setting/characters, but events play out very differently):

-Fate (the 2006 Night series)
-Unlimited Blade Works
-Heaven's Feel

Zero is a prequel to the series. The 2006 Night is terrible, just ignore it entirely and you won't miss anything important. Likewise ignore the UBW movie. Zero and the UBW series remake were made by a different company, Ufotable, and both vastly outclass the previous series in every conceivable way. The Heaven's Feel route will also be adapted by them into a series of movies at some point in the future and you should absolutely watch this too.