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Newborn Threw Up While Eating

My newborn throws up every time I lay him on his back, no matter how long ago he ate. why does this happen??

This sounds like typical reflux to me. Keep your baby at a 45 degree angle (about as high as a pillow) for 30 minutes after you've fed him. Dress and play with him in this position if you can.

Also make sure you burp him every 15 minutes as 'trapped' wind can cause them to spit up.

You may also want to check with his pediatrician. If reflux gets out of control a baby can start to lose weight (as my son did). It's easy to treat though.

Another thing, sometimes it looks like they're throwing up a whole lot, but they're not. BM babies can overeat when they comfort nurse, and what we see come out is the 'excess' milk.

Still, it's not a bad idea to take him to the ped. just to make sure everything's working as it should.

Don't worry, as long as your son keeps nursing your breasts will keep making milk. I sometimes pump, and 10 minutes later my son wants to eat... there's milk every time.

Baby threw up vomit after eating banana baby food?

I would not blame it on the bananas just yet, but I also would not feed them again without speaking with your doctor first. Allergy to foods like banana is often overlooked because it is uncommon. If your child is allergic to this, another exposure could be worse for his system. Allergic reaction can be worse with reexposure, so talk to your doctor before feeding this food again. Avocado, latex, mango, and kiwi are also in the same "group" as bananas when it comes to allergic reactions so be careful with those products as well. Here is a link:

Baby throwing up after eating carrots?

my baby is 5 1/2 months old and we have been feeding her cereal and baby vegetables but everytime she eats carrots she throws them up. she has acid reflux so we had to change her to soy formula but still kinda spits that up if that matters. why is she only throwing up the carrots though and not anyother vegetables we give her? could she be allergic or something? thanks for answering

Why would a newborn, about a month old throw up from the nostrils an hour after being fed?

Sorry to hear that. Hoping it is not, might be reflux, but there may also be other causes. Best to check with your Paediatrician to see if all is well. Advice from mums if it is indeed reflux is to hold the baby up after a feed for about 20 minutes. Here’s something may be of use to you if it is indeed reflux.Mum Tip : How to cope with Colic and Reflux -MumsVillageAll the best.

10 month old throwing up after eating solids?

My 10 month old daughter is getting sick after eating her solid foods. She got sick last night after dinner (she ate stage 3 chicken noodles), then this morning after her oatmeal and again at lunch time after mac-n-cheese. She is acting fine, playing laughing, sleeping well, and no fever. She is fine when she nurses. I am not going to feed her dinner tonight (just nurse her), but I am afraid she is still going to be really hungry. Is this just a stomach bug? Could it be something else? Any thoughts, suggestions...

Baby throwing up and doesn't want to eat?

If you're breastfeeding, you don't need the pedialyte. You want to keep baby hydrated. If he's throwing up, he likely won't want to eat, which is fine because he probably can't keep it down.

Take his temperature now and then and watch for a fever.

Baby throwing up after eating veggies (Baby Food)?

It "could" be teething but he could be allergic to something in the veggie food.

Sometimes baby foods have a preservative that may irritate a baby. Try an organic blend and see if there is a difference. Another issue may be that the baby food is mixed with other foods that baby may be allergic to. It might say "carrot and potato" but may be mixed with tomato..and what if baby was allergic to tomato?

You could try to make your own veggie baby foods. They are easy to make and can be frozen for a month. You just need to blend the foods in a processor or blender. (an easy recipe would be boiling or baking a sweet potato, then blending it with some of the water it was cooked in with some boiled carrots.)

I hope you figure out what is wrong. Best of luck to you.

Why am I throwing up clear liquid?

Clear liquid is usually what you vomit when all the food and colored liquid is gone. It's quite common. Now when THAT’S done you may start throwing up a yellow, extremely foul tasting liquid. This is bile. If you continue to be sick for more than a day or 2 I would try your doctor. For now try to keep yourself hydrated with water or pedialite. But take small sips, like a teaspoon every 15 minutes. If you can keep that down, slowly increase the dose. Ginger ale and white grape juice have a chemical in them that helps with nausea. Try those as well. Hope you feel better soon!

Is it normal for an 8 month old baby to be vomiting?

Hi, dear vomiting can be symptom of stomach infecting , it can be because of over eating also or might something dint suit your baby. You should ait and watch for at least couple of hours if it is because of over eating it will not happen again , if it was because of any specific food then also it will stop after few vomits but if it because of stomach infection it will continue in that case you should consult a Ped. As first aid you can give him probiotic or 1 tbsp juice on onion. Just grate onion and squeeze it to get the juice and feed it to your baby. it give immense relief in vomiting. For more idea and parenting solutions please visitParenting tips & babycare app - Android Apps on Google Play