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Next Step To Seeking Employment

I have a US employment authorization card, what do i do next?

I just recieved my US employment authorization card, can I go ahead and start working /job seeking or do I need to wait until I have a social security number? I am just waiting for an FBI check so they will issue my Green Card which they say could take 6 months to 3 years. Can I get a Driving Licence with the Employment Authorization?

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How To Help Deaf People Seeking Jobs and Employment Positions?

No, I don't agree about the hearing aids. If a deaf person wanted a hearing aid, they could go out and get one. But MANY deaf people do not benefit at all (or very little) from the use of a hearing aid, so it's pointless for them to be bothered by using them.
One big step towards helping deaf people finding employment (if they even want a job) is changing the general public's attitude towards deaf people. They are still viewed as dumb, incapable of doing meaningful work, and worthless to many people. The ADA has helped somewhat to make for equal employment, but many people are still stuck in their old ways.

Here's what I could find regarding the Rights of Deaf and Hard of Hearing under the Americans With Disabilities Act:

"The ADA says employers cannot discriminate in the job application process, hiring, firing, salary/pay, promotion, or any other benefit of being an employee. This means a qualified interpreter should be available for a job interview. If a verbal test is part of the job application process, the employer should provide an appropriate written test for a deaf applicant.

The deaf person should be able to do the most important parts of the job without assistance. Employers should change a job whenever possible to allow a deaf or hearing impaired person the opportunity to do the job. If answering the phone is one small part of the job and you can do the other parts of the job by yourself, your employer should assign the phone duties to someone else.

The ADA covers employers with more than 25 employees. After July 26, 1994 the ADA will cover employers with 15 or more employees."

Are employees supposed to seek employment elsewhere upon being passed for promotion by a less experienced coworker?

You’re not being fired - you were simply not promoted.Why would you quit? Are you that angry that you can’t continue to work there?Less experienced co-worker got that promotion for a reason. Sometimes it is not for you (or anyone else) to find out.Experience is not the only qualification that factored in that promotion. I am a nurse, and I work with many nurses that are far more experienced than me. Some of them will not make a good promotion - not because they are nasty or unkind. In fact, a couple of them I think of are too kind - she will be walked all over if she were the boss.If you want to quit, then quit, but don’t look back later and regret staying around. In case that person who got promoted does not make it, they might think about you to replaced him.

Follow up email to an interview?

I've already gone on two interviews for this one job. They made it seem like I got it at the last interview and said I would hear from them withint 24-48 hours. Well at the end of 48 hours i decided to call them to see what the deal was. She said she would definitly call be by the end of that day to let me know what was going on. Never heard from her, now its been 72 hours since they were suppose to call me. I am thinking of sending a follow up email, but how do i word it so that it doesn't sound too pushy or nagging? THANKS!!!!!

Can a non-compete agreement prevent you from being a reference for an employee seeking to leave?

A lot would depend on the terms of the noncompete and your state’s laws regarding noncompetes, but a noncompete and serving as a reference for an employee seeking to leave are mutually exclusive. As long as your noncompete does not bar you from serving as a reference (and why would it), you can serve as a reference for the employee seeking to leave.

How do I write a message on LinkedIn looking for a job opportunity?

I know messaging people about job opportunities works, because I’ve used this exact same method to land a job on LinkedIn.But before you can even think about reaching out to someone on LinkedIn about a job opportunity you’re interested in, you need to make sure your profile is set up to sell you as the BEST candidate for the job.How do you that?Create a Compelling Profile Summary:So many people overlook this step when setting up their LinkedIn profiles. They either leave their Profile Summary blank, or the write a short blurb that does absolutely NOTHING to separate them from the competition.You’re profile summary should captivate the recruiter, get them excited about talking with you about the job opportunity.Here’s a random LinkedIn summary I found from someone who’s in the same industry as me:Here’s the profile summary that landed me last position:See the difference?Use Language that CaptivatesWhen recruiters read through your profile, you want them to be excited about what they’re reading.You want them shaking their head in agreement with every sentence.You want THEM to feel lucky to have found you, because you have pretty much all the skills they’ve been looking for in a candidate.How do you make that happen?Use the same language that you see in the type of jobs you’re applying for.Every industry has it’s own lingo.And every position has certain skills that are required.Make sure you’re profile is filled with engaging stories that display those skills.The better your profile can match what the recruiter is looking for, the more likely you’ll get the interview (and eventually the job).Once your profile is ready to go, the next step is to…Reach Out to the Job PosterKeep this message brief.But let the recruiter know that you’re very interested in working for the company.If there’s an open position that you’re interested in, be sure to reference it.Also make sure you’re showcasing how you can bring value to the company.Follow UpRecruiters on LinkedIn are being CONSTANTLY bombarded by candidates.There’s a good chance they won’t see every message that comes their way.So don’t be afraid to follow up multiple times.Persistence pays.Hope this helps!P.S.Want to Discover 4 LinkedIn Mistakes that are Killing Your Chances of Landing an Interview?: Get my exclusive LinkedIn “Cheat Sheet” here

Does it matter how you answer "are you actively looking for a job?"?

Yes. She a recruiter ask that question they are trying to figure out a few things.How serious you are about making a change.Your motivation for looking.At what stage are you in your search, passively looking, actively interviewing, offer stage with other companies.Much is discovered with that question. Most candidates understand the value of being open and straightforward with an answer to that question. That’s because it’s logical and mutually helpful in determining potential next steps. This question sets the pace and urgency of the hiring process. Someone passive doesn’t need to move quickly but if they were to answer that question falsely or refused or the answer was clearly and intentionally vague you could be wasting mutual time. If you said just getting going, the urgency would still be high but there would likely be a couple of weeks to get through the interview process which for most companies can happen in a week or less. If they have offers you can talk about them and why one hasn’t been accepted and how the company they are talking to might map to the candidates’ priority list. If there’s something the candidate is excited particularly about a company can accelerate their hiring process to just a couple of days. If it sounds like they are leaning towards taking one of their existing offers the company can stop the process.This question is a starting point for gathering important information for the candidate and the company. It’s mutually helpful in so many ways.I’m curious about why you wouldn’t simply answer the question truthfully based on your search. This is not a trick question. Don’t overthink and try to come up with a trick answer. How would that benefit you or the company you are talking to? Be honest and straight up!

"Manager Trainee" scam? Hire then never promote?

I joined this company as a "manager trainee". It was explained during the interview that I would be in training for 2-3 months then I would be promoted to manager and given my own store.

I went through the training program got "certified" and then find out that no, the next step is not manager but Assistant Manager. Then a month later, I'm told I'm going to be given my own store to manage and if I do well in a year I may be promoted to Manager.

I get my store and start working as acting manager but of course with no title or pay. I start talking to other Store Managers and find out that most of them also were brought in under the trainee program and are only Assistant Managers. There are only three actual Store Managers out of 15 stores.

So now I'm thinking this is all a scam to get qualified workers to do senior management work for less pay. I've got eight years of management experience and would not have taken this job if they told me the truth.

Is this a way companies get qualified employees for less pay?