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No Friends. No Life. No Nothing .

I have no life, no friends, no where to go?

aww poor u im lucky its other people who aren't as i'll strike up conversation with anyone who will let me, try befriending venus depoending on your lifestyle and dont be affraid to say hi to ppl they wont bite if they think your retarded then sod them

No friends, no GF, no life?

I was never too concerned with having a GF. True it can get lonely at times but at least for me I seemed to push myself a little when I felt the time was right, not "just because..." As a result I haven't had massive amounts of GFs but the ones I have had worked out pretty well and most that I've dated lasted months if not years-of course I didn't just choose anyone, I chose wisely. I've never had a real crazy social life either but had other things that took it's place: my work life from teenage years till my early 30s was retail or something similar where I delt with the public constantly while on the clock so IMO the last thing I wanted was major socialization off the clock and that's worked ok for me too. I found enjoyment at home reading, hitting trails with my dog, going to the gym, working in the yard, etc. When I want to do something-I make it happen and I'm comfortable with that. You have all these questions so you must be wanting something to change. You have to realize though that now that you're figuring out you want change, you have to figure out how to make that happen then do the work. No one else will do it for you. If you can't get yourself motivated to make change you need to be open to maybe needing some kind of professional help. Talk to a councilor, clergy or doctor to get put in the right direction.

I feel like a loser, no life, no friends, no cash, nothing....?

The title says it all. I've been out of work for almost a year. My friends have all pretty much abandoned me, I'm broke as hell. Girls don't seem to like me. My ex treated me like **** and said some really EVIL things to me knowing I was down because of her when I tried to contact her again and be her friend (which was a bad idea) and pretty much said 'I don't have to worry about you anymore.' I was so lonely I actually tried to talk to my ex again after 3 months. My ex was the only person that really knew me too... I kick myself in the *** constantly for being single for over a year and having not been with anyone else. I stay at home alot and read, draw and write. I stay up late alot and smoke alot of cigarettes to tried and fog everythin up. I feel like I'm wasting my life just sitting here and I'm only 22. I've applied at alot of places and nothing. I want friends, a life, a job, and I don't have any of that. I tried going to church, I'm trying to get back in school to get my GED. I'm trying to make a difference, but it doesn't feel like enough. People tell me be patient, that I;m on the right track, that it all takes time, but it's killing me waiting for things to happen and my car just got messed up. Someone, please help, I've contemplated suicide and held the knife to my wrists constantly. I need help, I can't take it anymore. I feel like my life is over and I'll never have someone again or have any friends or a life ever again...

What should I do if I have no life and no friends?

You are not alone, no matter what age you are.  Because of the digital age, we are all becoming more and more isolated from human connection.  There is nothing wrong from making friends with people across town or across the globe through Facebook or other social networks, but it will never take the place of being able to interact with someone face to face.Many seemingly normal people have no social lives.  They tend to follow the same routine day after day.  They get up, go to work or school, come home, have dinner, watch TV, check Facebook or their email and go to bed.  They have almost nothing to look forward to and no excitement in their lives.  Every day is predictable and the same.  If you are shy or an introvert, this makes making friends more of a challenge, but not impossible.  Introverts tend to be loners because they don't like the attention that comes from being around a lot of people all at once.I would start with interests that you have.   For example, if you like art or bowling or reading books, there are groups you can join for free or for little charge where you can meet others with similar interests.  These groups meet anywhere from once a week to once a month.  Join more than one group.  Look online at for your city and find a group you are interested in joining.  These groups' #1 reason to exist is for like-minded people to get together and socialize.Once you have joined a group and get involved, perhaps you can then invite other people you know to come with you to the meetings or events.Making friends doesn't usually happy overnight, so be patient and give it some time.  Don't try to force it to happen.  Before you know it, you will at least be having fun and socializing more.  You will have something to look forward to.Good luck!

Why live if life is nothing but pain (no family, no friends, and no job)?

I'll give you few reasons why.Live because there are 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, 60 minutes an hour and 60 seconds a minute and somewhere, someone is wishing to earn these moments to escape their death, that is so easily granted to you. Live for those people.Live because are organs and tissues and cells inside of you that work so hard to fight death. Live to appreciate that hardwork.Live because future is uncertain, unpredictable and unprecedented. Live for that thrill of not knowing what's to come.Live to fight off the negativity in life, the sadness, depression, anger, jealousy, resentment, grief and emptiness in you. Live to kill those demons killing you.Live to learn to love yourself, your figure, your color, you race, your ethnicity, your ancestry, your height, your weight, which most people run away from accepting about themselves.Live because you are homeless, with no parents or friends and be an example to everyone as someone who survived the world, despite all odds and not succumbed to it.Live because it's more difficult being alive and be a rebel before death.Finally, live because YOU CAN.

My wife complains she has no friends, but does nothing about it. What can I do?

My wife complains that she has no friends, yet does nothing to make new friends or keep the few she has. People invite her (and us as a couple) out, but she never follows through. Her response is always "I never heard back from her" or "maybe another time". I've gone so far as to make plans with her friends and she looks for excuses not to go and in some cases I end up going alone or with my friends.

I've tried everything. I've explained that you have to be a friend to have a friend and make time for your friends if you want them to stick around with no success. She sees how my best friend and I make it a point to communicate everyday and spend time together every week come hell or high water and her only response is "I wish I had a friend like that".

It's starting to impact our marriage. She goes to work, comes home, and if we have no commitments with our child, she sits. My fear is even our date nights might go away as she becomes more withdrawn. My philosophy is we'll have plenty of time to sit when we're old. 40 is too young to sit on the sidelines and watch life pass us by.

Has anyone experienced this and what did you do?

I have no life, no friends, no talents?

This made me sad to read, but once I reached then end an opportunity overcame me. God has a divine purpose for you. Your life is not meaningless, useless, and you are not invisible. People target others because of their own insecurities. You can't possibly believe that people pick on you because you are flawed. The fact you speak three languages is stunning. I have tried to learn Spanish for four years now and I'm on the second level. God has given you that talent, and in the long run, if you stay with him, I'm sure you will be rewarded. In the bible, god had tested a mans faith, the mans possessions where gone, and he stayed faithful. The mans family died and he stayed faithful. The man had nothing. But because of his faith in the lord he was rewarded. I honestly hope that things become better for you. When you are at your lowest point, there is nowhere to go but up.

I HATE my life!!!! no friends, no caring people?

First, take a deep breath and know that you're only 15, everything will be okay. I was an anti-social, depressed kid when I was a freshman, too. I am now a Junior, and I must tell you, I have to be the luckiest and happiest person ever. The main reason that I was depressed when I was younger is very much like the reason you've given me; my friends betrayed me, they made fun of me, and I took that as a sign of failure, failure to society and as a human being. I soon realize that acceptance from my peers weren't important, what's important is the fact that I like who I am and what I see in the mirror every night, because that's when you know you deserve better than what you're getting.

First, you need to find yourself a better learning environment. What I did was I went to a new school and made new friends and discovered a whole new, and better me. Instead of taking out your anger out on your parents, have 10mins of free time everyday and just relax and take the anger out by exercising while listening to music of your choice. Sometimes the best relief is to sing a sad song and just let everything out!

Remember, although life has its ups and downs, don't ever let your sorrow get in your way of success and self-approval. And all it takes is the first step, eliminate the bad environment, and know that the worse has passed.
Just so you'd know, everything is possible, “The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a man's determination.” -Tommy Lasorda

Best of luck, stay strong and motivated. d:^)-/-< And smile.

I have no life at parents think i am trash and i have no friends?

I'm not saying this to be mean because I've been through the same situation but here's how it works:

1. You can talk about how much your life sucks and how much this or that doesn't go well for you but truly what happens in your life is up to you. You can make everyday amazing or you can make it miserable. Don't come up with some excuse too like "no matter what I do things don't go my way" that is freaking bull sh*t. Everyone goes through a tough time so what makes you think you're the only one? What makes you think that you're special and that everyone should stop and look at you and give you whatever you want? You need to realize people aren't going to make your life better only you can do that. I'm sure there's good things going on in your life but you've taken them for granted and you don't realize that they're there.

2. BOO HOO MY BF DUMPED ME I'M GOING TO GO CRY NOW LIKE THE BIGGEST BABY EVER. Do you know how immature and stupid that sounds? So what they dumped you big whoop join the club sister. It happens to everyone so don't make a big freaking deal about it there's always someone better you just have to take the time to meet them.

3. Complaining about this isn't going to get anything done. Take the initiative to make your life better don't expect something to come along and make it better for you.