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No Just Beat Down For Too Long Don

Someone please just hear me out.. I know it's REALLY LONG... but please.. I'm about to just break down..?

( even though he wasn't even at the hospital when I was born, I saw him 1 week after I was born) but I can't take this any longer, nor I or my sis. My sister(daniella) gets a bit more freedom then I, and she actually went to a club yesterday and since my mom doesn't know the fuc* my dads excuse is for not letting me out tonight she said "well.. daniella went out yesterday soo..." DO I LOOK LIKE DANIELLA? IS MY NAME DANIELLA?!?!?!?!..... She needs to stand up for herself and do something and before they decided on getting a divorce they had a HUGE argument and he called her a bunch of stuff.. like "you're my *****" and he completely embaressed her in front of my cousin. he treats everyone like **** but my moms' excuse is that she doesn't want to break our family it's been a long time since we've been married. BLAH BLAH BLAH, he's tearing our family apart, WITH HIM WE AREN'T A FAMILY!. Fuc* marriage, he's making everyone miserable, she talked to a PRIEST and a CATHOLIC pries told my mom

Would it be kinder to just put my dog down...? [long]?

i'm quite sorry which you had to circulate with the aid of that. I even have an 11year previous German Sheppard mixture besides and he replaced into clinically determined with maximum cancers these days. So i understand the terror and that i ask a similar questions besides. i'm additionally fairly religious and have self belief that we could desire to constantly no longer play God. With all that reported, your puppy replaced into going to have a painful and long adventure. by making use of long i do no longer propose months yet discomfort can heavily extend each and every 2nd. i'm no longer a vet yet i can only see that each and every physique you ought to have accomplished could have been to help and simplicity his days or supply him slightly supplementations, yet the two way heart failure and clogged arteries could have probable left him with some days of organic suffering. Your puppy jumped onto your lap because of the fact it depended on you and needed you to help him. My dogs follows me nonstop and that i can work out in his eyes the believe he has and how (i assume) he feels on my own in discomfort and needs convenience. ask your self this: in case you were given a glimmer of wish that this dogs could proceed to exist or get greater ideal, could you have hesitated? Please do no longer beat your self over this and understand which you have got accomplished something in case you ought to have had the possibility to. All in all, i can not communicate for God and say what you probably did replaced into good or incorrect, in easy terms God is to choose. I only wish that interior of your self you will discover some peace and understand which you probably did no longer propose to be merciless or harm the dogs, you needed and had his ideal interest at heart, or you does no longer have had to preserve him. attempt to work out this as greater of a form act to end his suffering till now it have been given any worse (because of the fact they could have). each and all the ideal to you.

What song do you listen to when you feel beat down?

"stand" by rascal flatts

the chorus goes: "Cause when push comes to shove, you taste what you're made of. You might bend til you break, cause it's all you can take. On your knees you look up, decide you've had enough. You get mad. You get strong. Wipe your hands, shake it off. Then you stand."

it's basically my theme song. having been through so many things, it really symbolizes me and the struggles i've had to overcome.


jessica mae

Your heart beats every single second without asking your permission. You breathe automatically - every second your lungs take air and send oxygen into your blood. All this happens automatically, like a reflex - without asking your permission. Your body organs don't stop after every interval to ask you, "Hey boss, I am spreading some more oxygen around, you still want to live, right?"You ask why can't we just lie down and die. We can't, but think about it -When you try to kill yourself by hanging, your lungs struggle to find air. Your whole body is fighting - sweeping up whatever energy it can find in the lack of oxygen and trying to keep running. When you inject some poison in your body, your white blood cells and your immune systems will keep on struggling till the last breath to fight these unknown elements that are set to destroy the body.We cannot just lie down and die.This is because somewhere deep down, we are meant to fight. Our body is designed to fight for survival.Every step towards death - whether natural or deliberate - always meets resistance from our body. Our body wants to live. Our heart wants to beat. Our lungs want to inhale and exhale. Our blood wants to spread around the body and distribute crucial elements. Our hands want to work.This is just a phase in your life where you feel that you should die. The truth, however, is plain for you to see. You don't want to die, you want to live.Living is a constant fight. Every single minute of your life your body is fighting with the external environment to live peacefully. You can't realise that you're fighting because you are so used to that fighting. Therefore, there is no such thing as the ultimate peace. There cannot be the ultimate peace if you're constantly fighting.Peace, however, lies in internalising the fact that you're living to fight, and that life is more about fighting than about winning. When you can fully grasp this reality, it would become much easier to fight - and to enjoy it.

:( Please help me I don't know what to do?

Okay so long story short I was a virgin before I met him, I love him though so I am now having sex with this guy. I decided he was the right one after I felt close enough to him and knew he wasn't only out to just get down my pants like most guys out there. I know he loves me too or he wouldn't beat himself up over this kind of silly stuff. Anyways, I don't know what;s wrong with our sex life he can't seem to make me orgasm... I have only it's only felt good approximately 5 seconds out of two different sessions. Honestly it bugs me in the heat of the moment but after a while I forget about it because I love him. This really bothers my boyfriend though Sex seems to be a big thing in relationships I kind of regret doing it only because it's causing a lot of problems. I really want sex to feel good for the both of us. What I don't understand is Why have so many people have told me how great it s and now come to find it really isn't. Sex is not all it's cracked up to be. I want know know what may be going wrong. I don't want to loose him I care about him a lot. How can we fix this problem I really would like these stupid nights to end. :( ..

Yes, totally normal.It's just the heart working a bit harder for sec to maintain blood pressure as you get up and adapting to extra blood return from the head.If you can't adapt sufficiently going from lying to sitting to standing, you will feel faint as your blood pressure drops slightly. This is called orthostatic hypotension.

If someone tries to beat me up and I’m not strong enough to fight back, or fast enough to run away, is it justified for me to use my knife on them out of self-defense?So, a couple of assumptions here that need to be clarified. The first being where the heck you live, since laws will vary with mileage. But lets take the US as an example, specifically my state where I’ve seen the law on this.In my state, you using a knife as a weapon would probably classify the knife as a deadly weapon. So YOU are now guilty of assault just by threatening, OR assault with a deadly weapon, or even better, homicide.Punching someone is assault, but it is NOT deadly force until lethality is introduced. So punching someone barehanded is probably not going to constitute deadly force. Curb-stomping someone IS deadly force in any instance I’ve ever seen it.Now “justified” is a court defense. If the prosecution chooses to, you will go to court where you can plead your defense. This means you go to jail, maybe pay bail, and pay for a lawyer, because you REALLY want to get this right. Because you now have to explain how your life was truly in danger, because the court doesn’t tend to see it that way. Which means they will NOT support your justification.Here’s another wrinkle you may not have thought of: if your knife is deadly force, it justifies the other persons use of deadly force.Lets use generalities that are actually mirrored by a real case here in the states:I punch youYou pull a knife on meI fear for my lifeI pull my concealed weapon and kill youI get away with it because I was the first one threatened with a deadly weaponThe above actually happened, though there was no knife involved.These are generalizations; there are always circumstances to every case. But in general, if you use deadly force against self defense and cannot prove to a jury that a reasonable person (this is a legal term, I’ve never met a reasonable person yet) would fear for their life were they in your shoes.

Long story, help me though. please !?

He's your first love. You're first every thing. I was 16 too when my heart was broken for the first time and let me tell you we were together for 4 months. He was my first everything. He was jealous like yours. He was a man-whore like yours- disappearing for days at a time and having been with a lot of girls. He lied all the time about and covered his butt about rumors I'd hear and like you- I always chose his side, even though a part of me believed he was lying. I didn't want to break up with him AT ALL. But deep down I knew it was not right- all my friends we saying that I was crazy for staying and putting up with it but... what I learned is that, no matter how many people tell you it's wrong, that you're crazy to stay- only you can be ready to take on that pain. You'll know when the time is right. Kudos for know that your relationship is going downhill and is coming to an end. It is unfortunately. You are crying, yes. It's terrible. But understand you are crying over the IDEA of him not him exactly. I don't want to tell you how you're feeling but I'll tell you that I was afraid of being alone again, I was sad to let go of all our good times. What I did was write down all the crap he put me through. Every time I'd get sad, I'd look at that list and think, why do I want to put up with that again? When you are over him, that's the time it's okay to remember the good times- but for now focus on all the s*** he put you through. If you decide to end it, when you're ready- be prepared for him to say he'll change, that he loves you, that he can't imagine life with out you. Be prepared for him to cry or become angry and mean. Guys are so unpredictable. Having sex with him makes it even more difficult too. That's a huuuuge part of it... had that not happened this situation would have been way easier to let go. Everyone has to go through this though. Without this experience, how would we know how special our next love is? I'm sorry your heart is broken. It'll get better through time- it took me about a year unfortunately... :(

Why is it so hard to be just friends with someone you like a lot? Please help. What should I do?

Ok I don't want to make it long and bore the he11 out of ya' but I've known this one girl since October 2008 and and ever since that day I had fallen for her. I was her first boyfriend and she was my first girlfriend and I was her first kiss and she was my first kiss (lol) and I just liked her so much (still do). She has put me through a lot and she did apologize though because she's hurt me a lot. Sometimes she doesn't even know it. I had asked her out again about 2 weeks ago but all she said was that she just wanted to be friends and yet sometimes she calls me this little cute nick names and tells me she loves me but I just find it hard to be friends with her because I want her to be more than just my friend. What I hate the most is that she always tells me how hot this guy is (multiple guys) and it always pisses me off! I am that jealous type. I can't stop thinking about her, I always look at her pics (I know it makes it tougher), and it always brings me down because I know I can't have her.

She knows that I still like her a lot and honestly being just friends is just hard for me sometimes. I mean I'm a good guy, respectful, and really do care about her (I'm not no pu$$y I just do like her). God I've been through this before with her and I don't want to go through it again you know? I'm lost because honestly this is my first love I guess. I just don't think I want to be stuck on her anymore like that. It's been too long and it hurts me.

I don't know if it matters but I'm 17 years old and she 15 (bout to tunr 16 soon). I already know that I'm not going to be the only guy she going to be with of course she'll be with more guys in the future. Should I just accept her wishes and just drop the 'getting with her' thing?

Help please and thanks.