Noise And Vibration Coming From My 03 Ford Explorer Front End

95 ford explorer front end grinding noise when not accelerating. And od flashing.?

I just Purchased a 95 ford explorer sport and it runs great shifts great and all but while I m driving it and let up on the gas with no acceleration on the motor it makes a loud metal on metal grinding noise in the front end. Don t think it s the trans cause it shifts great, it sounds like a bearing spun out then dies down. Steady acceleration it don t do it. Any help is appreciated, I m mechanically inclined and have had many vehicles but this is weird. Thanks.

04 Ford Explorer Steering Noise?

I have a 2004 Ford Explorer XLT about 95k miles. I recently changed all four ball joints (they were worn down to almost nothing) Afterward the car started making a low humming noise that starts as soon I start driving and gets louder the faster I go. around 50mph it gets loud and I can feel it in the steering and pedals, just a slight vibration nothing to serious but noticeable. It completely goes away when I make a right hand turn but not when I make a left hand turn. Any ideas? I checked for play on the front end wheels and its fine and I recently changed both front tires for new ones. Rubber on right side Tie Rod is started to peel btw....

How can I get rid of front-end vibration in my 1997 Ford Expedition ?

start simple- you (or someone who borrowed your truck) may have hit a curb and thrown the tire off balance. next I would check the outter-tire rod arms. this is done by grabbing the tire (9 & 3 like a clock) with the endine off and in park and see if you can make the tire wobble. If it wobbles or feels loose it could be a bad tie rod. if that is not the problem it could be a drive axel going out. That is checked by getting under the truck while it is off and in park and grabbing the drive axel tightly and feeling it for play vertically and horizontally. Normally, even if the drive axel is going out you wont get muc play, but if it does DONT DRIVE IT another foot. I would recommend bringing it to a 4x4 shop (not midas or car-x) and letting them check throught the 4x4's I am willing to bet that it is an off balance tire. 2 of my sisters have explorers - 1 with 190k miles (1997) and nothing serious, the other with 150k miles (1995) with nothing too. good trucks if you take care of them.

2003 Explorer, vibration when turning?

Do you remember having any differential services done lately? Front or rear drive axle service is what i mean. If you did what probably happened is the person that changed the fluid did not add the proper additive if you have a posi-trac rear end. Ford has a specific additive you need to add otherwise that specific problem can happen. If you haven't had that service done I would take it to the Ford dealer and have them service it and add the additive. If that doesn't help go a little deeper.

What is making this squeaking noise on my Ford Explorer?

I have a '97 For Explorer XLT V6. Whenever I go over bumps or turn the steering wheel I hear squeaking noises.

The bump squeaking is clearly something with the suspension. I've had one shock absorber replaced but still makes noise.

The squeaking I hear while turning is the same sound (or at least sounds the same) except its only when actually turning the wheel.

Anyone have any ideas about what is the likely culprit? Like I said, my mechanic changed 1 shock, but the sound persisted and I'm wondering whether they even bothered looking into the problem at all.

99 Explorer A.W.D. (5.0) Front differential noise?

Front end engages through the transfer case, and as far as your growling noise I would suspect another component to be faulty - such as a wheel bearing, as opposed to the differential itself.

My 03 ford explorer makes a grinding noise while turning any guess what it could be?

Explorers are not front-wheel drive, David. Thumbs down for you.

Does the grinding come from the front end? How many miles are on it. Is it only when in movement that it grinds? Does it also grind while at a full stop and turning the steering wheel? Specifics are needed.

Ford Explorer Wheel Noise?

If the sound is like a rah rah rah as your going down the road, it may very well be your wheel bearings, costly to replace.

Could be your rims are warped, as the wheel travels down the road you will get a whiring sound. Do you have vibration in the steering wheel ?

Could be your outter tie rod ends are worn, this would allow the wheels to run down the road with a slight wobble.

Do what I would do if you can, ride with someone a friend and drive your friends car and let him drive yours, as you travel side by side you'll be able to see if the wheel is rotating truely down the road, if you see a wobble, now you know.

I wanted to add that it could also be the Front Drive axle going bad, if this snaps, your stuck where you are.

Ford Explorer Thumping HELPPP Please!?

Hello, I have a 03 Ford Explorer V8 auto. I had 22s on it which made the studs on the drivers side snap, in turn i replaced the wheel hub. I then had to drive the vehicle for a while with 17s on the front and the 22s on the back. After a little while a thumping that could be felt from the front end started. Immediately I thought it was the transmission. I took it to a transmission place and they checked it and said everything was fine with the transmission and told me that bcoz i have the 2 different sized wheels on it, its confusing the computer - the computer is working against itself. I then changed the rims back to 17s all round. The thumping did not go away. The thumping is not constant all the time. It only happens when the car has been driven a bit and it only starts thumping when slowing down. i will slow down for traffic lights and it will thump thump thump and then when i get to about 5kms it stops just before i come to a complete halt. If i go around a roundabout and apply my brakes it will thump when slowing down but when i take my foot off the brake pedal and still going at a slow speed the thump will still continue unless i go down to about 5kms. i have at times felt the brake pedal move when ive applied the brakes to slow down, its like a sharp vibration on my foot through the pedal. Its never failed though. The thump definetly feels like its coming from the front end and its definetly got something to do with slowing down and the vehicle has to be used for a bit. I know the ball joints need replacing and the wheel bearings but what else could it be? We have thought about disconnecting the tail shaft to see if thats it...?