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Non Black Men How Can We Protest And Boycott Against Black Women Being On Tv Since We All Think

Why are protests more popular than boycotts? Wouldn't going after the income sources of politicians and their donors be more effective?

The basic answer is a protest doesn't require any real sacrifice other then a couple of hours of someones time. Marching through the street and chanting is a way to feel good about yourself and gives you a sense of accomplishment and as a bonus, you might get lucky and even get your picture in the news. This would give you street cred with your fellow finger waving friends.Boycotting would require real sacrifice. You would most likely have to give up something you like or some creature comforts your accustomed to like the hippies of the 60’s that dropped out and formed communes or the black people that walked to work during the bus boycotts.If Americans really cared, I mean like really cared, like they did in the 60’s then 81% of all American adults with internet wouldn't be using Facebook.Mark zuckerberg and Eduardo Saverin, famously renounced U.S. citizenship, to avoid paying taxes to Uncle Sam when Facebook went public.Saverins stake at the time about 4 percent, according to the website Who Owns Facebook. At the high end of the IPO valuation, that would be worth about $3.84 billion. Zuckbergs was at 25 % which equals an insane amount of money. That off course is just the IPO, with the ongoing taxes (depending on what state they lived in) its not hard to say the two of them moving has cost the United States at least a billion since they renounced in 2012/2011A left wing protestor should be asking themselves, How many poor people could have been fed and housed with that tax money? A right wing protestor should be asking themselves, How many jobs could have been created?Nobody is asking though and everyone it seems is still using facebook. To not use facebook would just be to inconvenient and walking up and down the street chanting is just easier.

Why do people protest against the president? Does it make any difference?

Yup, Americans are wasting their time protesting. It’s not like protests ever accomplished ANYthing of note or signified anything about the state of society.Oh, that? That’s only an image depicting the 1765 Stamp Act protests (riots). That got the ball rolling on a little thing called the American Revolution.This? Just an artist’s depiction of the 1786 Shays’ Rebellion. Just a little thing that brought about creation of the U.S. Constitution.This?Just a protest against a court case in Boston against slavery and the fugitive slave act in 1854. It was one of the events that led up to a little thing that became the Civil War and Emancipation.I think this one from 1913 speaks for itself:Speaking of this one… I’ll note that they DID change the president’s mind. In 1912 Woodrow Wilson was non-committal on woman suffrage.This one from 1932:Oh, it didn’t affect the sitting president at all.Oh this from 1965? Nothing to be seen here:Oh, nope, this demonstration from the late 60s accomplished nada.Yup, American history is full of a bunch of protest nothing-burgers! All those people should have just shut the hell up because they did NOTHING.I won’t even mention little things relevant to world history like the French Revolution, Russian Revolution, the creation of the nations of India and Israel,the ending of Apartheid, among others. I’ve also not mentioned all the right-wing protest movements that have worked in the past, just in case conservatives think that other conservatives never have rallies.The actual demonstrations are just outward representations of a group of people’s opinions or feelings. They are step 1 and maybe step 2. They are just to get people’s attention. If you feel strongly about something and you just sit in your house, precisely ZERO people from the rest of the world are going to join you.If you care about something enough to protest, maybe 1 will join you, then the other can get the word out. If you protest again, maybe 10, and 2 help get the word out. Again, maybe 100 and 10 help organize the next one. If you can get 1 million people out, maybe 10,000 or 50,000 of them are willing to do real, discernible legwork to make some actual policy or societal changes, in part motivated because they know that 1 million people support their cause and the demonstration was the proof.If you do nothing but sit and whine, or type on the internet, you get zero supporters and that’s all you’ll EVER get.

For White women and other non-Black women who date Black men. Tell me which do you find more attractive?

Hmm: Maybe because most black men (unlike whities), like women with GOOD PERSONALITIES and not stupid bitches who only want some "dark oil" whatever the **** that means. Re-asses yourself. You may or may not be physically attractive, but even if you're hot, you are definitely NOT beautiful and more than likely, any self respecting REAL black man will not put up with your bullshit.

Why aren't there as many black men with white women on TV as there are white men with black women?

That's actually an interesting question, and it speaks to the heart of American racism, sexual taboos and gender dynamics.Like so many racial issues, it dates back to the days of slavery.  Slave-owners were in a position that was hard to resolve:  they had to present and believe that their slave were inferior to them, even subhuman, in order to justify enslaving them.  However, importing thousands and thousands of human beings meant that, inevitably, people would start connecting romantically and sexually.  That threatened to erase the lines between the races on which their power was built.  In response, a strong taboo against interracial relationships evolved.  But there was another problem.  Men being men, a lot of slaveholders still wanted to have sex with their female slaves.  Officially, all interracial relationships were considered taboo, but a double standard emerged in which white men sleeping with, or even raping black women was more or less winked at, while any relationship between a black man and a white woman created visceral anger.  The assumption of the time was that men always initiated the sexual relationships, and white men crossing racial lines was seen as a mild transgression, while black men doing so would generally get them killed.While we've become more enlightened in modern times, our old prejudices absolutely linger.  In the minds of many, an white man dating or marrying outside his race doesn't really bother most people, while a black man  dating or marrying a white woman is still seen by many as sexual corruption of "our" women.  A lot of people wouldn't admit that, but are still uncomfortable at the idea.  (Note that relationships are still being defined in terms of what the man does).TV and movie executives are primarily concerned with how much money their shows will make.  They also tend to be old, white men.  These men have their own prejudices.  They'll insist that they, personally, have nothing against interracial relationships, but that showing Will Smith or Denzel Washington kissing a white woman would scare audiences away.As the 21st century moves on, there are signs that this is finally starting to change, but for the longest time, American mass media was dominated by white guys, and there are just certain things that white guys didn't want to see.

Things to boycott?

Walmart absolutely ----- I've been boycotting them for over 10 years.

And by doing that you are going a long way toward boycotting goods made in China, too.

I used to boycott Nestle- but hadn't heard anything about it in so long I stopped. Thanks for the reminder - I'll start my boycott again.

Why the non-Asians protesting when it's not their issue?

Here are some very basic facts:

1. Tibet has been part of China ever since the Yuan dynasty.
2. Only a VERY small percentage of Tibetans are rioting, while the rest are actually against the riots.

Personal opinion:
1. Tibet has been a part of China since the 13th century. It's a joke to think that Tibet can actually succeed with getting its independence.
2. Countries in the west have very biased media, and are influencing the mass to be against the Chinese. First of all, these people don't know anything about China and are very ignorant with the complicated issues in China. 5000 years of history in China calls for very complicated issues and not many people have a full understanding of these issues.
3. Many people in the west criticize China's human rights violations. There are 2 kinds of these people:
a. People who truly care about China and want the world to become a better place, urging governmental changes in policies.
b. People who are against China because they fear that China will become too powerful one day, and want China to look bad.---- Bringing us to the Olympics:
4. The Olympics have nothing , whatsoever, to do with politics, and people like Sarcozy and Hilary Clinton (well, Hilary would say anything to become president) want to boycott the Olympics for this issue. That is unjust and outrageous. These are the anti-Chinese people who see this as an oppurtunity to make China look bad.
5. You have to understand that as I said before, issues in China are very complicated, and things have to improve little by little. First of all, 80 percent of chinese people are farmers, plus its long history add to the complication. If China were to do as the western criticizers say and fix their human rights policies right away, the country would undoubtedly fall apart. China has already improved GREATLY over the years, and they need to keep on doing it little by little.

Boycott rappers who demean women?

Okay when Don Imus made his comment it was specific to that basket ball team. They were playing a championship game in which they lost. Then here comes a national sydicated radio talk show host with his rude and disrespectful comment! Imagin how they felt to hear that. Thats why I said the issue was between him and that basket ball team, since the comment was so specifically made. Rappers rap about their lives and the issues they may have. It may be about society. Lets break down the genres of rap music Ganter rap where you will find ...N.W.A. - rapped about the police brutality the gang violence and the women in their lives. Ice-T epressed his encounter with drugs and gangs Snoop Dogg gangs and drugs in his life and the women he encountered Westside Connection rapped about Their life in California and the west coast and the women in their lives 50 Cent the man was shot nine times, sold drugs, went to prison he told his story about that, he talks about his son Ice Cube talked about his life in South central Los Angeles, how wicked society was MC Eiht Kurupt Emeniem rapps about his mom, his wife, his daughter and woment in general Crunk These artist are more dance hall rappers meaning their music is specific to the club scene. Lil’ Jon & The Eastside Boyz David Banner Lil’ Scrappy Pitbull Youngbloodz Rasheeda Trillville Crime Mob Bone Crusher Jacki-O East coast hip Hop where you will find: Rakim Nas The Wu-Tang Clan Ghostface Killah KRS-One Jay-Z Kool G Rap Big Daddy Kane GangStarr A Tribe Called Quest Mobb Deep The LOX AZ None of the above rappers specifically made a comment about that womens basket ball team! Plus Don imus has about 3 million listeners. A rapper is lucky if he sells a million copies. The issue is actually bigger than Don Imus, this basket ball team was an excuse to get him off the air, just like the slaves were the excuse for the civil war they were not the real issue!. The reason for Imus being fired is a political one, I can promise you that. Research Dick Cheney and his background in the white house Imus made some comments concerning Dick cheny and the Bush administration. I will leave it at that. Don't believe the hype!

How do we end the stereotype of black men being dangerous and violent?

In the US and Mexico, we better start with the police. As long as this stereotype -- any stereotype --  is believed by any police agency, we're not going to progress as a western society.As long as poverty is allowed to fester, and opportunities denied to the poor, we're going back in time.As long as our system of public education continues to suck, we will remain in this cesspool of fetid racial profiling.As long as police insist on treating protesters as thugs, the less respect the police will receive, and we will drift toward anarchy.As long as Pena Nieto, the president of Mexico is in office, the stereotype in that country will include anyone -- students, women, anyone who lifts their voice in protest.I have a black neighbor, a great guy, professional, high income, single father, his hobby and sideline is buying old classic American cars, fixing them up and selling them. Every time he gets one that's in bad shape and drives it to his shop, he gets the evil eye from cops. Black male in a beat up car. They follow him.Don't anyone tell me there isn't racial profiling by cops in this country.And as long as that continues, more young black guys are going to die.

Whats with all these black people protesting and banning Huckleberry Finn????

Ha, I'd watch your approach on this landing or you might go right off the runway.

Though I totally understand your point. People sometimes get real narrow minded, but there is a very complex thing going on here also -- the reason some african-americans might not like the book is because of many events which have lead to a certain, very concrete system of beliefs that they may feel is challenged in some way by the book.

On the other hand, from my point of view, obviously and without question Huck Finn is not a racist book. It's silly to think so. It's also a mentality of the herd, where a community (and this is true of all communities in general) has a tendency to fall into line with integral "leader" figures that may be taking certain issues to the extreme. Personally, I think reverend Jackson and a few others take the race issue way too far, to the point of absurdity, and voting for Obama just because he's black is dangerous. You can't ignore a person in lieu of a skin tone and frankly it's insulting to the man.

Similarly, you can't ignore a story in lieu of a narrow interpretation of content and get any kind of valid truthfulness out of it.

I hope Yahoo Answers doesn't take this question down. I know it isn't PC but it is certainly valid. Also, this question could be posed about any variety of groups of individuals and still have a point to make. Example: some uber-conservative mothers would take many classic fiction books off the shelves of schools that they do not truly understand and have not studied, just because of a "herd mentality" like I described earlier. They focus on one aspect and rely on propagandizing their cause since there is no true validity to it past the fact that they believe it violates their morals.

Anyways, good question. I'd just be careful because as silly as the boycott may seem to you and I, I'm white and I'm guessing you are too. I am not a member of the black community in search of true equality, nor am I a conservative mother trying to protect her kids, so my perspective is skewed in much the way theirs is, albeit in a slightly different direction.

What do these quotes mean: "Once you go black you never go back" and "Once you go white nothing ever goes right"?

I was once married to a black woman and we have a daughter.Nobody has particularly thrown this at me. It may have a lot to do with the fact that I’m a Baha’i, and for us interracial marriage is encouraged rather than discouraged if the couple is compatible otherwise. Plus I am rich and have a good education. I imagine that plays some kind of role. Finally, I think such things tend to be harder for black guys with white women.Anyway, from having heard it here and there, my impression is that part of the meaning, at least, is that white women who date, live with or marry black guys are often stigmatized for it. If that doesn’t work, it is unlikely that white guys will want to date them afterwards.Many or all of the other meanings that people put forward here may also be as true, or truer.I like the idea that once a white person really “gets” all the unnecessary stress that black people go through in the U.S., they can’t unlearn what they’ve become aware of. Although denial is not just a river in Africa.