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Non-stop Coughing What Could It Be

Help with non stop coughing?

I have a cold with a really bad cough. Sometimes, in school, I cough and can't stop for about 5/10 minutes. I try to stop coughing, but I can't. I usually can control it. But ever since yesterday, where I spend 30 minutes coughing non stop, I can't control it. I'll get a drink of water, but that won't stop. I would go to the nurse, but all they will do is give me cough drops. The next time I get one of these 'coughing sprees' what should I do so they won't last as long.

I can't stop coughing?

One thing that usually helps me is sitting in the bathroom on the toilet or floor and running hot water in the shower and letting the steam build up in the room. It usually opens up my air passages when I am having a bad asthma day and stops the tickle of my coughs.

Non stop cough?

It all depends on the type of cough you have. Is it a dry hacking cough, is their alot of phlegm? Their are different medications for different symptoms. You can ask your pharmacist..he/she will be more than happy to help you out. If your cough has lasted for more than 7 days I would definitely see a doctor. The cough may be a symptom of another problem like a respiratory infection. If that is the case you will need an antibiotic prescribed by your doctor.
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Help!! I can't stop coughing!!?

I'm surprised the doctor did not prescribe a Codeine cough syrup to relieve your severe coughing. I don't know how old you are, but if you can drink alcohol, you may mix bourbon and honey to make a homemade cough syrup that will help calm your cough. I think it was about 50/50 mix (half bourbon and half honey) and you just need to take a tablespoon or two at a time. If you are not drinking age, then get some cough drops to suck on or some hard candy to relieve the constant tickle. Also a honey and lemon juice mixture can help. I'm so sorry. You are going to be so sore from coughing. Try to sleep propped up instead of flat when you go to bed tonight. Good luck!

My 4 year old can't stop coughing?

If cough medicine isn't helping, then you'll need to get him into the doctors. You don't have to rush him to the ER, a regular appointment for tomorrow will be just fine. While waiting, you can give him the cough medicine (and follow the dosage amount), if he will drink regular tea (not herbal) and honey, that will help with his cough and a sore throat (which he is probably developing). If he won't do tea, try warm water and honey. Use a vaporizer in his room tonight, and I've always used a little bit of Vapor Rub to put on my son's chest before he goes to bed. It relieves cough and makes breathing easier. Make sure you administer correctly, per the instructions.

My kid has been coughing non-stop for a long time and the doctor said it is a normal cough. Should I suspect anything abnormal?

It all depends upon what you consider a long time and what kind of cough. Is it wet? Is it dry? Is it more in the morning? More when he first lays down for bed? When he goes outside? Does it sound like a little irritation or is it deep? I think more information is needed to give a good suggestion.My son has asthma and coughs more at night when he first lays down (and then all night long), it sounds barky like croup, and it sounds like it’s from the upper respiratory system, not deep in his chest.

Smoked weed and can't stop coughing?

My friend had a cold yesterday (stuffy nose, coughing) and smoked weed. Today he's gotten rid of the sniffles and the stuffy nose but can't stop coughing and think he might have done something wrong yesterday when he smoked. Is that even possible? Could he have inhaled it wrong so that it gave him a non-stop cough?