Not Hungry At All . What Do I Do

Not hungry while on period?

This isn't weird. It's completely normal. Because your hormone's are raging, your brain (, and nervous system), and the some of the chemicals in your body are working differently. And as you know already, you feel bloated and this can cause you to be put off of eating or on the other hand just make you feel full. But anyway, this is normal :]

Is it normal not to get hungry all day?

As a rule, if what you're asking is "is it normal not to get hungry at all during the time between you get up and when you go to bed", I would say, No, assuming that this means you're not eating either.Hunger tends to vary for several reasons, one of them being hormonal fluctuations, another the amount of energy you've expended. Also, if you're not feeling well, or you're depressed, this often suppresses your appetite. They used to think that cancer made you lose weight, for example, until a study showed that it was just that people who feel very unwell don't eat much.Having said all this - and so long as you're reasonably healthy and have no reason to visit a doctor apart from your concern about your appetite - it's important to eat regularly even if you don't feel hungry. Your body needs lots of nutrients, not just the protein/carbs/fat that give you calories (and, yes, fat is a necessary part of your diet, as there are nutrients that can't be obtained any other way, for example, vitamin E). Although you can take supplements, you should also be eating a good varied diet with plenty of fibre to keep your organs healthy. That doesn't mean you have to eat a lot. But you should eat a small meal two or three times a day.If you've been dieting for a long time, believing the propaganda that is part of everyday life for us women nowadays, then your appetite may have dropped away because you are heading towards an eating disorder. If this is the case, then whatever your other health concerns may or may not be, you should consult a doctor as soon as possible, giving them the information they need to give you good advice - and take that advice on board.

Some days I'm just not hungry. Is that okay?

It can be normal but usually when someone's depressed etc, which you say you're not.

If you're worried, see your doctor as there may be some other medical problem causing it. It is SO important that if you have a medical issue you don't get advice purely over the internet - it could be extremely dangerous. You should listen to your doctor's advice or the advice of a trained medical professional the most, the internet can be full of rubbish that could harm you.

I too sometimes feel like this, usually when I'm tired. Try to eat normally - it better for your body not to mention your friends and family's emotions.

I haven't eaten in 24 hours and I'm not hungry at all?

I get this as well, more often than I would like. It is a borderline eating disorder, I think. (well, if you are 'purging' 2x a week, that's an indication of more than a borderline eating disorder). It's like there is a 'disconnect' where my brain doesn't get the "I'm hungry" thought-pattern. I've been known to go a day, or even two days, without eating anything (and not feeling hungry). Then when I do try to eat (because I'm all shaky since my body has no energy), my empty stomach will reject it, not to mention that at those times I tend to find food unappealing. (In my case, it may be due to the fact that I worked in the food service industry for most of my working life. I enjoy cooking new recipes ... but at other times food is just unappealing to me ... even though I have a lot of it in my pantry and fridge and freezer.)

Yes, you should eat anyway. This is what I mentally describe to myself as "This is *not* an 'if I feel like it' scenario ... this is a *must do* scenario."

One of my 'saviors' has been a dairy product, some yogurt smoothie type thing that has lots of calories, protein, and carbohydrates, plus lots of vitamins and minerals. 300 calories and 20 grams of protein in a strawberry or chocolate shake type of thing. Gulp that down even if you're not feeling hungry and your body will be happy. (Not high in fat either; made by Lucerne if that's available in your area. Something called 'Protein Plus', although I'm not trying to advertise it. I'm just saying it's a good product.)

Wtf does coffee make you feel full? and not hungry?

im straving waiting for dinner to cook , had a cup of coffee and now i actually feel full and not hungry at all? is that normal, ive never noticed it before, but thinking bout it it does normally supress appetitte a bit..btw i do not use this to lose weight, i was juts wondering cos it seemed weird or just a coincidence.

Only eating 800 calories, but not hungry. what do i do?

hey y'all. i'm 18 years old, female, 5'2'', 150 pounds. I'm trying to lose weight, so i tracked all my calories today on the MyFitnessPal app, and I'm only eating around 800 calories. i don't want my body to go into starvation mode, so this number seems a little low, but i'm not sure. i'm not hungry at all, and i'm getting all my vitamins and stuff, so i don't know what to do. here's what i'm eating today:

Breakfast (9AM): Del Monte Naturals No Sugar Added Fruit Cup (peaches)

Snack (11AM): O'Soy Yogurt (strawberry)

Lunch (1:30PM): 1 Vegan Boca Burger (no bun, no condiments, just the burger), 1 serving baby carrots, 1 T nasoya super hummus

Snack (after work out, around 6PM): soy protein shake (organic unsweetened soy milk, soy protein powder)

Dinner (around 6:30PM): 1/2 Cup brown rice, 1 Cup SteamFresh veggies (asian medley), 1 T low-sodium soy sauce

that all adds up to: 798 calories, 14g fat, 25g fiber, 79g protein, and over 100% Vitamins A+C, and Calcium and Iron.

i also worked out (elliptical, bike, and free weights) today and burned 286 calories, and i'm doing a zumba class tonight which will burn another 300-400 calories.

so is it okay that i'm only eating around 800 calories? if not, what should i add?