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Not Wearing Your Retainer For 2 Days

Is it okay to not wear your retainer for 2 days?

Sometimes it does. Retainers are very important and for some, not wearing it for a couple of days will make their teeth shift again. Do you still have dental wax? If this is the type of situation that needs it then I guess you could use it for now.

Not wearing your retainer for 2 days ?

So I have PE in school..and today is Friday so on accident i left my retainer in my locker...i wont get it back untill Monday during 6th period...will my teeth shift ? Because i just got my braces off yester day...and idont want to have braces all over again.

Can not wearing a retainer for 2 days shift your teeth?

Hey! My brother accidentally stepped on my top retainer, which ended up getting bent on one side. It doesn't feel right To put it on & ive read that if it is bent to not wear it. My orthodontics, sadly, only is opened twice a week. I can't wear my retainers for 2 days. I've had my retainers for a whole year wearing it almost 24/7, now I just wear it at night and any spare time I can. Will it shift?

Is it bad not wearing a retainer for two nights?

There won't be any problem if you don't wear your retainer for one, two or three days. But this habit should not continue as not wearing retainers leads to treatment failure. So get your new retainer asap.

Will not wearing retainer for a day make a difference in my teeth?

I had my braces off for 5 months now and I'm supposed to wear retainers 24/7 still since my teeth were super crooked before. I kind of left my retainer in my lunch bag at school by accident today... Do you think not having my retainers on will make my teeth shift a lot during the night? To the point where the retainer doesn't fit anymore? Or am I being really paranoid right now? :P

Is it OK to go without wearing my retainer for a day GIVE ME YOUR STORYS!?

So I got my retainer, JUST GOT IT, and I was wondering if like in a few months can i skip a day or something, I heard your not supposed to do it for more than two hours, but im guessing alot of people skip it, give me your storys!

I went a few days without wearing my retainer. Now it feels extremely tight. If I wear it nearly 24/7, will my teeth go back to where they were?

If it's only been a few days, then the retainers will probably be able to fit well enough to get you back to where you want to be.  Too many missed days, and you may need to see your orthodontist to evaluate the changes.  The retainers are feeling tight because of slight shifting (relapse) of the teeth, and the soreness is generally the result of pressure against the teeth (like the feeling when you first got your braces put on).  Your thought of wearing the retainers more is correct.  Wear the retainers as much as you can, and things may settle back into place and get more comfortable.

What happens if you don't wear your retainer for two days?

One side of my bottom/permanent retainer fell off and my dentist is closed for the next two days since it's Sunday and then Labor Day. I've only had my braces off for about a month. Will anything happen to my teeth?