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Now That The Majority Of The Us Cant Stand Obama Is That Fool Going To Do Something Desperate Like

What does Barack Obama think of Donald Trump? Has he ever expressed something related to him?

What does President Barack Obama think of Trump? Let’s count ‘em. Insecure, egotistical, Angry, immature, liar, b/s artist, not a true billionaire, etc. If there are any other aspects about this FAKE prez, Trump. Please! By all means fill in the blank____________________.The first encounter President Obama had with Trump at the White House. President Obama could sense Trump was not paying attention. The second meeting President Obama tried his best to explain the seriousness of being president. Again. Trump was ignorant to the fact of what being president would entail. TRUMP JUST DID NOT PAY ATTENTION. We the people are now paying the price of this incompetent boob.The lack of knowledge on both Domestic/Foreign front is proof positive Trump is incoherent.The first US embarrassment would be at both G-7,G-20 conferences. The US was made to look like we were represented by a buffoon. You Bethca!!!!!Trump was made a fool of, and was laughed at by leaders of other nations. As Angela Merkel stated at the G-20. “The US is not the leader ‘She’ once was of the free world.” Thanks Trump!In no time in history that I can remember has a successor demeaned, showed lack of respect of his predecessor the way Trump has to President Obama. As bad as Bush was. President Obama had respect for Bush as former Chief Executive.Many in the US and ’round the world wanted President Obama to bring War Crimes Charges against Bush/Cheney. President Obama stated. “There will be no more talk on this subject as long as I am president.” Respect whether right or wrong. Bush looks great because of Trump. Bush should send a thank you card to Trump for upping his approval ratings.President Obama as we all know is a decent man. As far as telling anyone outside of his family and close friends. President Obama will not say one way or another about his thoughts on Trump. It just isn’t worth President Obama’s time and effort.

Who here think MCcains too old for office and really stands no chance?

well seeing as you seemed to have watched the news for 5 minutes and came to this conclusion i can't agree with obama or mcCain. you're ragging on the guys age not his policies. reason i hate the fact people my age of 18 to like 20 or what not is because they're not critical on who can do the better job and pick at stupid thing and make it an american idol contest. i agree they both have some good to offer the country and bad.

Why are black people so materialistic?

i noticed that to that's why they are poor because they spend money on pimped out clothes and rimes and all that ****