Now That The U.s. Supreme Court Has Legalized Photo Voter I.d. To Prove That You Can Legally Vote

Can you prove to me that illegal aliens don't vote?

No it can't be proved that they don't vote. It can be proved that they are NOT suppose to though. But illegal proponents tend to misinform the illegals and protest that they do have "a right to vote" regardless of their status in the U.S.

History of suffrage in the United States
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In the United States, suffrage is determined by the separate states, not federally. There is no national "right to vote". The states and the people have changed the U.S. Constitution five times to disallow states from limiting suffrage, thereby expanding it.

15th Amendment (1870): no law may restrict any race from voting
19th Amendment (1920): no law may restrict any sex from voting
23rd Amendment (1961): residents of the District of Columbia can vote for the President and Vice-President
24th Amendment (1964): neither Congress nor the states may condition the right to vote in federal elections on payment of a poll tax or other type of tax
26th Amendment (1971): no law may restrict those 18 years of age or older from voting because of their age

Suffrage (from the Latin suffragium, meaning "vote") is the civil right to vote, or the exercise of that right.

"No special status according to wealth for people who break the law."

"They should be deported as existing law dictates. We'd like to see their assets seized to compensate American taxpayers who are losing billions of dollars due to rampant illegal immigration," said William Gheen, president of Americans for Legal Immigration.

"We need to send a strong message to people who would like to come to the US that disrespect for our laws will not lead to prosperity," said Gheen.

Did you see that the federal court upheld Georgia's voter ID requirement law?

My district recently went to all mail in ballots. I think it is a terrible decision. It may improve turnout, but if you are not able to make the simple sacrifice to go to a polling place to perform your voting duty. Our right to franchise is guaranteed to citizens. I firmly believe that short of extreme physical limitations, voting should be done in person and eligibility to vote including proof of identification should be required to vote. A recent case showed a woman in Washington state who registered her dog to vote to prove that it is too easy to register without being a legitimate voter. It is our solemn duty to inform ourselves and vote responsibly. I don't want my vote to be diluted by those who are not legally eligible to place a vote. If we want to expand the voting electorate, that's what constitutional amendments are for - I would be more than happy to undergo some polling-place inconveniece proving my eligibility than know that the person voting next to me may be illegally usurping a right not granted to them.

Why do conservatives claim: "activist judges legalized gay marriage" ?

This is not a myth. You are engaging in wordplay when you say that "judges" didn't legalize gay marriage because these "judges" are called "justices." I don't exactly see how the Constitution can be read to mandate gay marriage, as I don't think the Framers intended to create a right to gay marriage, nor the Congressmen and state legislators who passed the 14th Amendment believe they were voting for gay marriage. Some states may have legalized gay marriage through the legislature, but a majority of voters have never voted in favor of gay marriage in any of the endless referendums on this issue.

I personally favor gay marriage, but I understand the need to be patient and wait until a majority of people agree. This strategy of ignoring democracy makes no sense, especially considering the fact that we are only a decade or so away from a time when gay marriage wins at the ballot box. In the meantime, I favor upholding the Constitution and requiring states to recognize valid out-of-state contracts. It is clearly unconstitutional to allow the state of Alabama to ignore a valid marriage contract from the state of Massachusetts. If gay marriage is legalized prematurely by activist judges, that could end up jeopardizing the final goal (look at the result of Roe v. Wade; the Supreme Court legalized abortion before public opinion was ready and the anti-abortion movement has regrouped and is now a strong majority).

"In a 6-to-3 Vote, Justices Uphold a Voter ID Law," have you seen this in today's New York Times?

Nobody with any sense is worried about the dead voters because the Secretaries of State are all required, by law, to purge people from the roles upon issuance of a Death Certificate (often also part of the Secretary of State's office). People voting multiple times tends to be a problem, but that has nothing to do with voter ID laws. It usually has to do with people who vote absentee in one state, based on owning a summer home, lake house, condo in a ski community or hunting cabin, and voting in person in their true home state where they have a permanent residence. Do you have any idea what the political affiliation is of most people who own a summer home, lake house, condo in a ski community or hunting cabin and can actually get away with voting multiple times? To David V: If what you say is true, then why hasn't the U.S. Attorney's office, with the millions of dollars that the Bush Administration dedicated to prosecuting just such cases (ignoring real crimes, and firing U.S. Attorneys who wouldn't fall in line with the administration's priorities) been able to successfully prosecute even ONE provable case? Answer - the allegations of widespread voter fraud have proved to be nothing more than a myth wherever and whenever they've been investigated.

How many states have legalized gay marriage?

Four states have legalized same-sex marriage but it is currently only legal in two of those four, Massachusetts and Connecticut.

Massachusetts legalized same sex marriage in May, 2004.

Iowa legalized same sex marriage in August, 2007, but same sex marriages were stopped shortly after a court stayed their decision pending an appeal to Iowa's Supreme Court. Iowa's Supreme Court heard arguments on that case in December, 2008.

California legalized same sex marriage in May, 2008, but the rights of a same sex couple to marry was put to a vote in November, 2008 and same sex marriage is no longer legally recognized. There is a pending California Supreme Court case concerning the legality of same sex marriages already performed and whether revoking the right to marriage requires a legislatively approved revision to the State Constitution instead of a popular-vote Proposition.

Connecticut legalized same sex marriage in October, 2008.

Citizens, 18 or older, male or female, cannot be denied the franchise, except as a criminal sentence under due process of law. That last is why almost all US states ban voting by felons, though most allow restoration of that right when the complete sentence has been served. The pardoned can also vote. No non-citizen is allowed to vote in a federal election. But, note that the Constitution doesn't prevent the several states from having a wider franchise for state and local offices.Right of foreigners to vote in the United States shows several Maryland municipalities that allow alien voting. Scroll up the page and read about how this was allowed more widely in the past.Additional: Will New York City Give Non-Citizens the Right to Vote?That's a National Review article by John Fund. Here's the Think Progress article Fund quotes: More Than A Million New Yorkers May Get The Right To Vote For The First Time Chicago is mentioned as a place non-citizens can vote in school board elections. These local variations can't effect voting for the Federal House or Senate or for President.Note: Cynthia Parker noted that many states allow restoration of voting rights for felons, eventually, and 2 never take them away. It is a patchwork. see:Felony disenfranchisement - Wikipedia