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Number Of Employees Needed To Run Small Restaurant

How many employees would you need to run a gym?

It has nothing to do with number of stories.

It has to do with anticipated number of customers/clients and the hours the gym is going to be open.

I don't know what the standard figures are (one employee per x number of customers), but figure you'll always need one person on the desk checking membership. Beyond that, it's up to you. There's also cleaning and maintenance, some of which has to be performed while the gym is open.

I currently belong to a gym that doesn't seem to have any roving trainers. It's real low-budget ($15 a month), but has all the equipment necessary. I used to belong to a real fancy once that charged $69 a month, and they had a number of people wandering around, helping, plus a dedicated sales staff. (In the cheap one, you go in and the desk person has the paperwork.)

Trainers often operate on commission. They're often independent contractors, not employees. So if they generate income, you (as the owner) receive a percentage. If they don't generate income, they don't cost you a penny.

So I'm not sure there's a "right" answer for you. You can get by with any number above one.

How many employees are needed to run a standard Chili's restaurant?

Well a Chili's type restaurant usually has seating for about 150 or so, and can expect to turn the dining room over 4 or 5 times a night on a busy Friday with good weather. You'll probably want 10 servers just to handle that, as well as 2 or 3 bus bays to clear and clean tables quickly. Add to that 2 or 3 utility guys/dishwashers so you don't run out of plates halfway through service. You'll probably need 2 or 3 bartenders too, as I believe most of these type restaurants serve alcohol and having designated bartenders frees up your servers and saves time. Also, you can get around any "need to be 21 to prepare cocktails" type laws in your state, if you bartenders make the drinks and serve them. (Applebees uses this trick). In the kitchen, it all depends on the skill of the cooks. My kitchen can handle that many with just 3 or 4 people, but we're all classically trained chefs. in this casual dinig chain, you're more likely to be stuck working with kids just out of high-school, trying to pay for college, so you will probably need more. However, a lot of these chains use pre-cooked food and merely heat it to order, we make everything fresh. You'll also need to schedule 2 managers a night, one to keep an eye on the dining room, and one to keep an eye on the kitchen. So what, that adds up to about 25 people, in 4 specialties plus 2 managers?

Of course all of this is just a rounded number, since the actual staff you hire will depend on the size of your restaurant, how many the fire code in your area will let you hire and keep a full dining room, how much business you actually do, and, since Chili's is a franchise, how many the franchisers say you need. There's almost always rules about this in you franchise agreement.

How many employees do I need to manage a 150-room hotel?

150 roomsHousekeepers =15 to 20 rooms each to clean = 8–10 housekeepers2 lobby/Driver public areas 1 am 1 pm (depending on how busy the hotel is.2 night audit 1 part time and 1 full timeRooms operation supervisor ( work reception and housekeeping) = 32 ( supervisor to assist if needed) 1am 1 pm2 flex to work and 2–3 days a week in the am and pm.2 night audit3 maintenance 1 am 1 pm and 3rd preventative maintenanceGM= Overseeing all aspects of hotels rev par, pnl, spmh, etcs.AGM is in change of daily operations/HR/ purchasingOPS MNGR = F&B + Guest relations / supervisor/closing down the house/ maintaining the hotel/ inspectingSupervisor = daily operations = change for workers/ assigning tasks/ schedulesThis is for a basic hotel no restaurant 25–39 employees. ( including leadership)With a restaurant it depends on the type of restaurant.Hope that helps

How many staff is needed to cover 80 restaurants?

This is a wide open question and as others have said we need more information.What are operating hours?what is menu?what is model- quick service, fast casual, fine dining?how much of the menu is scratch?what is skill level of employee pool?

How many employees would a small bakery require at a minimum?

Minimum? I’d say two.You can’t reasonably run a retail business by yourself. What if you’re sick one day, what if you have to go to the dentist? But if you want to keep things really simple, start at two.When I opened my retail bakery I had just myself (in first in the AM, setting up, baking, putting things in motion, opening the shop, overlapping shift with sales/mgr, then some ordering administrative stuff before I headed out). My one employee came in later. She did sales, kept records in order and cleaned up at the end so I could do it all again the next day.After about 6 months or 1 year of that (can’t recall exactly) , we brought on another sales person, then another baker.Eventually we had a staff of 12, but in the early days we ran it with 2.If you are considering taking the plunge, cost it out! Write down ALL your projected expenses and think about how much you could produce/sell. CRUNCH those numbers. Running a bakery is a tough business to actually succeed at.Good luck!

How many employees do I need for my coffee shop?

Well, that's quite the question. Presuming you'd start off relatively small with a primary focus on coffee preparation and a few baked goods/ pastries that are sourced from a bakery, and grow to a medium volume shop, I would say five to seven depending on volume. Making the assumption that your cafe would be open from 8am to 8pm, and baristas came in a half early and stayed a half hour late each day, that would put you at 91 hours of labor. If you have two baristas on shift (Which I would highly recommend) That would put you at 182 hours per week. If you have three full-time and three part time employees that would divvy up the workload fairly evenly. One of the full time staff would have to be the Lead Barista/trainer and you would have to do all the back office/management stuff yourself, or hire a seventh employee to do that. As things level out, it would be best to hire in one or two people that work maybe 12 hours a week, so they can be used for flex shifts or to help cover a shift if an employee cannot work on a day. Hope that helps!

How much money do I need to start a restaurant?

Figure good rule is to have 3 months of sales in the bank to handle issues with a biz.

Building of 2000 sq ft, purchase price, setting up, remodel, ovens, grills, fridges, counters, silverware, plates, every last thing you need including permits, signs, etc. Minus food stock. Just this section I would deem easy 150,000.

Since you are new, you don't know sales yet, so on that note you would have to see what rent or mortgage is on the building, average utilities and such. I would say on average all the basic costs would run you around $5000 per month, if not more. So for a nest egg at least $15,000. But that is not including money back up for food nor labor.

Labor, wow, depends on how many people you have. Lets say just 4 including yourself. That is an easy $2000 per week w/o benefits, insurance, etc. Just all four at $10 per hour. So that is $8000 per month or at least $25,000 for back up.

Then you figure food, this could go from $2000 per month up to $20,000, all depends on what you sell, quality, etc. So we'll say just on average, $3000 per month or say $10,000 for back up.

Now don't forget taxes, as these are paid to Gov. quarterly. So thats another easy $20,000 in the bank untouched you better have as safety.

So now we are more or less done, doors are about to open, yet to collect your first dollar but are about too.... but you have at least $225,000 invested.

Of course this is much much more if you own the building.