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Obama- Enlightened Leader Five-year Plan

What were the most notable accomplishments made by Barack Obama during his presidency?

I give President Obama, and just about any other President, a difficult time because a lot of their decision making, makes little sense to me but I can speak highly of any President I'm versed on, and yes, the includes President Obama.President Obama has made achievements that transverse across a few areas including:1. The ACA, or the Affordable Healthcare Act, which basically expanded healthcare coverage via public and private initiatives and mandates.2. He managed, with a bit of assistance from his predecessor, to navigate the US out of a recession.3. In concert with other parties, he orchestrated the US to address the Ebola crisis in a responsible way.4. Via executive order, he has helped hundreds of thousands of "illegal immigrants" to not only stay here in the US, but by pushing the DREAM Act to let them get an affordable college education.5. Though its not his policy directly, he did withdraw US troops from Iraq. That's up for debate rather he did it or even if it was a gold thing to leave.6. He Presided over a period in which all Americans have the right to marry. While that's an action of the Supreme Court, I'll still score it as a victory for President Obama.7. He managed, in concert with our UN partners, to bring the earth together for true dialogue on climate change.8. The Iranian Nuclear Deal, need I say more?9. Once again, not a direct result of his policies, but under his reign the US has become the largest or second largest oil producer on earth. This is important because its been a message within American politics to always say "make the US energy independent" and well, we're definitely moving that direction rather one is pro oil or not.10. He restored US relations with Cuba, and will be the first President in nearly nine decades to visit Cuba next month.Admittedly so, this was a difficult list to come up with off the top of my head and the order of this list doesn't suggest the importance of the accomplishment.Best,Demetrius Hicks

Has Obama deported more illegal immigrants than previous presidents?

He has deported more undocumented people than any of the recent presidents. I think the main reason is that since he is the first black president he can't afford to look weak in any area. So President Obama has deported more people, and dropped more bombs and droned more people than Bush or Clinton. It is a sad testament to the power of the right-wing that he felt he could not be a more enlightened president.He has shown more progressive streaks in other areas and has many good accomplishments. But his legacy could be so much better had the GOP not obstructed everything he's tried to do. But, that being said, President Obama is a partly at fault himself. He is not a traditional politician. He does not seem to like back room dealing and backslapping that some others reveled in, like Clinton. He also squandered his popularity in the first two years by not working closely with his own party leaders. He ignored them for months. He did not use his massive mailing lists to motivate or energize his base to get things done. Other presidents got things done against opposition, but Obama left most of the politics to others.In the end, he lost the House and then eventually the Senate. It's too bad his latest streak of activism was reserved to his last two years. But I'm still a strong supporter of his and most of his accomplishments.

"If you tell a lie long and loud enough, people will eventually start to believe it" was that really Hitler?

I'm not sure, but it probably was Hitler, but what he didn't know is, if you lie long enough, you go insane.

Difference between: Dem, Lib, Socialist, Communist, Marxist?

A lot.

So, what part of America has islam "always been a part of?"?

Of course it is not true.

America was built by millions of immigrants....predominantly European.

The Islam thing....a foolish lie. We hear it in Britain too. It seems Muslims have to be told how valuable their contribution to everything does not have to be true.

Obama was playing to a Muslim audience but spreading propaganda that is not doubt his Muslim influence at work.

Sadly the gullible buy it....and so do this with a desire to see Islam spread more widely in the US.

America should see the mess that is many European countries and avoid it at all costs.

Some cultures are not compatible......when America gets to the tipping point see the demands of groups like CAIR really take off.