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Obama Is Giving Another Speech On A Military Installation. What Are His Poll Numbers Dropping

According to the Harvard-Harris poll, Trump's approval rating reached 50%, which is higher than Obama's 45%. Why, on Quora, are people overwhelmingly opposing Trump? Do people on Quora overrepresent the voice of the Americans? Why or why not?

I don’t know if you are aware of this, but many on Quora are not from the USA. Those people have not been subjected to the right wing bias of US politics and judge the Trump as we see him.We see a cheap TV ‘star’, who has failed in at least four businesses (bankrupting himself), has a huge ego and is a sex pest too. The Trump has insulted most of the USA’s allies, does NOT understand economics (which may explain the multiple bankrupcies) and threatened real war, as well as starting a trade war (mainly with the USA’s allies. It says it’s policy is ‘America First’, but the way it’s acting seems like it’s intended to be ‘America alone’, with no friends (apart from Putin and Kim Jong Un).When it came to the UK, he made a 92 year old woman stand around waiting for him (if you are going to be late it is consdered good manners to warn your host, but then the Trump doesn’t seem to have any ‘good manners’, insulted our PM (that’s normally OK, we do it all the time) but the Trump made a (recorded) interview with a ‘right wing rag’ criticising her, then when she’d read the ‘rag’ apologised and called it ‘fake news’!Honestly we wonder how the USA could have been so easily conned by an obvious liar, coward and misogynist, but then the poll you quoted might be an indication of the problem. We hope that you come to you senses in 2020 and do not ignore the history of the 1930s.

Why are so many military members and vets against Obama?

I think that Phil King’s response kind of sums everything up: some vets (like Phil King) don’t like Obama because he was president and someone else wasn’t. It’s totally personal and not based on anything other than Phil King’s whims and fancy (and those of people like Phil King).How do we know this?Well, let’s take a look at Phil King’s “Umbrella Assertion.”Phil King also says that “Sadly, forcing the military to comply with political agendas are wrong.” Yet, what is the forced removal of gay and transgender soldiers, if not a “political agenda”? If gay and trans soldiers can meet all the requirements for service, they should be allowed to serve. It is only a “political agenda” that gives the military the right to discharge someone for reasons that have ~nothing~ to do with their ability or desire to serve.Phil King seems unhappy that troops were put “into harms way with out the proper support they needed.” Yet, in the very previous sentence, he states that Obama pulled troops out of harm’s way and concedes that his decision was “a good thing.” Obama was fighting Bush’s war, trying to conclude it with as much honor as he could, given that Iraq was a war of choice that his Republican predecessor initiated on false claims and without committing appropriate resources. Yet, King is mad at Obama. Why?It’s not for the reasons King cites. One can only guess at the real source of his antipathy.

What is the explanation behind Romney getting his butt kicked after the conventions?

Reality is setting in as the show is over. Just wait until the debates, Romney will be a footnote.

Is Obama the worst president ever?

One of, yes.

Before people cry "Bush," let me tell you something a history teacher told my class a decade ago: "The economy takes time to adjust. Clinton Economics should kick in in about 10 years. I'm sure going to feel sorry for you guys having to deal with Clinton's economics..."

These people should also remember that if Bush hadn't moved troops overseas to combat Bin Laden, Bin Laden would still be alive. Finally, remember that for most everything people hate about Bush, Obama has expanded upon. Why was he bailing out companies? And why are we in Libya again?

The fact is that while people can argue in an abstract way that Bush ignored the Constitution (without citing any amendments), they can't ignore that Obama is ACTUALLY trying to side-step it (for example, the Second Amendment).

They can't ignore that his solution for affordable healthcare is to financially punish those who don't get it; telling someone they have to get it doesn't make it affordable. Never mind the fact that there's no criteria. When you drive, you have to have car insurance. If you rent an apartment, you sometimes need renter's insurance. But what about healthcare? I have to have it because...I'm alive in America?

It doesn't change the fact while unemployment numbers have dropped a little, so have the number of available jobs and existing positions dropped a lot; the percentage is based on a ratio between people eligible to work and actual existing jobs. The reality is that more people are out of work, not less.

The only defense he has is that he's kept his promises. Things have changed so much that we hope for more than ever.

That goes for Americans period, regardless of political party. If only Republicans and Democrats could kick the Tea Party and hardcore liberals to the curb so we could go in a direction other than downward spiral.

Why do people oppose Donald Trump just because he says crude, vulgar, and mean things?

I oppose Trump. I applaud when his poll numbers dropped for saying those crude, vulgar and mean things. But that’s not why I oppose him.I am an immigrant, non-christian, non-white person. I have chosen to make USA my home. I had other choices but I picked USA as my home, primarily because I love what this country represents. I have also lived in India (country of birth) and Canada. There is every reason to believe that I would have had a successful career in either of those two countries. But I wanted to live in the USA and USA was willing to have me.The people in this country, generally speaking, are more tolerant of diversity than almost anywhere and have an amazing entrepreneurial spirit. And most people realize that those properties are a strength for this country, not a weakness. I have visited universities in China, even the best ones. And I know they will not beat MIT and Stanford because MIT and Stanford attract the best of the world and Tsinghua can’t. I oppose him because he presents a narrow vision of this country, completely contrary to the ideals this country was founded on. I oppose him because his narrow vision will lead to a decline of this country. And I oppose him because he causes me to ask myself whether I belong here.I was disheartened to see that GOP nominated him. But I was even more disheartened to see that most of the leaders of the GOP continued to support him. When I saw his poll numbers rise, I worried that he was beginning to sanitize his message sufficiently that those who don’t ever have to worry if they belong in this country started to support him even if they don’t share his narrow vision. I was happy to see that when the video of him saying crude, vulgar and mean things came out his support dropped.I did my part. I voted. And people who would listen to me have heard my views. I hope they voted against him too. I hope that in the next few hours Trump will lose and I will be even more convinced that this country is still the greatest.