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Obama Said He Cried While Watching A Movie Recently Care To Guess Which One

Was the arrest of Raub Brandon politically motivated by the Obama Administration & DOJ?

A Sheriff Department, Secret Service and FBI arrested this guy over his Facebook posts that were non-threatening, but political, he was very critical of the government. He was arrested for "terrorist threats" or "Terrorist in nature" and "resisting arrest".

Interview with his Mother

Some of his Facebook posts:
"The Revolution is here. And I will lead it."
"The Revolution will come for me. Men will be at my door soon to pick me up to lead it. ;)"
"This is the picture of the Pentagon, right after our leaders shot a missle into it." (Arial photo of the destroyed section of the Pentagon posted)
"The people responsible for posioning the America people from the sky will be held accountable. And there is going to be justice."

I like watching people get hurt, what's this called?

I hate inflicting pain on others and others inflicting pain on me, and I hate people crying and suffering but I love watching people get whipped and spanked and stuff like that. I guess you can say I like bondage. But, my question is what is that called when someone likes to watch it but not receive or give it?

What is Harrison Ford's best movie?

I'm going to say Blade Runner, but Raiders of the Lost Ark, any of the early Star Wars films, and The Last Crusade are incredible as well. Ford is my favorite actor not named Nathan Fillion. Blade Runner stands above the rest, but honestly, every one of those films can be called genre defining.

BQ: I don't think so. Jeff Bridges, Bill Murray, and Harrison Ford are three of the most awesome dudes to ever live.
BQ2: I don't own a ton of DVDs, so no, but I'd like to start a DVD collection starting this Christmas.
BQ3: I can't recall. I generally don't watch movies that I dislike, or expect myself to. I've been watching "The Crucible" in school lately, and it's one of the lesser Daniel Day-Lewis films in my opinion. I still wouldn't call it bad, but I haven't enjoyed it a ton.

Do American conservatives believe that minorities are crying wolf when it comes to racism or is it more a feeling of life's not fair, get over it?

I’m going to be controversial and provocative. I am an American (US), generally a conservative, and a racist. Wait! What did he say? I am a racist. Now get ready for the bombshell… You are a racist, too.I don’t want to be a racist any more than you do, but it is impossible for a human to not be somewhat racist. We are ultimately a product of our experiences, our education (formal and intrinsic), our environment, and a whole hogshead of other things. Accept it, own it, and deal with it. By recognizing your racism, you can try to mitigate it, but you’ll never make it go away completely.Now to answer the question: I think that there are very few American conservatives that deny racism exists. Yes, life’s not fair and that will never change, but we can try to address unfairness when we encounter it. The question is disingenuous because it calls for an either/or answer to a complex issue. I think that there is some “crying wolf” when it comes to racism. I also think that life is unfair and we have no choice but to deal with it. But my beliefs about racism in America lie somewhere other than the two choices. If crying wolf is a 1 and life is unfair is a 5, my beliefs lie somewhere around purple. Racism certainly exists. In the US it has gone from being very overt to being much more subtle. And minorities have recognized that sometimes they can play the race card to their advantage.As a conservative with heavy libertarian leanings, I would rather see racism addressed in the home through example and education as children are raised, than through the government attempting enforcement of morals. The fact that racism still flourishes in some people, but has become more subtle demonstrates that civil rights legislation can only go so far. If you want to reduce racism, teach your children and remind them to teach their children.

I think if I killed someone I wouldn't care?

Nothing is wrong with you.
George Carlin, a late comedian, (if you have ever heard of him), said in his first book, “Brain Droppings, “My attitude is f sick people and a dead person unless I knew them.
And, if so, I'll handle it on my own, thank you."
If I were close to somebody that died, then I would cry uncontrollably.
There are people that cry and feel terrible over others that are badly injured in an accident or dies yet they do not know that person.
To me, it is disrespectful to cry and feel terrible over somebody that you did not know especially somebody you did not bother to take the time to know.
Close to seven years ago, one of my aunts died.
I did not cry at the funeral because I was not close to her.
Does that make me a rotten person? No, but I was shocked that she died.
I had a friend who told me that one of her friends died and that her high school classmates cried yet they were not friends with that person.
If someone caused me embarrassment, harm or grief then I do not care for that person.
If somebody treats you like garbage by verbally abusing you or looking down at you like you are a worthless person or acts fake (which you can tell), then it understandable not to feel terrible if something badly happens to that person.
If you ever have a lot of problems in your life, then you have to focus on yourself first instead of others.
If somebody becomes messed up to you and something good happens to that person, then you should have not to feel happy for that person.
I was not invited to my eldest sister's wedding last summer.
She has looked down at me for years including her husband whom she met when they were in high school.
My father tried to bribe me with a lot of money to attend her wedding but I still did not bother to go to her wedding.
I went to work on the day of her wedding.
It is fine that you do not believe in god.
Not believing in god does not make you a bad person.
Doing messed up things to people that did not do anything to you does.
I hope that this helps and that your summer has been good. Take care of yourself and others close to you. ~ Alan

Have they started working on the vampires assistant 2 yet?

Based on the research I did, right now it doesn't seem likely. For one it would seem that the movie is actually a combination of all 3 books in the trilogy which kind of negates a number 2. But you can comb through the authors website and see if anything is mentioned.

But my best guess is no, based on the fact the first one failed to make back the production costs so the studio would call it a failure and likely not invest more money into it.

Sorry :(

What is something you want to "get off your chest"?

I got gang raped.Gang. Raped.I'm going to give some details… so I guess trigger warningI went to a fish market with my uncle and grandma. My grandma is old and can't walk very well so I was waiting with her for my uncle to get some fish. This huge man comes and picks me up from behind. I'm pretty strong, but this man was much stronger. He grabbed me and ran as I screamed for my uncle to help me. He came too late.So. The big man “A”The other men are “B” “C” and “D”A grabbed me and brought me to a cornerB C D take turns throwing me against a fence as they all undress. They all are on me at the same time. One would be one my face making me suck his dick. One would be masturbating on my chest. One would be doing whatever he wanted on my vagina. One would be holding down my legs.They tied down my arms above my head, stripped me naked, did their rotations, and broke my ankle.I kept squirming so they punched me, gagged me, and stabbed right below my ribcage with a knife. I stopped moving and they rotated a few times. When they were done, about and hour later, they tied to me to fence.They would grab me from behind, touch all over me, cum on me, and then forced me to masturbate. They stuck their fingers up my vagina, put their dicks in my mouth. They made me masturbate on the floor, and then would smack me with their dicks wherever they felt like it.It was torturous. I was in so much pain. They ran Away. The police were searching everywhere, and then one found me on the floor behind a trashcan in an alley. They took me to a hospital, and it gave me so much emotional trauma.Right now, a year later, I am crying in my room, too scared to go anywhere, ripping at my thighs and stomach with a blade. Burning with lighters. I never told anyone else. The only people that know is my grandma, uncle, mom, and dad. I'm too scared to tell anyone.

Why do hollywood celebrities think they are so special when they know nothing about politics?

who else is sick of them expressing their politics
what the hell would Madonna know about Obama?

has any hollywood celebrity actually read a book on politics? also how much did Obama pay them to support him?

why would a rich celebrity vote for someone who is just going to take their money away..